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NIST/URAC/WEDI Medicinal services Security Workgroup - Security Prerequisites Crosswalk Walk 7, 2004. Chapter by chapter guide. Format Determination (What we are doing?) Crosswalk Handle (How is the methodology?) Task Overhaul (Who are the Volunteers?) Courses of events for Results (When will it be done?)

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NIST/URAC/WEDI Healthcare Security Workgroup - Security Requirements Crosswalk March 7, 2004

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Table of Contents Template Selection (What we are doing?) Crosswalk Process (How is the approach?) Assignment Update (Who are the Volunteers?) Timelines for Results (When will it be done?) Next Steps

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Template Selection "Crosswalk" characterized: Analysis of different prerequisites – otherwise known as "security traceability framework" First errand: Select best format for showing the "Crosswalk" covering security related necessities identified with the medicinal services division Crosswalk investigation reason: Identify and use other, comparative security necessities, and Identify HIPAA Security measures that may as of now be fulfilled by momentum hones

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Template Selection (cont'd) Pros and Cons of various proposed layouts examined in a few team gatherings Group voted to utilize a mix of a lattice created by Adam Stone and Dennis Seymour Final crosswalk layout, with examination, can be utilized as a device to help an association in supporting ROI of past security activities and how they interface with HIPAA consistence

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Crosswalk Process HIPAA Security Rule as Driver Goal: To catch the connection of the HIPAA security administer to the referenced standard by referencing the principal line or section of the control Disclaimers and suppositions will be expressed Crosswalk investigation hypothetical and abnormal state HIPAA consistence won't substitute or refute the consistence with different directions An association is in charge of utilizing the crosswalk as a device in building up their consistence arrange and not as a consistence instrument

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Volunteers to Conduct Crosswalks – Sub Group Assignments

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Crosswalk Task Force Members Co-Chairpersons Carla Smith, Booz, Allen, Hamilton Dr. Ken Yale DDS, JD EduNeering Denise Turner, NYS OMRDD HVDDSO Task Force Members Claire Barrett, URAC Steve Batdorf, System 1 Leslie Berkeyheiser, Clayton Group John Bogen, HealthCIO Mike Cummins, TecSec Lydia Duckworth, VA Mike Fisher, DAOU Bruce Gnatowski, AMS Arnold Johnson, NIST Pamela Manselle, Carle Fnd Hospital Daniel Meacham, Baylor Andy Melczer, Illinois State Med Soc Sue Miller, HIPAA Certified Mark Schuweiler, EDS Dennis Seymour, VA Cass Solomon, Kinder HealthCare Adam Stone, Fortis Dianne Tattitch, BJC Health Care  Ad-Hoc Members Lisa Gallagher, URAC Mark McLaughlin, WEDI

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Timelines for Results Crosswalk improvement is in advance Drafts were done toward the finish of January Completed draft crosswalks are accumulated by Denise Turner for aggregation and circulation to the group for survey and remark Review and refinement was done in February Draft crosswalk item accessible for audit in March Final draft finished by May 1 for associate survey at WEDI Annual Meeting

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Next Steps Copies of the draft formats are accessible on demand Volunteers to take part in the Crosswalk Task Force are welcome Contact a Co-Chair for more data: Ken Yale, EduNeering, Inc. 609-947-3820 Carla Smith, Booz Allen Hamilton, 703-289-5936 Denise Turner, New York State Government, 845.947.6314 Questions and Answers??


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