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Google pursuit uncovers numerous publicists! Sellers composing awards for rehash entries ... Pattern 4. Better Proposals. BETTER WRITING. Incompletely aftereffect of expanded ...

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Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education Improving Our Future by Degrees in Oklahoma's Second Century TRENDS THAT ARE CHANGING GRANTWRITING Dr. Linda Mason GRANT WRITING AND EXTERNAL FUNDING ASSISTANCE

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The universe of awards is rising and evolving quickly! In 1850, it was considered absolutely unseemly for government to reserve inquire about! In 1950, the NSF was new, another idea.

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PROFESSION Trend 1 Grantwriting has Become a Distinct Profession

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PROFESSION One Indicator is Professional Associations NCURA (National Council for University Research Administration) SRA (Society for Research Administration, International) NORDP (National Organization of Research Development Professionals) AAGP (American Association of Grant Professionals)

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PROFESSION Certification programs – CRA (Certified Research Administrator) Courses offered in degrees Google: Where would I be able to take an allow composing course? got 2, 530,000 hits!!! Philanthropic administration degree programs OCU MS in Nonprofit Management and Leadership, TCC – AA in Community Services Google: Degrees in charitable administration (6-2-10) got 266,000 hits!!!! Look into organization degree programs - Google: Degrees in research organization (6-2-10) got 5,340,000 hits! Nearby and national concede mentors Grant preparing associations Careers

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Children today may grow up to wind up grantwriters and research heads.

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OPPORTUNISTS Trend 2 Opportunists Have Emerged

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OPPORTUNISTS Hucksters – TV and daily paper promotions: books, courses, dvd's on the most proficient method to get "free government cash" Google look uncovers numerous publicists! Merchants composing gifts for rehash entries

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COMPETITION Trend 3 More Competition for Funds

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COMPETITION More philanthropic associations – 1992 – 516,554 open philanthropies 2007 – 1,209,500 … . 200+% expansion Privatization "Companions" bunches

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COMPETITION NSF proposition financing rate in 2001 was 31%; 2008 was down to 25%, as a result of the expansion of recommendations submitted. 40% expansion in # of recommendations submitted between 2001 & 2008

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COMPETITION As the populace increments, needs increment. As social administrations diminish, private subsidizing increments. As the proposition increment, the competition increments.

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BETTER WRITING Trend 4 Better Proposals

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BETTER WRITING Partly consequence of expanded rivalry Partly aftereffect of expert enhancements Partly consequence of expanded giving Funders concentrating on quantifiable results for their $

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BETTER WRITING 10 Years NSF Funding Increase 1999 Oklahoma $17,309,000 2009 Oklahoma $46,760 , 000

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INTERNET INFLUENCE HUGE effect! Everybody has admittance to everything!

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INTERNET INFLUENCE Information on the web: The Foundation Center, Catalog of Domestic Assistance, Grants.gov, organization and establishment sites, listserves and electronic bulletins Internet supplanting libraries and the "go to" practice

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INTERNET INFLUENCE Email and transferring supplanting mailing and "send" attitude – RFP's, proposition, data about the office, enlistment, coordinating premiums and openings Internet preparing – webcasts, podcasts, videoconferences Writing on PCs – cutting and sticking

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INTERNET INFLUENCE Dissemination - Email and transferring supplanting mailings - enrollment, advertising, instructing, sharing, distributed computing Internet dispersal – webcasts, podcasts, videoconferences, twitter tweets, interpersonal organizations

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RESOURCES INCREASING Trend 6 Grant Resources Growing

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RESOURCES INCREASING Charitable giving is presently at a record-breaking high. In 2007, gifts to America's philanthropies topped $300 billion surprisingly. Establishment giving is at a record-breaking high.

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RESOURCES INCREASING Federal Agencies have expanded R&D in the course of the most recent decade, regardless of the economy. Boost subsidizing has expanded government explore by exponential sums - Final jolt charge gave $21.5 billion to elected R&D spread over all the real give organizations Resource: AAAS, www.aaas.org/spp/rd , March 23, 2009

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RESOURCES INCREASING Oklahoma has drastically expanded R&D in the course of recent years: OCAST, EDGE, State Agencies, Oklahoma based establishments - all expanded in giving. Over $350 million in commitments for supplied seats in Oklahoma advanced education 2008 to 2010.

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FOUNDATIONS Trend 7 Foundations are Growing

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FOUNDATIONS Fastest developing changes in giving of any private source. Somewhere around 1975 and 2005, establishment giving expanded by 475%, corporate giving by 185% Market increments – resources growing 2003 Foundations $476 billion 2005 Federal Government Grants $440 billion

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COLLABORATIONS Trend 8 Collaborations are the Norm

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COLLABORATIONS Funding offices realize that organizations make more extensive effect and give different asset and expertise sets Grant seekers know each other and work to accomplish a similar objective

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COLLABORATIONS Examples of Required Collaborations Undergraduate understudies Partners in different colleges Interdisciplinary fields Corporations & group offices Degree pipelines: K-12 → cc → univ → graduate → corporate & group Technology scattering – for open NSF information administration arrange necessity

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COLLABORATIONS Fewer than 25% of research stipends are granted to individual specialists. Funders need to see an expansive effect for their assets – all the more value for the money! Financing organizations realize that associations make more extensive effect and give numerous asset and aptitude sets. More funders need to partake with different funders - a few backers for one extensive venture.

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COLLABORATIONS Large funders are banding together for additional top to bottom research and ventures Example: NSF has marked a Memorandum of Understanding with the Department of Defense that would permit specialists to apply for stipends to study subjects that might hold any importance with U.S. national security. religious fundamentalism fear mongering social change

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COLLABORATIONS Grant seekers know each other and work to accomplish a similar objective. Case: K-20 Center at OU has different accomplices and funders - 500 OK Communities/School Systems -Microsoft - Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation -Temple University - Sam Noble Museum -NSF - Oklahoma Educational Technology Trust -Sasaki Institute - League of Professional Schools, U of GA OU – numerous projects - National School Reform Faculty, Bloomington Indiana - Secondary Schools Network, U of Amsterdam

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COLLABORATIONS Funders bolster neighborhood, state and national activities.

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COLLABORATIONS Federal Initiative - to serve, to include, Hispanics and Native Americans. Government Initiative – to serve, to include college understudies Federal Initiative – to serve, to include K-12 understudies and educators Federal Initiative – to graduate more understudies from school

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ACCOUNTABILITY Trend 9 Funders are requesting more responsibility!

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ACCOUNTABILITY ARRA requires much more oversight and checking of assets than any government allow subsidizes to date. In 2009, $280 billion from the 10 biggest concede making organizations were observed: Subrecipients' reports Quarterly reports Public posting of reports

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ACCOUNTABILITY Example: NSF reported 98% fruitful reporting of ARRA subsidized stipends. January 2010 reported just 14/4,535 awardees made no report 1 uncorrected critical mistake … ..so… .. What's useful for the goose is useful for the gander!

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ACCOUNTABILITY Funders request assessment arranges in the proposition. Most government financing offices Foundations Corporations See https://www.cfda.gov/?static=grants&s=generalinfo&mode=list&tabmode=list

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ACCOUNTABILITY Federal organizations assessing the impact of elected give subsidized research: STAR METRICS: New Way to Measure the Impact of Federally Funded Research National Institutes of Health (NIH) National Science Foundation (NSF) White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) See http://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=117042&WT.mc_id=USNSF_51&WT.mc_ev=click

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ACCOUNTABILITY Federal offices examining capabilities norms for allow workforces. NSF predicts 3-5 years for expansive capabilities necessities. Government Grants Management Handbook, www.Thompson.com , June 2010.

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ACCOUNTABILITY Required preparing: Ethics and the Responsible Conduct of Research NSF 2009 necessity NIH 1990 prerequisite Federal Grants Management Handbook, www.Thompson.com , June 2010.

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ACCOUNTABILITY IRB – Internal Review Board (1974) IACUC – Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (1966) See http://www.fda.gov/scienceresearch/specialtopics/runningclinicaltrials/guidancesinformationsheetsandnotices/ucm113709.htm and http://www.iacuc.org/.

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FAITH BASED Trend 10 Faith-Based and Neighborhood Initiatives Continue See http://www.whitehouse.gov/organization/eop/ofbnp/workplaces/government

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FAITH BASED Federal Faith-Based Initiatives – 12 Federal Centers for Faith-based and Community Initiatives Department of Labor (DOL) Center Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Center Department of Agriculture Department of Commerce Department of Education Department of Health and Human Services Housing and Urban Development Department of Justice Department of Veterans Affairs Small Business Administration Corporation for National and Community Service US Agency for Inter