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Move to SMS at USAirways: A Line Pilot's viewpoint NTAS ERAU 2009

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Level 2 – Reactive Processes   The target of level 2 is to remedy known lacks in wellbeing administration rehearses and operational procedures. These might be founded on an assortment of sources including past review and review reports, mishap and occurrence examinations and worker reports, among others. Thus, this level is viewed as responsive . Keeping in mind the end goal to play out these procedures in a precise manner, essential security data administration and scientific procedures must be set up. Toward the end of level 2, the greater part of the fundamental wellbeing administration structure and essential capacities will be set up . Notwithstanding, on the grounds that the forward-looking frameworks and assignment investigations have not yet been led, the framework is as yet working at a responsive level. - FAA Guidebook for Developing a Basic Safety Management System for Air Operators P.48 NTAS ERAU 2009

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ICAO direction material on the improvement of a Safety Policy Statement Safety is one of our center business capacities . We are focused on creating, actualizing, keeping up and always enhancing systems and procedures to guarantee that all our flight exercises happen under adjusted assignment assets , went for accomplishing the most elevated amount of security execution and meeting national and universal models. All levels of administration are responsible for the conveyance of this most elevated amount of security execution, beginning with the [Chief Executive Officer (CEO)/Managing Director/or as fitting to the organization]. NTAS ERAU 2009

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Our dedication is to : Support the administration of wellbeing through the arrangement of fitting human and money related assets that will bring about a hierarchical culture that cultivates safe practices, energizes viable security reporting and correspondence, and effectively oversees security with an indistinguishable regard for results from budgetary administration. b) Enforce the administration of wellbeing among the essential obligation of all supervisors; c) Clearly characterize for all staff their accountabilities and duties regarding the conveyance of security execution; d) Establish and actualize danger distinguishing proof and hazard administration forms keeping in mind the end goal to dispose of or alleviate the dangers connected with (flying machine/ATC/upkeep/aerodrome) operations to a point which is As Low As Reasonably Practicable; e) Comply with and wherever conceivable surpass authoritative and administrative prerequisites and guidelines ; NTAS ERAU 2009

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f) Ensure adequate talented and prepared assets are accessible to execute wellbeing procedures and procedures; g) Ensure that all staff are furnished with sufficient and suitable avionics wellbeing data and preparing , are able in wellbeing matters and are just allotted assignments equivalent with their aptitudes; h) Establish and measure our security execution against sensible destinations or potentially targets; i) Continually enhance our wellbeing execution and lead wellbeing administration surveys to guarantee important security move is made and is powerful; and j) Ensure remotely provided frameworks and administrations to bolster our operations are conveyed meeting our wellbeing execution gauges; (Signed) __________________________________ CEO/Managing Director/or as fitting NTAS ERAU 2009

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SMS Education: Start it early, it gets to be comprehensive it turns into OUR SMS. A touch of Learning is a dang'rous Thing; Drink profound, or taste not the Pierian Spring: There shallow Drafts inebriate the Brain, And drinking to a great extent calms us once more. Alexander Pope NTAS ERAU 2009

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We have FOQA, ASAP, AQP, LOSA, IEP and whatever remains of the letters in order Therefore We have a Safety Management System… … ?

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"Most (if not all) real US air bearers employ most components of SMS in key ranges of "Operations".  We all have wellbeing strategies and set security execution goals.  Flight Operations and Maintenance are likely the most develop with Cabin and Dispatch not far behind.  We all gather and dissect piles of information from different sources - FOQA, ASAP, CASS information, reviews, flying machine dependability information, assessments, AQP, Event Reports, SOA, etc.  As a consequence of that information examination we make chance based decisions that enhance the wellbeing and unwavering quality of the system.  Further we have review/assessment programs intended to decide the effectiveness of processes and the adequacy of changes made and chance controls put in place.  Although the uninitiated may verify that we have a SMS and by a few norms we do...at minimum we have the elements.  However, by the FAA standard, we don't have a "SMS".  The greatest thing US transporters need is "integration" crosswise over operational divisions." Larry Farris Internal Evaluation Program USAirways NTAS ERAU 2009

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Visit the Miter SMS Website: http://www.mitrecaasd.org/SMS/documents.html Advisory Circulars ICAO Documents SMS Example Documents Gap Analysis SMS Pilot Project Documents NTAS ERAU 2009

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Transport Canada http://www.tc.gc.ca/CivilAviation/SMS/menu.htm International Business Aviation Council http://ibac.org/safety.php Civil Aviation Authority United Kingdom http://www.caa.co.uk Civil Aviation Safety Authority Australia http://www.casa.gov.au/sms/toolbox/index.htm NTAS ERAU 2009

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FAA Contact Info

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Summary SMS Commitment at the largest amount SMS is an adjust of Resource and Risk Management . ALARP SMS will be installed in our business. Talk a similar dialect SMS-Educate early SMS proprietorship begin consideration early: It's OUR SMS Silos will impart to distinguish & control Hazards Start the SMS Journey today and drink profound the Pierian Spring NTAS ERAU 2009

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References: SMS Levels-FAA SMSPP Presentation Safety Policy-ICAO SMM 9859 Essay on Criticism-Alexander Pope Safety Management Systems In Aviation: Stolzer, Halford, Goglia Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents: James Reason NTAS ERAU 2009