Ninth Institute for New Career and Technology Education Administrators

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Ninth Establishment for New Profession and Innovation Instruction Heads. Facilitators DaCosta (Filth) Muckenfuss Scratch Milasnovich. Welcome to Foundation 9. Presentations Name-Position. Meeting Dates. June 24-28 2007 Palmetto Expo Ctr. Sept. 18, 2007 Columbia

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Ninth Institute for New Career and Technology Education Administrators Coordinators DaCosta (Muck) Muckenfuss Nick Milasnovich

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Welcome to Institute 9 Introductions Name-Position

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Meeting Dates June 24-28 2007 Palmetto Expo Ctr. Sept. 18, 2007 Columbia Oct. 30, 2007 Columbia Jan. 22, 2008 Columbia Mar. 25, 2008 Columbia May 6, 2008 Columbia All Columbia Sessions Held at SCASA Bldg.

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Required Summit Sessions June 25 Developing 21th Century Literacy in Students 10:45-11:45, 104-A, Dr. Willard Daggett June 25 Developing Youth Internships in Rural Areas 1:00-2:00, 104-A, Coleen Keffeler

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Required Sessions Continued June 26 Career and Technology Educators Association (CTEA) Business Meeting 1:15-2:15, 101-A , Paul Crandall June 27 Making EEDA Work: A District-Wide Initiative 10:45-11:45, 104-A, Drs. Ron Miles and Allen Coles

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Directions-Locations SCASA Building (Handout) Be on time – 8:30 begin Muck's Famous Breakfast Hotels/Motels in Columbia NW (Handout)

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Mentoring Select a veteran CTE Administrator Submit Mentor Approval Form Visit out-of-region office on two non-successive days Prepare composed coaching report

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Mentor Verification Form-Institute 9 This is to confirm that__________________________________ Name of Participant Completed a two-day tutoring knowledge at _________________ Location ____________________ on______________ and_________________ Location Date Signed_______________________________________ Mentor Date_________________________________________ Date Submitted Note to Mentor: After this frame is come back to OCTE, a legally binding administration receipt will be messaged to you. If you don't mind print, sign, and mail the legally binding administration receipt as demonstrated beneath. FAX OR MAIL TO: Jessie Robinson Office of Career and Technology Education 1429 Senate Street, Room 924 Columbia, SC 29201 FAX: 803-734-3525

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Benefits Recertification Credit Award Recognition Principal Induction Program Knowledge of CTE System

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