November 17,2004

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setting up the configuration particular. The stage we are at in the outline process - setting up the configuration particular - builds up particular focuses for the new item. Variables which are incorporated into the configuration detail will, ideally, be conveyed to the client, though those which are precluded or ignored most likely won't. It is, in this manner, essentially critical to get the outline specificatio

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顧客需求 設計方法 朝陽科技大學工業設計系 林登立助理教授 November 17,2004

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setting up the plan determination The stage we are at in the outline procedure - setting up the outline particular - sets up particular focuses for the new item. Components which are incorporated into the plan determination will, ideally, be conveyed to the client, though those which are discarded or neglected likely won't. It is, along these lines, fundamentally essential to get the plan detail appropriate so as to ensure that the new item is correct. In any case, what is saying that the item is correct? We have seen getting the item ideal for the organization.

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advertise introduction But we have additionally found in Chapter 2 that getting the item appropriate for the organization just expands the item's odds of business accomplishment by an element of 2.5. Getting the item's market introduction right builds its odds of business accomplishment by a variable of 5. Showcase introduction has been considered so far as far as contending item examination and preparatory statistical surveying to distinguish the best item opportunity. Presently we should concentrate all the more nearly on market introduction to decide the particular characteristics of the item we have to convey.

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到底為何有些產品和服務具有刺激顧客的特徵? 而亦有那麼多連基本需求都達不到? 是什麼東西把取悅的特質與厭惡的特質區別開來? 設計師如何可能而以可靠及顧客導向的方式,預測出能將組成置放在競爭者之前面的產品或服務的特質? 組織的有限資源應當集中在何處?以能最大化其影響, QFD 與創造力一齊運作起來以回答某些如此之問題, 我們所謂的創造力,亦即對於顧客之需求與顧客所欲望的利益的創新性和突破性的答案。

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Product quality Product quality means a wide range of things to various individuals. An architect considers quality as far as wellness for reason and incorporates quality with an item by guaranteeing that the conditions under which that item fizzles surpass its predetermined scope of working conditions. A generation supervisor considers quality regarding how effortlessly the item can be made to detail and measures quality by the extent of items meeting quality guidelines through routine methodology. An administration build considers quality as far as the length of the item's sans support working life and the cost or trouble of keeping up the item when it breaks down. These are all indispensable elements of a fruitful item and, as we might see, must be considered while determining the quality models which the new item should meet.

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Simple model of value The beginning stage for considering item quality, be that as it may, must be more broad than this. The most essential determinant of value for another item is the client's impression of its quality. The least complex approach to think about this is appeared in chart An of Figure 8.1. The more an item accomplishes its planned qualities, the more we would anticipate that clients will be fulfilled.

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Refined model of value Unfortunately, consumer loyalty is not as straightforward as that. Inability to accomplish certain qualities in another item, (for example, the items essential capacity) won't simply prompt to low levels of fulfillment, as chart A predicts. It is likely that clients will have discernible sentiments of disappointment. This is spoken to in diagram B, where the cause speaks to no quality "issues" in the item offering ascend to unbiased sentiments of fulfillment in clients.

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效用品質( PQ ) 三個品質樣態的第一種是效用品質( PQ ),表徵由自顧客所說出或口語化的願望,這些願望可以經由譬如電話調查和回函調查的常態市場研究活動而獲得,譬如,對汽車進行調查,顧客可能會要求一輛快速的車子或者一輛經濟型的車子,一個長途旅形時很舒適的車輛或者能夠運載大家庭成員和他們之所有的行李的車輛。 或者,如果進行關於旅社的調查,同樣的顧客可能指示說他喜歡不用排隊等待而能快速的退房,而且希望能夠從其房間,使用他所喜好的電話信用卡,來打電話而且而且不會被額外的算帳。 要是一個組織沒認知、瞭解或傳達這些 PQ 特質,顧客將會非常的不滿意或厭惡;而要是組織確實傳達這些特質,顧客將會非常滿意並高興。

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"essential" parts of value Even this does not give a point by point enough picture of item quality in light of the fact that not all client desires convey a similar weight. Clients have certain fundamental desires of an item, a significant number of which they may not know about. Inability to accomplish these essential qualities will offer ascent to incredible disappointment at the same time, since they are implicit, accomplishing them doesn't offer ascent to any positive sentiments of fulfillment. When purchasing another auto, for instance, clients have the fundamental, implicit desire that the auto will have wheels. Finding that the auto does not have wheels will bring about incredible disappointment but rather no fulfillment will be accomplished by the nearness of wheels. These essential desires of value are communicated in diagram C.

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基本品質 顧客需求的第二類型被稱為「基本品質」,意指顧客通常不會談論及或想去要求的要求(「我想要一個駕駛起來安全)或「你旅舍的廁所有沒有衛生紙」)。 這是因為由過去的經驗,他們假設那些需求將會達到,基本品質需求就是大家皆期待會出現的事物,因此,顧客將不會表達出需求。 因此道理,它們常被指為「未明說的 - 除非有所違背」,然而,當違背時,它為會再成為「言說的」,而且通常是顧客方面實質的不滿意,顧客厭惡。 要是 BQ 顯現,顧客不是中性無意見就是漠不關心,他們將不因而歡悅。

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"energy" parts of value At the other extraordinary there are item qualities, called fervor elements, which offer ascent to a lot of fulfillment when they are accomplished however their nonappearance causes no disappointment (diagram D). The main Sony Walkman contained some of these energy elements. Accomplishing such fabulous sound quality from an item which slipped inside your pocket offered ascend to client 'charm'. Prior to the presentation of the Walkman, be that as it may, clients would not have communicated disappointment about the way that music players did not fit into their pockets. This is on the grounds that the yearning for energy components is, similar to the craving for fundamental elements, implicit. The accomplishment of these energy variables is said to fulfill "inert" client needs.

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振奮品質 (EQ) 顧客需求的第三類型是振奮品質 (EQ) ,這類型的品質是奇特的,因為它「未被說出」,顧客亦未期望。 如果 EQ 未現,顧客因為未期望而不會不滿意。 而要是 EQ 出現,而且落實得很完善,則能帶來相富高層度的顧客滿意度, 振奮品質亦可被描述成為顧客喜悅「 WOWs 」或者為歡樂的驚歎。

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辨認 EQ 機會 現在這些特色是那麼的基本,甚至不會被提及,因此,組織必須追尋一個收集、分析和解釋 EQ 機會的不會終止和穩定的程序,因為 EQ 項目會演變成 PQ , PQ 會變成 BQ ,組織心需要創造一個環境,以之能經常地在他們的產品、服務之上發展和施行新/高階的 EQ 。組織保持充滿著,以所設計的特色和機能,而造就出的新鮮和創新的利益的管道是很重要的。 一些被發展來辨認 EQ 機會和協助將之轉換成顧客導向的創新的主要方法為: 為機會而觀察顧客:觀察研究 在效用上進行激動人心的改善 消除或改善一個關鍵的產品取捨 側面的基準測試

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The "Kano" model of value Graph indicates essential and energy figures together, in the'Kano' model of value, named after its designer, Dr. Noriaki Kano . Between the fundamental and fervor elements, Kano recommends that there is another determinant of consumer loyalty, which he calls 'execution'. Execution elements cover the scope of characteristics that clients have generally expected in a specific kind of item. The client's impression of value changes in direct extent to how much the most extreme or perfect execution of the item is accomplished. The perfect auto, for instance, may be unified with an upscale appearance, quick speeding up, great taking care of, low fuel utilization, least support, double air-packs, focal locking, electric windows, CD player, radio and cell phone. An auto with these elements, as standard, would bring about awesome consumer loyalty. An auto with none of them would bring about disappointment.

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Dr. Kano Model

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一般需求 (Normal Requirements) :僅是藉由詢問方式了解客戶之需要 。 滿足 ( 或不滿足 ) 客戶之需求與其現有 ( 或欠缺 ) 的產品與服務相比較 。 例如:快遞是愈快愈滿意 , 反之則愈慢愈不滿意 。

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期望的需求 (Expected Requirements) :通常是非常基本的需求 , 客戶常常會忘記提醒 , 但是一旦無法滿足則會引起注意 。 此需求為基本的期望 , 一旦產品或服務欠缺 , 則導致失去其價值 , 會產生非常不滿意的結果 。 然而符合此需求 , 往往被客戶所忘記 。 例如:咖啡是熱的 , 客戶不會去在意 , 假使一旦是冷的或過燙 , 則不滿意會發生 。 故期望的需求必須被滿足 。

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刺激性需求 (