Nourishment Telephone Application

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Cry on Android. Existing Products. UrbanSpoon iPhone Application. Existing Products. iCrave ... Android versus iPhone. Android. iPhone. Open OS source. Yes. No. Dev SDK. Free ...

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Nourishment Phone Application Shengyu Li CS-298 Advisor: Dr. Chris Pollett Committee individuals: Dr. Robert Chun Dr. Chris Tseng

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Outline Introduction Design Implementation Testing Demo Issues Improvement

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Introduction For this venture, I made a Food Phone Application. A few objectives were to: Help clients to see eatery menus Search eateries by sustenance things Find these things helpfully on the telephone Let's take a gander at some current items …

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Existing Products Yelp on Android

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Existing Products UrbanSpoon iPhone Application

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Existing Products iCrave in Android

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Feature Comparison

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Design Platform Architecture Application Design Implementation Design

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Platform Android versus iPhone

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Architecture Client-Server Model Server (PC) Client (Phone) Database

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Architecture Server + Database: PC Services PHP code Xampp phpMyAdmin 2.6.2 Apache 2.0 Mysql 4.1.20 Client: Android Phone Configuration Eclipse IDE JDK 1.5 Android SDK 1.5

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Application Design Map every single conceivable Output to every single conceivable Input to characterize capacities: a) = 1), 2), 5)

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Activity Relationship Android Views

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Implementation Design Implementation Model:

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Implementation Design PHP Module Communicate with the database Handle transfer and download documents Java Core Module Generate URL to send demand to PHP server Parse the reaction result from the server Form Java objects for the Android Java code to utilize

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Implementation Design Android Java Module Handle all UI Phone highlights Location Camera Internet Phone stockpiling Pictures

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Testing PHP Module Java Core Module Android Java Module Emulator Real Phone

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Testing PHP Module getResList (twofold LatMax, twofold LatMin, twofold LongMax, twofold LongMin, int str, int end) We can test this capacity on the PHP server side by utilizing the accompanying URL:

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Testing PHP Module

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Testing Java Core Module

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Testing Android Java Module

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Issues Emulator Functionality test Camera Location Storage

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Issues Stored Procedure Original Design: 4 modules Stored Procedure Module PHP Module Java Core Android Java

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Improvement Image Storage SD Card? Memory

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Improvement Prefetching Assume clients need to see the following picture Prefetching the following picture early Shorter client sitting tight download time for the following picture Smooth the procedure

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