North Straight Watershed Affiliation September 11, 2009

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Create basic benchmarks and necessities to help handymen and mortgage holders ... Handymen Realtors. Natural Groups. Pioneers Legislators. Fast ...

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Sidelong Program Update Seeking to Resolve a Difficult Public/Private Problem North Bay Watershed Association September 11, 2009

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Part I In the Beginning…

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Co-Sponsors of the Lateral Program Central Marin Sanitation Agency Las Gallinas Valley Sanitary District North Marin Water District Sausalito Marin City Sanitary District Sewerage Agency of Southern Marin Novato Sanitary District San Rafael Sanitary District Ross Valley Sanitary District Sanitary District No. 2 of Marin County

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Why Marin Lateral Program Was Formed Joint open office reaction to open concerns Better specialized examination of a mind boggling issue Develop regular models and necessities to help handymen and property holders

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Our Strategy Understand and plot the specialized issues Interact with partners first to test the reaction and get input Present the issue Then proposed arrangements Then present it to the expansive overall population Take proposals to neighborhood organizations for their thought, reception Plumbers □ Realtors Environmental Groups Leaders □ Legislators Within Months

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Quick Review of Stakeholder Outreach

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The Problem: Privately-Owned Laterals. You Can Help Solve It! Secure Your Home, Health and Environment June 17, 2009

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What a Private Lateral Is Collection Pipeline Upper Lateral Overflow Prevention Device Lower Lateral

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Storm Drains Are NOT Sanitary Sewers Storm Drains gather stormwater and spillover, then releasing it untreated into the Bay Sanitary Sewers gather sewage, then convey it to a treatment plant where it is cleaned, release into the Bay or reused Private Laterals associate a home or business to the sterile sewers

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Explaining Sewer Spills Blockages happen in the sewer mains, for the most part from roots and oil These blockages cause reinforcements in the pipelines and thus cause sewage Spills and floods are likewise brought about by overwhelming stormwater streams into the sewers Spills are denied by law, prompting to substantial fines, administrative activities, and claims 3/10/2014 10

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Inflow & Infiltration (I&I) Cause Major Problems Inflow – coordinate stream of stormwater into a clean sewer framework from downspouts, channels, yards, parking garages and avenues Infiltration – Indirect stream of stormwater into a sterile sewer framework at open joints and splits Wastewater volumes can build at least 1000%

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Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) Also Affects Treatment Plants I&I streams to sewage treatment plants can surpass plant limits This can influence treatment operations and viability Lead to releases surpassing directions

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Example: Stormwater Floods Treatment Plant December 31, 2005 3/10/2014

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Regulatory Hammer East Bay urban areas will constrained on wastewater volume released to the treatment plant. Must address parallel penetration issue over next 10-20 years. Expenses could be $300 million ! Additionally should take care of mains : $1.7 billion If that is not viable $1 billion + in treatment/stockpiling Similar necessities anticipated that would be forced wherever in next 5 to 15 years Our objective: build up our own particular financially savvy arrangements—before we are compelled to do it a more excruciating way

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Third Party Lawsuits Costly judgments and settlements have come about because of legitimate activity by ecological gatherings Third gatherings sue frequently Example: late $1.6 million fine in Southern Marin and $2 million in Pacific Grove

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We should diminish inflow and invasion, stop sewer floods and spills, to: Protect the earth Protect general wellbeing Comply with new controls, keep away from administrative fines Avoid exorbitant claims Avoid overwhelming cleanup costs

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Public Agency Solutions Underway Decrease I&I from open frameworks through a forceful pipeline repair/restoration program Establish stockpiling tanks or potentially lakes to incidentally store high tempest streams to treatment plants Expand treatment plant limit Develop a standard sewer parallel program for our territory Sanitary organizations are as of now making every one of these strides

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What Public Agencies Are Doing Developing the Marin Lateral Program to encourage arrangements Investing $250 million in pipelines, pumps, and treatment offices

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Past Decisions Based on Different Standards Cheaper to assemble bigger treatment plants for high streams than to alter mains and laterals Blending and treating high stormwater streams was alright Leave laterals alone – the issue is excessively troublesome But with $250 million as of now being put resources into open frameworks… .. … .it's presently time to manage private laterals

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You Control the Private Laterals Upper Lateral Lower Lateral

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Here's What You Can Do Now Inspect your parallel Maintain your sewer horizontal : utilize a qualified handyman or contractual worker Obtain an allow from your clean office before making sidelong repairs Disconnect open air depletes that go to sewer laterals

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About $250 million spent or planned for next five years or so by open offices Public offices and Property proprietors must assume liability for sewer laterals – or EPA will: $100 million for laterals $600 million for open mains $300 million for treatment/stockpiling $1 billion aggregate Marin Lateral Program creating norms to make it less demanding to take care of horizontal issues A Call to Action

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Some Potential Solutions PRIVATE OWNERSHIP Education projects to help the general population act. Add stuffers to water bills. Look for rate reduction like preservation Inspections. Free reviews Disclosure by property venders of the state of their laterals. Motivators to property proprietors to investigate and repair : through stipends, credits, worldwide development and repair offers, protection, diminished sewer benefit charges for exhibited great laterals. Required assessment program with different potential triggers: wellbeing and security, day and age, redesigning, deal or exchange of title, change of administration, separation to conduits, and others.

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More Potential Solutions PRIVATE OWNERSHIP WITH PUBLIC REPAIR: Targeted Repairs. Diminished expenses by planning open office horizontal repairs while repairing mainlines, PUBLIC OWNERSHIP Public Ownership, investigation and repair of the lower parallel Public proprietorship, review and repair of the upper and lower sidelong Additional treatment, stockpiling or gathering framework enhancements to pass on or store high streams. NO OUTSIDE FUNDING IDENTIFIED Stimulus subsidizing? State or Federal Grants?

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What's Next Take it Public and Wrap Up The Program

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Technical Program Deliverables Technical principles are relied upon to be broadly embraced Portfolio of choices for examining & repairing laterals + examination offices can use in selecting choices Model Ordinance

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Outreach Program Deliverables Develop open comprehension and bolster Stakeholders, squeeze, lawmakers have been educated There is an issue Private proprietors have duty Public offices are doing their part and encouraging open/private arrangements Now overall population must comprehend and acknowledge the program. Objective: accomplish pu blic and political comprehension for offices to seek after locally

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Outreach Program Tools Regional site on this theme Press scope Model composed materials and illustrations Facebook Public get to TV Advertising, Public gatherings, and so forth

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Next Steps

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What Else Can You Do?

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Sample Materials

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Driving Home in the Rain, Jim Had a Terrible Thought: My Lateral Might Be Leaking

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Do You Have Any Questions for Us ?

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Now, A Few Questions For You Questions or data you need investigated in our audit of potential arrangements? People or gatherings that we ought to speak with? Most ideal approaches to impart this data to people in general? Something else?

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