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Finding known things. Disclosure apparatus. Inventory as Discovery Tool. Reactions. Amazon. Google ... Google-like box. Faceted Browse. Labels. Looking. Catchphrase seeking ...

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OPAC Review Catalog capacities Inventory and control Locating known things Discovery apparatus

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Catalog as Discovery Tool Criticisms Amazon Google GoogleZon for libraries Aquabrowser Library Thing Scriblio (WPopac) WorldCat Local III Encore

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Aquabrowser Black Gold Cooperative Library System (San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties) http://bgaqua.blackgold.org/Visual Search Faceted Browse Spell Check

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Library Thing Recommendations Tags Ratings Find comparable titles Los Gatos Public Library http://www.losgatosca.gov/index.asp?NID=42

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Scriblio Comments RSS Plymouth State University (NH) http://www.plymouth.edu/library/read/223702

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WorldCat Local Peninsula Library System http://plsinfo.worldcat.org/Google box Relevance Ranking Faceted Browse FRBR

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III Encore Scottsdale Public Library (AZ) http://encore.scottsdaleaz.gov/iii/reprise/application Google-like box Faceted Browse Tags

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Searching Keyword looking – hunting databases down words that show up anyplace in record or content Phrase seeking – catchphrases in particular request Field looking – seeking in particular files, for example, writer, titles and so on. Unified looking – seeking over numerous databases with a solitary pursuit

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Federated Searching http://search3.webfeat.org/sfpladvsearch.html

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Authentication Links from OPAC to authorized assets must permit remote clients to verify IP acknowledgment – intermediary server Referring URL acknowledgment

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More Search Terminology Boolean administrators – Logical connectors for watchword seeking (AND, OR, NOT) Metadata – information that depicts archives, utilized for online recovery

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Full-content Searching Does the OPAC permit full-content seeking?

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Resource Sharing Check neighborhood library Check different branches Check consortium accomplices if there are any – consortial getting Request ILL – interlibrary credit Take favorable position of general acquiring at an adjacent library

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Local Library How would you check your nearby library? Utilize the OPAC CCSF

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Other Branches How would you check different areas or branches at your library? Utilize the OPAC How would you get the fancied material conveyed to your branch? Hold/Request prepare CCSF

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Consortial Borrowing How would you check consortial accomplice libraries? In a mutual inventory environment, for example, PLS, utilize the OPAC and the Request/Hold work. Different frameworks require another level of looking. Attempt Link+ from SFPL, a case of Direct Consortial Borrowing

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Interlibrary Loan How would you ask for an ILL? A few libraries permit online entries, others require a paper shape. http://sfpl.org/librarylocations/fundamental/illbookstop.htm Some libraries utilize an ILS ILL module Some libraries permit unmediated solicitations

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Universal Borrowing California has an arrangement of all inclusive obtaining. Taking an interest open libraries get repaid by the State for loaning to California occupants who live in different purviews. How would you discover the closest open library with a thing you need? California Libraries Catalog – CalCat: union index for California

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Other Terminology Ariel – programming for record transmission, quicker and clearer than a FAX without the telephone call Consortium – an association of discrete libraries that share resourcesor create joint obtaining understandings Document conveyance – conveyance of asked for archives, for example, articles or book sections

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ILL Terms net loan specialists – substantial libraries have a tendency to loan more than they get net borrowers – littler libraries have a tendency to acquire more than they loan Other components Depth of accumulations ILL strategies

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ILL Services OCLC – biggest in the US WorldCat - CalCat

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Mediation Unmediated – spares staff time and conveys self-benefit for benefactors. Parameters can be set to naturally dismiss particular classes of solicitations. Intervened – permits more human control; requires more staff time. Obliges supporter to work through staff.

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Class Web Page http://fog.ccsf.edu/~acosta/56.htm