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C&D DERIVED BIOMASS ENERGY FACILITIES DEVELOPMENT & OPERATIONAL ISSUES PRESENTED BY: Dammon M. Frecker Vice President, Energy & Industrial Services ESS Group, Inc. Wellesley, MA 781.489.1146 October 28, 2008

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OVERVIEW Project Concepts Motivators & Incentives Licensing Requirements Project Developments & Operating Concerns Existing & Proposed Projects

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PROJECT CONCEPTS PROJECT SIZE: Typically 15 – 40 MW Balance income, fuel "hazard", innovation and effect contemplations. 15 – 30 sections of land Power island, fuel getting and capacity, water treatment, powder taking care of, organization FUEL REQUIREMENTS 20 MW Plant => ~600 TPD (~200,000 TPY) "Clean"/"unadulterated" wood? Constrains on C&D Wood division?

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PROJECT CONCEPTS IMPACT MITIGATION Enclosed wood stockpiling and transports Pollution Control Train SNCR (SCR?) for NOx Control ESP, Fabric Filter (Baghouse) for PM Control Scrubbers (?) for corrosive gas control Carbon Injection (?) for metals control Enclosed fiery remains taking care of Enclosed wood pounding Dry Cooling? Zero Liquid Discharge? Rail Access? Area, LOCATION, LOCATION

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MOTIVATORS & INCENTIVES MassDEP Waste Ban Increased wood supply? Renewable Energy Requirements Programs set up in MA, CT and NY Provide included income stream Lower Cost Fuel Supply Increasing expenses of oil and gas Opportunity for C&D wood tipping charge?

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MOTIVATORS & INCENTIVES Climate Change/Greenhouse Gas Initiatives Biomass ignition considered "carbon impartial" Opportunity for counterbalances? Creation Tax Credits Open-Loop Biomass endorsed ($0.015/kW-hr)

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MOTIVATORS & INCENTIVES Fuel Diversity Increased dependence on characteristic gas Concerns with gas supply and oil costs Energy Demand ISO-NE guage potential deficits in '07 and past Motivate monetary markets Ability to encourage stack pockets?

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LICENSING REQUIREMENTS Environmental Impact Assessment (e.g. MEPA) Potential triggers: Energy office > 25 MW (ENF, EIR if required by Secretary) Major Source of Air Emissions (ENF, EIR if required by Secretary) Solid waste preparing, ignition, and so forth > 150 TPD (ENF & EIR) Land Alteration> 25 sections of land Rare species, hist/curve, ACEC – things to keep an eye out for Other organizations can't issue grants until MEPA is finished May take 6-12 months relying upon Sectary's necessities and accessibility of data. Strong Waste Site Assignment/Permitting Not required if: No preparing Valid air allow BUD

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LICENSING REQUIREMENTS Air Permitting Major CPA & Nonattainment Review (MassDEP) PSD Review (EPA in MA and NY) BACT, LAER, Emissions Offsets Up to 190 day application survey period Air Toxics Impacts Boiler MACT Local Land Use & Zoning Stacks (tallness, visual effects, noticeable crest) Odors? Movement (30-40 trucks for every day @ 20 MW + workers, other) Water Supply & Discharge 500-800K GPD Consumption (wet cooling)

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OTHER ENVIRONMENTAL CONCERNS Is it "Burning"? Ban New Source Performance Standards (Sub CCCC - CISWI) Is it Solid Waste? Mass – presumably no, different states – most likely yes Is it Hazardous Waste? Qualified Renewable or Legislated Illegal? Is the wood (sufficiently clean)?

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DEVELOPMENT CONCERNS Securing Land Time for Permitting Purchase Power Agreements Long Term REC Agreements Supply and value vulnerability Regulatory instability Securing the fuel supply Financing! ($40-80 MM)

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OPERATIONAL CONCERNS Maintaining Fuel Quality Boiler fouling Emissions Ash Quality Dispatch Order Frequency of startup and shutdown Wood heap administration

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EXISTING FACILITIES BioEnergy, Hopkinton, NH 12.5 MW plant Granted allow for C&D in 1984 Significant nearby resistance, yet showed consistence No Advisory Ruling or SOQ Boralex, Stratton Energy, ME 45 MW plant Re-tooling Advisory Ruling June, 2004 25% C&D Greenville Steam Company, ME Re-tooling (BFB) with Advisory Ruling & SOQ

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PROPOSED FACILITIES GenPower – Hinsdale, NH & Uxbridge, MA Two distinctive Advisory Rulings Emissions not indicated Projects reported with some restriction Russel Biomass, Massachusetts 50 MW BFB "Clean wood squander e.g. development & devastation wood squander" Emissions not determined EcoPower, Massachusetts 20 MW plant Advisory Ruling including emanations