OACB MR/DD Meeting 2007

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Google is demonstrating an inclination to CGM. Online Buzz: Everybody is Talking About It. Online ... Google Trends. Online Buzz: Everybody is Talking About It. Digg. Online ...

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OACB MR/DD Conference 2007 Bill Balderaz Webbed Marketing www.webbedmarketing.com

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Mentos and Diet Coke Thunder!

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Sony Style

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Agenda What is Online Buzz? Why Should I Care? Notoriety Management Your Word Of Mouth Q&A

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Web Results

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What is Online Buzz? Whenever customers and influencers make or disseminate content about a brand or association for utilization by different shoppers by means of online media

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Why Should I Care?

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Why Should I Care? Buyers Make Decisions Based on Buzz "A shrewd man gains from his experience a savvy man gains from the experience of others" As numerous as 2/3 of all buy are impacted by WOM 15% of all discussions include an item or administration 40% of each WOM cooperation incorporates communication about another media

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All Marketing Is Search Marketing About 60% of online customers begin with hunt; 40% of customers begin by writing a URL or organization name into a web crawler 26% of all returned results are shopper created content Google is demonstrating an inclination to CGM

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Customers Define Your Image In 1917 George Smith composed: "The best is what the open decides is ideal."

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We Can't Keep Up Youtube.com is the new TV arrange, podcasts are the new radio, and websites are the new daily papers The blogosphere duplicates like clockwork Technorati it following 70+ million web journals

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Netsmart Technologies

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Netsmart Technology

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Crossover Factor Bloggers blog about the news The news gives an account of web journals

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Crossover Factor

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Reputation Management

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Online Buzz is about getting the online media and buyers speaking with an association's group of onlookers.

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What are individuals discussing… MR/DD County Boards

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Sites Linking

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Blog Search 300 blog entries

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Google Trends

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Google News

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Mentos and Diet Coke All Grown Up

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