Ocean bottom Spreading

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Was Wegener Right?. As of late, new innovation has given us new intimations into floating continents.Wegener\'s hypothesis of floating landmasses is bolstered by this new confirmation.. Mapping the Mid-Ocean Ridge. In the mid-1900s, researchers discovered the mid-sea edge submerged, which is the longest chain of mountains in the world.Scientists utilized sonar to delineate edge..

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´╗┐Ocean bottom Spreading

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Was Wegener Right? As of late, new innovation has given us new hints into floating landmasses. Wegener's hypothesis of floating mainlands is upheld by this new proof.

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Mapping the Mid-Ocean Ridge In the mid-1900s, researchers found the mid-sea edge submerged, which is the longest chain of mountains on the planet. Researchers utilized sonar to delineate edge.

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Evidence for Sea-Floor Spreading Finding the mid-sea edge bolstered Wegener's hypothesis of mainland float. Harry Hess was a researcher who proposed that the sea floor move like transport lines.

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Evidence for Sea-Floor Spreading Remember, there are two sorts of outside layer. Mainland Crust ( "arrive") Oceanic Crust (the land under the seas There is a major split in the maritime outside layer, and this is the place the mid-sea edge frames.

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Evidence for Sea-Floor Spreading Hess recommended that along the mid-sea edge, magma ascends from the mantle and emits. The magma spreads out and pushes more established rocks to both sides of the edge.

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Evidence for Sea-Floor Spreading This procedure is called ocean bottom spreading.

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Evidence for Sea-Floor Spreading There are three key territories of confirmation that bolster the hypothesis of ocean depths spreading. Confirm from liquid material (magma) Evidence from attractive stripes Evidence from penetrating specimens

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Evidence from Molten Material Using a submarine, researchers discovered rocks that must be framed when magma hits water. This demonstrated liquid material has emitted from the mid-sea edge.

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Evidence from Magnetic Stripes Remember how Earth is a major magnet? Researchers discovered that Earth's magnet has turned around itself in late history.

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Evidence from Magnetic Stripes When Earth's attractive field pointed north, the iron in the magma that ejected into the sea confronted one bearing as it solidified. At the point when Earth's attractive field switched, the iron confronted the other way. This framed stripes.

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Evidence shape Drilling Samples Scientists sent a ship to penetrate profound into the sea floor and gather many shake tests. They then tried the age of the stones utilizing cell based dating.

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Evidence from Drilling Samples Scientists discovered that the more remote far from the mid-sea edge the specimens were taken, the more established the maritime covering. The maritime outside layer close to the mid-sea is most youthful.