Obligation in Engineering

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´╗┐Obligation in Engineering Our Role as Engineers - What is our position?

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Responsibility in Engineering Obligation-Responsibility Be mindful Act dependably Blame-Responsibility Being capable Role-Responsibility By goodness of position

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Obligation-Responsibility - Reasonable Care Reasonable Care Conforming to the standard working methodology and directions of the calling Fulfilling the fundamental duties of the occupation as characterized by the terms of business Doing no more, nor no less, than a contender

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Obligation-Responsibility - Reasonable Care Reasonable Care Is it enough? Should more be possible? Ought to more be finished? Lawful issues?

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Obligation-Responsibility - Good Works Going 'well beyond' Doing 'irregular demonstrations of thoughtfulness' Extending past sensible care Going past 'essential obligations' Not generally valued or empowered

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Obligation-Responsibility - Virtues Acquiring the shrewdness to know when to stay with sensible care, and when to push forward with acts of kindness Knowing when to proceed to push, and when to pull back Engineers display: trustworthiness, reasonableness, unwavering quality and respectability - including kindheartedness, tirelessness and open energy

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Blame-Responsibility - Causation Physical causes Why? What? How? Authoritative causes Cause? Moral specialists? Singular duties Intentionally Recklessly Negligently

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Blame-Responsibility - Individual Causation Intentional Knowingly and purposely Reckless Being mindful mischief may come about, yet overlooking it Negligent Failing to practice due care

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Role-Responsibility By uprightness of position Boss, administrator, chief, executive Earns a partake in the duty Shares both commitments and accuse

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Impediments to Responsible Actions Self enthusiasm Looking out for number one Fear Bad results Self-duplicity Rationalization Ignorance Lack of imperative learning

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Impediments to Responsible Actions Egocentric inclinations Limited point of view Microscopic vision Focusing just on issue close by Uncritical Acceptance of Authority He/she's the Boss/Expert Groupthink Coming to understanding without addressing

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Responsible Engineers Responsibility Obligation Blame Role Individually Intentional Reckless Negligent Impediments