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ONLINE BUSINESS 1 :45 PM - 2:45 PM Presented by: Mashnoon Ahmed Narmin Kermally Shama Hyder Hunaid Hakam (Moderator)

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Introduction Hunaid Panelists Mashnoom Ahmed – President & CEO Net Brands Narmin Kermally – Owner Shama Hyder – Founder and Online Marketing Expert . Arbitrator Hunaid Hakam – Founder & CEO American Health Care Academy

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Three Quick Questions Hunaid what number of you as of now have a site? 2) what number of you hoping to make site for existing business? 3) what number needing a site for new business?

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Informative Narmeen E-Commerce Understand Requirements Understand Requirements Domain Name Domain Name Website Design Website Design/Shop Cart Selecting a Host Selecting a Host Putting it Together Putting it Together Marketing Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Optimization Support Operations

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Informative Narmeen E-Commerce Understand Requirements Understand Requirements Type of Business Purpose of Website Information Presented Target Market Type of Business Type of Products Information Presented Target Market Niche Product Competition Cost Benefit Analysis

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Informative Mashnoom E-Commerce Domain Name Domain Name Domain Name = Website Address Domain Name = Website Address Selecting Domain Selecting Domain Keep it basic Easy to recollect Keep it basic Easy to bought Domain Purchasing Domain Go to Preferred Domains Regular Domain Go to Via Shopping Cart Website ex: Domain to Host Pointing Domain to Host NameServers (DNS) A-Record (IP Address) NameServers (DNS) A-Record (IP Address)

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Informative Mashnoom E-Commerce Selecting a Host Selecting a Host = Computer: Website Stored Select Host Based on Shopping truck. Windows ASP (dynamic server pages) Need Database (Mysql) Host Price: $10 - $1,000 Host Type: Shared Vs Dedicated Linux PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) Need Database (Mysql) Resources: You can likewise choose an organization that has the shopping basket for you. Illustration:

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Mashnoom E-Commerce Shopping Cart Linux Based Shopping Carts ($170) (Free) Windows Based Shopping Carts VPASP ($245 and up) (Free) AND MANY MORE INSTALLATION : Carts can be introduced by the accompanying Vendors: Shopping Cart Vendor Web creators: Web Designers that you may discover online Support: Hire an expert. (Will examine later) PAYMENT GATEWAYS: You require an outsider seller to prepare the Mastercards and store cash in your financial balance.

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Mashnoom E-Commerce Shopping Cart Display

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Informative Shama/Mashnoom E-Commerce Website Design Website Design Selecting Design Selecting Design Keep it straightforward Keep it Clean Find Competitive Advantage Keep it basic Keep it Clean Creating the Design Custom Design Select a Template Creating the Design Depends on the Shopping truck you select Example: Custom Design Select a Template 3. Blend of both 3. Mix of both Shopping trucks accompany a default format. Sellers likewise plan formats.

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Informative Hunaid E-Commerce Putting it Together Putting it Together Purchase Domain Select Shopping Cart Select Host Point Domain to Host Install Shopping Cart Implement Design Insert Information Purchase Domain Select Host Point Domain to Host Implement Design Insert Information Upload Website to Host. This is High-Level and essential data. You should do significantly more research before finishing these means.

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Shama Marketing There are Many ways you can showcase your site Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Pay Per Clicks (PPC) Banner Advertisements

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Shama Search Engine Optimization Search motor enhancement ( SEO ) is the way toward enhancing the volume and nature of movement to a site from web indexes by means of "natural" ("organic" or "algorithmic") query items Page Rank SEO Strategies OFF-Page SEO Link Building Directories Blogs Forums Articles ON-Page SEO Companies Research The Following: White cap versus dark cap Getting ordered Google Webmaster devices

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Shama Getting Support There are numerous assets in the market now days! Commercial center where individuals who require support can discover experts Create a venture on the sites recorded above and afterward experts offer on your venture from everywhere throughout the world. Advertising Company SEO Organization Web plan Companies

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Narmeen Operations Customer Support 1-800 Numbers Email Management Live Chat Product Management Shipping Refunds Insurance Office

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Narmeen PANEL DISCUSSION Backup: If inquiries are not raised, we will discuss how we got into the online market. Beginning Narmeen.