North Carolina Presbyterian Pilgrimage Rollo Outlines August 1999

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North Carolina Presbyterian Pilgrimage Rollo Outlines August 1999

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Rollo Outlines History Team – Jim Mason Pastors: Brownie McLeod Bob Cleveland Nancy Southard Chris East Frank Stewart Frank Dew Kelly Stewart Linda Thurston Bill Wardlaw Susan Wardlaw

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Rollo Outlines (2) Process Prayerful, Bellyful, Soulful Meetings Spirit Filled Revisions upon Revisions - Humbling Minimum of 1,573 Servant Hours We thankfully and lowering present to you the NC Presbyterian Pilgrimage Rollo Outlines!!!!

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Every Rollo Opening Prayer (aside from Ideals) Introduction (exact and brief) Body Conclusion Where fitting: Suggestions for individual witness or delineations Write-downs Scripture recommendations

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Team Objectives To serve as Christ would serve. To be Christ to the Pilgrims.

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Day 1 Objectives To welcome the Pilgrims to assess their lives and to assess their lives inside the congregation. To comprehend and encounter the power and nearness of God's effortlessness.

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Ideals Human "being" is both workmanship and science. People are unique in relation to plants and creatures since we have brains, will and opportunity. People have wonderful inborn limits: for imagining, creating personality, satisfaction, duty, evolving, magnanimity. People have confinements – egotism is our most noteworthy restriction. Turning out to be completely human includes finish self-giving inside the setting of objectives and standards.

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Ideals (2) A perfect is something in its most magnificent shape; an impeccable model; the focal point of our objectives. Satisfying goals are indispensable, finished and moving. All people have standards.

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Ideals (3) How would you invest your energy? How would you spend your cash On what or whom do you center your musings? What brings you euphoria?

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Laity and the Church We live in a broken world. Jesus Christ is the response to the issues of the world Our obligation as Christians is to be Christ-like in thought, word and deed – extending God's beauty to all we meet.

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Laity and the Church (2) The congregation is the assortment of Christ, the general population of God. The congregation is to prepare and enable Christians. Christians are called to proceed with the mission started by Christ. The mission is a work of elegance.

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Laity and the Church (3) The mission is biblical. The mission is one of a kind to every person. Our Christian perfect is to carry on with a Christ-like life, to uncover Christ to the world.

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Piety: Giving Our Hearts to God Piety is giving our entire hearts to God. Carrying on with a Christian life has three components: Piety, Study and Action. Qualities of Piety: Natural, Energetic, Consciously Aware, and Courageous.

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Piety: Giving Our Hearts to God (2) Practices of devotion that support our association with God: Prayer Meditation Worship Praise Service

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Day 2 Objectives To offer courses for Pilgrims to sustain their own associations with Christ.

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Christian Study: Giving Our Minds to God Christian study is not the same as the investigation of Christianity. Christian study is The progressing quest for knowing God – giving our psyches to God. The way toward figuring out how to love, to know and to react to God's truth.

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Christian Study: Giving Our Minds to God (2) We think about to: Grow our association with God and our discipleship with Christ Know reality To share reality.

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Christian Study: Giving Our Minds to God (3) Christian study is crucial on the grounds that: Forms our psyches. Changes our hearts. Adjusts our lives to experience the Christian perfect. The procedure of Christian study: We submit our time: Intentional, Regular We make an arrangement: Systematic, Progressive and Challenging We welcome the Holy Spirit to illuminate our study.

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Christian Study: Giving Our Minds to God (4) Christian study is an individual procedure. Solutions for the Study Obstacles of Attitude and Attachment: Pray for God's insight. Take after God's driving. Be with God Relay on god's beauty. Begin! Assets

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Christian Action: Giving Our Hands to God Christian activity is both an expression and an outcome of our adoration for God. Our activities get to be Christian when our inspirations are lifted and engaged by God's adoration and beauty. Christian activity springs from adoration for God and love for neighbor.

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Christian Action: Giving Our Hands to God (2) Christian love is having the state of mind of Christ for someone else, indicating regard, certifiable concern, and unfaltering responsibility. Christian activity is a method for conveying God's adoration to the world. Spreading the uplifting news of God's reclaiming love, accommodating the world to God – is evangelism.

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Leaders impact the considerations and activities of others. Normal qualities: A soul of activity. Capacity to hazard. Awareness of other's expectations

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Leaders (2) Desired qualities: Personal validness. Liberality. Individual responsibility for activities. A Christian pioneer joins regular and craved qualities with Christian ideals.

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Leaders (3) Christian temperances are: A living confidence - Hope – Love - Humility A Christian pioneer drives a healthy lifestyle of devotion, study and activity. A Christian pioneer lives in a manner that their life shapes their general surroundings.

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Leaders (4) A Christian pioneer eventually is an instrument of God's changing work in Jesus Christ. I am called to be a Christian pioneer. Christ is depending on you to: To lead a healthy lifestyle. To hold up under natural product To be an instrument of Christ's reclaiming love for all the world.

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Day 3 Objectives To support sharing God's adoration. To distinguish approaches to fortify our association with God and proceed with our profound trip.

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Transformation of the Environment Our surroundings is the spots, establishments and individuals we can impact for Christ. We are called to love our neighbors as we have been cherished by God. The missing component in the greater part of our surroundings is adoring connections.

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Transformation of the Environment (2) How would we change nature? We change ourselves. We comprehend the earth. Concentrate on the gathering/people. Think about the conditions, conditions and inspirations of the gathering/people. Think about the soul of the gathering/people. We take after God's driving.

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Transformation of the Environment (3) We apply the characteristics of Christian pioneers and execute Christian values in all that we do We apply standards of cooperation: "Make a companion, be a companion, impart Christ to a companion."

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Christian Community in real life Intentional Christian people group are a successful intends to change the world. A deliberate Christian people group is a little gathering of individuals with: A typical reason. A typical arrangement. Responsibility.

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Total Security in the 4 th Day Total security is carrying on with an existence in beauty with Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. The 4 th Day is from this day forward - whatever is left of your life.

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Total Security In the 4 th Day (2) A Ultreya, signifying "diligence or forward" is an intermittent social affair of the 4 th Day people group. The following Ultreya which is in your respect will be ___________________. Mesh into the individual sharing: " Christ is relying on you and I am depending on Christ."

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Action Steps and Timeline Review Revised Outlines – 9/99 Approve Use of Revised Outlines in 2000! – 9/??/99 Prepare Outlines and Rector RRT Member serve on Pilgrimage for Special Review – 2/2000 Final modifications and Formal Approval – 3/2000