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15 NOAA Ships - working 3500 days/yr.13 NOAA Aircraft - logging 3500 flight hrs/yr.250 Small BoatsDive Program - 400 jumpers averaging 15,000 plunges/yr.Facilities - 3 focuses and 8 areas all through the U.S.. Decentralized operations - HQ oversight. Medicinal - 10 F/T USPHS experts overhauling NOAA stage operatorsPeople - 600 workers; 30 are straightforwardly included in NMAO\'s wellbeing project..

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´╗┐NMAO Safety Program Bob Taylor, Deputy Director June 2, 2003

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Decentralized operations - HQ oversight 15 NOAA Ships - working 3500 days/yr. 13 NOAA Aircraft - logging 3500 flight hrs/yr. 250 Small Boats Dive Program - 400 jumpers averaging 15,000 plunges/yr. Offices - 3 focuses and 8 areas all through the U.S. Therapeutic - 10 F/T USPHS experts adjusting NOAA stage administrators People - 600+ workers; 30 are straightforwardly required in NMAO's security program.

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NMAO Safety Organization Director, NMAO Deputy Director, NMAO Vessel Safety Program Manager ECS Program Manager Small Boat Program Manager Medical Program Director Env. Consistence and Safety Officer Director, Marine Operations Center Director, Aircraft Operations Center Env. Compl. Officer Facility Safety Officers Medical Officer Safety Staff Dive Program Manager International Safety Management and STCW Program Manager Medical Officers Facility Safety Officer Aircraft Commanders All mindful S&E officers Vessel Commanding Officers All capable S&E officers Aviation Safety Officer

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Vessel Safety American Bureau of Shipping - International characterization society - distributes norms for plan, development, upkeep, and repair of vessels, shipboard frameworks, and gear. Worldwide Maritime Organization - Establishes and ensures least vessel wellbeing and contamination anticipation norms. SOLAS - International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea STCW - Standards of Training, Certification, and Watchkeeping MARPOL - International Convention for the Prevention of Marine Pollution from Ships ISPS - International Code for the Security of Ships and Port Facilities

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Vessel Safety U.S. Drift Guard - Establishes and authorizes controls for safe shipboard operations, oceanic security, contamination avoidance, vessel reviews, strength, putting out fires, and vessel lifesaving abilities. CFR Title 33 - Navigation CFR Title 46 - Shipping NMAO Fleet Inspection - Each NOAA deliver reviewed every year against USCG and IMO principles and controls and NMAO necessities for security, material condition, putting out fires, and lifesaving abilities. NCINST 5100.1B - Safety Standards for Ships of the NOAA Fleet

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Small Boat Safety NMAO Small Boat Program - NAO 217-103 sets up little vessel approach. Components include: Operational hazard appraisals Inspection administrations Engineering bolster Safety hardware necessities Training guidelines American Boat and Yacht Council - Sets models for plan, development, upkeep, and repair of little pontoons, locally available frameworks, and gear.

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Dive Safety NOAA Dive Program - Establishes worthy norms and systems for preparing, operations, and hardware. NOAA Diving Manual Trained and affirmed jumpers Trained and ensured gear specialists Performed 99.9% episode free plunges since program commencement

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Aircraft Safety Federal Aviation Administration - Regulates safe air ship operations, issues investigation necessities, and guarantees support/overseers. 14 CFR 39 Airworthiness orders 14 CFR 43 Maintenance, modification 14 CFR 91 General working principles NOAA Aircraft Operations - AOC Safety Manual Flight Safety Manual Workshop on Use of Non-NOAA Aircraft NAO 216-104 - Management and Utilization of Aircraft Inspection - Conducted yearly and at regular intervals by ensured examiners and experts relying upon kind of airplane and sort of examination required under FAA directions.

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Facility Safety Occupational Safety and Health Administration - Establishes laborer security and office wellbeing related norms. 29 CFR 1910 Occupational security and heath models 29 CFR 1915 Occupational wellbeing and wellbeing measures for shipyard work NECSAS - NMAO offices reviewed as per NOAA ecological consistence and security evaluation framework. Every single open finding have been tended to and adjusted. NCINST 6280 - Environmental Compliance and Guidance Manual

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Training Dupont Safety Training - 16 NMAO senior supervisors and key people have attended inside the previous two years. STAR Training - Over 60 managers and personnel from around half of the active armada have gone to. STCW - Over 75% of all shipboard employees have been prepared. Preparing classes incorporate fundamental wellbeing, firefighting, first help/CPR, quick protect vessel, radar observer, and individual survival.

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Program Elements and Initiatives Physical Security - A thorough audit was directed by Pinkerton Consulting to survey and assess security hazard on board NOAA boats, air ship, and at NMAO offices. Proposals including task of security officers and advancement of vessel and area particular security arrangements are continuous. NMAO Safety News - Employee pamphlet distributed quarterly that advances security mindfulness and gives a way to scatter and follow-up on auspicious and pertinent wellbeing related news.