Open doors for imaging with intelligence

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Open doors for imaging with rationality. Keith A. Nugent Bend Focus of Perfection for Rational X-beam Science and School of Material science The College of Melbourne Australia. Framework of Talk. What would we be able to go for in 2013? Prologue to CDI

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Open doors for imaging with cognizance Keith A. Nugent ARC Center of Excellence for Coherent X-beam Science & School of Physics The University of Melbourne Australia

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Outline of Talk What would we be able to go for in 2013? Prologue to CDI – brief Fresnel CDI (FCDI) Quantitative stage estimation Application to jungle fever tainted red platelet Keyhole FCDI – imaging stretched out articles Application to innovation issue Early 3D comes about Conclusions

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Approaches to Coherent Imaging To Image broadened protests in three-measurements with 5nm determination Holography Recent work at BESSY Limited way to high determination Phase-differentiate Very widely utilized Low determination Ptychography SLS – Oliver Bunk Extended items, high determination? CDI Plane wave episode Isolated articles Curved occurrence wave

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Coherent imaging techniques are being produced. Lucid Field Impose Measure Intensity, Keep Phase z Impose "bolster" Guess Phase

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Unique! Use earlier learning of the episode wave to recoup the "leave surface wave" leaving the protest

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The World's Easiest CDI Experiment Fourier Fresnel Fourier

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Reconstruction of the Illuminating Field HM Quiney, AG Peele, Z Cai, D Paterson, KA Nugent, Nature Physics , 2 , 101-104 (2006)

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Fresnel diffraction imaging GJ Williams, HM Quiney, BB Dahl, CQ Tran, KA Nugent, AG Peele, D Paterson, M de Jonge, Physical Review Letters , 97 , 025506 (2006 )

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Quantitative Phase Measurement Average AFM tallness and reproduced thickness for the four regions demonstrated in Fig 2(c). Region AFM (nm) FCDI (nm) 1 370 ± 8* 360 ± 29 2 344 ± 7 377 ± 28 3 308 ± 15 297 ± 32 4 348 ± 12 321 ± 19 *Errors are evaluated from the difference in the statures recuperated inside every locale, as this incorporates characteristic tallness variety the mistakes are in this manner preservationist. Use earlier information of the episode wave to recuperate the "leave surface wave" leaving the protest Clark, J.N., et al., Quantitative stage estimation in intelligible diffraction imaging. Optics Express, 2008. 16 (5) 3342-3348.

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What do we mean by "support"? Support is translated marginally diversely here –the structure to be reproduced is the reasonable leave wave, including the enlightenment, not the diffusing article itself.

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Optical Demonstration CCD Camera Diode Laser Beam Optical Test Chart

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Independent Fresnel CDI pictures of a huge protest Experimental information acquired utilizing intelligible obvious light

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Have accomplished a determination of ~15nm! B Abbey et al, " Keyhole Coherent Diffractive Imaging", Nature Physics , Published on the web March 9, 2008

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Exceeds determination of STXM with same optics, by an element of ~4!

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Images of a breaker sound example

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All of the calculated and methodological pieces are set up for us to accomplish 3D imaging of expanded articles with 5nm spatial determination

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Collaborators Harry Quiney (UM) Andrew Peele (La Trobe) Garth Williams (UM) Lachlan Whitehead (UM) Brian Abbey (UM) Jesse Clark (La Trobe) David Paterson (Australian Synchrotron) Martin de Jonge (APS – Now AS) Ian McNulty (APS) Z Cai (APS) Leann Tilley (La Trobe) Eric Hanssen (La Trobe)