Office of Risk Management Loss Prevention Unit Manual Audit Update

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HOW WE GOT HERE. A BRIEF TIMELINE. Course of events. July 2004Directive from State Risk Director to reconsider current subjective, rating-based review to a goal, score-based processFirst real upgrade following 1992Brainstorming sessions beginMultiple 2-day staff gatherings held to survey each review question and area of the manualImprovementsAdditionsDeletions.

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Office of Risk Management Loss Prevention Unit Manual & Audit Update

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TIMELINE July 2004 Directive from State Risk Director to modify current subjective, rating-based review to a goal, score-based process First significant upgrade since 1992 Brainstorming sessions start Multiple 2-day staff gatherings held to survey each review question and segment of the manual Improvements Additions Deletions

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TIMELINE August-December 2004 Completion of 1 st and 2 nd drafts First time review and manual are ever cross-referenced January-March 2005 Submitted to Commissioner's Office for survey March 2005 Point individual in Commissioner's Office leaves

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TIMELINE March-August 2005 Responsibility of survey process moved Committee framed and audit handle begins once more Certain segments sent inside ORM and DOA for information August-December 2005 Katrina and Rita Re-compose prepare moderates as Loss Prevention Unit's concentration movements to recuperation/re-arrangement endeavors

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TIMELINE January-May 2006 Review board of trustees finishes endeavors and submits to new go-to person in Commissioner's Office for conclusive close down Several rounds of inquiries and illumination June 2006-Present Final, endorsed adaptations sent to 3 rd party designer for mix into programming

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WHO WAS INVOLVED ORM Loss Prevention staff State Risk Assistant Director and Director Claims Medical Transportation Underwriting Workers' Compensation

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WHO WAS INVOLVED DOA Commissioner's Office Fleet Management Flight Maintenance Legal OSRAP

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WHAT'S AHEAD Audit versus Consistence Review (CR) Full review once like clockwork 1/3 of offices/year FY 05-06 FY 06-07 FY 07-08 FY 08-09 FY 09-10 FY 10-11 CRs CRs 7/1/07 1/3 Audits (Group 2) 1/3 Audits (Group 3) 1/3 Audits (Group 1) 2/3 CRs (Groups 2, 3) 2/3 CRs (Groups 1, 3) 2/3 CRs (Groups 1, 2) 2/3 CRs (Groups 2, 3) 12 Months 3/07 3/08 (Group 1) Roll Out 1/3 Audits (Group 1)

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WHAT'S AHEAD Compliance Review (CR) amid other two years Self-review required each year, due at the season of the review or CR Lack thereof will bring about disappointment of the review/CR Prior to review/CR, letter from office head must be sent affirming availability Due by 1 st of the month before date of review/CR

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WHAT'S AHEAD Automated review process Self-review will be accessible on STARS server Roll out to offices when STARS Compliance corrections are finished LPO will utilize tablet PC to lead face to face Point values for inquiries, not for remarks Additional Support Review slanting reports from STARS Consult with offices on specific concerns Target ranges of high misfortune to lower claims

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Office of Risk Management Loss Prevention Unit Manual & Audit Update

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General Safety Audit Components: Program Safety Meeting & Training Inspections Incident/Accident Investigation Recordkeeping Bloodborne Pathogens/First Aid Emergency Preparedness Plan Hazardous Materials

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General Safety Audit "Program" Requirements: The composed general security plan ought to incorporate wellbeing obligations regarding all representatives. The composed wellbeing duties ought to: Be displayed to all representatives amid introduction or potentially upon task to another position with various/extra security obligations Contain an archived strategy for responsibility General and site/assignment particular wellbeing rules: Must be circulated to workers amid introduction and such activity recorded

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General Safety Audit "Wellbeing Meetings & Training" Requirements: Percentage of worker participation at security gatherings must be figured and reported Minimal adequate participation is 75% Department/Agency head must go to ALL wellbeing gatherings

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General Safety Audit "Security Meetings & Training" Requirements: cont. Obligatory preparing points: Drug and substance manhandle Sexual provocation Required inside one year of contract and no less than at regular intervals from that point

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General Safety Audit "Security Meetings & Training" Requirements: cont . Security Committee : Is a board of trustees set up Frequency of gatherings ought to be founded on office (Class A/Class B) Attendance and subject of meeting ought to be archived

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General Safety Audit " Safety Meetings & Training" Requirements: cont. In the event that material, field security organizers ought to get preparing on the accompanying: Accident examination Inspections Safety gatherings Supervisor obligations Job wellbeing investigation

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General Safety Audit " Safety Meetings & Training" Requirements: cont. The organization misfortune avoidance agent must go to the ORM Loss Prevention Program in any event once at regular intervals Documented, particular preparing ought to be given to all representatives who must perform new assignments or work new gear OR whose security execution is unacceptable

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General Safety Audit "Assessment" Requirements: Indicate number of potential/real examinations directed Percentage of reviews led must be computed and reported Type investigation shape utilized Departmental Agency/site particular

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General Safety Audit "Review" Requirements: cont. Building examination shape ought to incorporate the accompanying themes: Building wellbeing Electrical security Emergency hardware Fire security Office security Storage strategies

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General Safety Audit "Review" Requirements: cont. Is there a technique set up for representatives to tell administration of working environment dangers? Danger Control Log (HCL) or other worthy means

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General Safety Audit "Occurrence/Accident Investigation" Requirements: Investigation methods ought to address the accompanying: Employee, guest, as well as customer circumstances (by means of the DA2000) Bodily damage or potentially property concerns Use of the Incident/Accident Investigation shape (DA2000) Must have assigned worker survey frames for culmination and precision

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General Safety Audit "Episode/Accident Investigation" Requirements: cont. Work Safety Analyses (JSA): Annual archived preparing required Review of material JSAs in post-episode/mischance circumstances

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General Safety Audit "Recordkeeping" Requirements: Records that require, at the very least, 5 years maintenance: Bloodborne pathogens Drug testing and substance mishandle Sexual provocation

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General Safety Audit "Bloodborne Pathogens/First Aid" Requirements: Is the composed program departmental or office/site particular Training rule for "high-chance" representatives: Within 3 months of contract At minimum once every year from there on Training rule for "okay" representatives: Within 12 months of contract At slightest once like clockwork from that point Are spill strategies set up Spill units looked after

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General Safety Audit "Bloodborne Pathogens/First Aid" Requirements: cont. Does the organization area meet any of the accompanying criteria: Working with negligible/incomplete group shifts Employees working in remote/disengaged areas The on location therapeutic office is shut If along these lines, does the office have somebody accessible in these circumstances who is prepared/ready to render medical aid

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General Safety Audit "Crisis Preparedness Plan" Requirements : The composed arrangement must address, at the very least: Fire Natural catastrophe Proximity dangers Terrorism

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General Safety Audit "Perilous Materials" Requirements: Is the composed program departmental or office/site particular Plan ought to guarantee that research facility hoods are kept up/wind stream adjusted If appropriate, archived worker preparing is required on: Hazard correspondence Lab wellbeing Material Safety Date Sheets (MSDS) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

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General Safety Manual Revised - Sample Management Safety (Policy) Statement Revised Safety Meeting Report Form Revised - Sample Procedure for Incident/Accident Investigation DA2000 – Must be rounded out totally

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General Safety Manual Sample Blood Borne Pathogens Policy/First Aid Requirements Sample Bomb Threat Checklist Sample Hazard Communication & Chemical Safety Program

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Driver Safety Audit Components: Program Inspection & Repair Training Records & Forms

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Driver Safety Audit "Program" Requirements : Requires composed approaches and strategies on the majority of the accompanying themes: Enrolling representatives to drive High hazard drivers Driver preparing Disciplinary activity Claims detailing Accident examination Identification of state vehicles

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Driver Safety Audit "Assessment & Repair" Requirements: Number of vehicles in armada Documentation of preventive support required

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Driver Safety Audit "Preparing" Requirements: Refresher preparing required inside 90 days for all workers accepting a conviction

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Driver Safety Audit "Records & Forms" Requirements: Authorized OR unapproved driver list must be marked and dated Driver Accident Report Form (DA2041) – must be faxed/messaged inside 48 hours to ORM Claims Transportation Unit Supervisor

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Driver Safety Manual Sample system for approving drivers Instructions on the best way to survey an Official Driving Record (ODR) Revised DA 2054 – Authorization & Driving History Form Sample Vehicle Checklist

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Bonds & Crime Audit Components: Program Employee Responsibility Security Key Control Internal Audits

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Bonds & Crime Audit "Program" Requirements : Written program must contain the foll