NGN Architecture and Release 1 Definition Agenda Item 4

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NGN Architecture and Release 1 Definition (Agenda Item 4) Richard Brennan Vice-Chair ETSI TISPAN & Chair TISPAN WG-2 Dick Knight Chair TISPAN WG-1 BT Group plc dick.rr.knight' TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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Agenda Approval of plan and Documents (s1) Workshop objectives (s1) 3GPP and TISPAN organisation (s1) NGN Architecture & Release 1 definition (s2) IMS design and capabilities (s2) Issues identified with reuse of IMS for NGN (s3-s4) Support of PSTN/ISDN benefit copying (s5) Ongoing exercises and Workplan (s5) Future collaboration/interactions (s6) Wrap-up and closure (s6) TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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Fundamentals Advanced Multimedia Services met altered/portable administrations in light of 3GPP IMS Fixed Line Access Support for PSTN/ISDN Replacement existing clients unaffected Extensible for future administrations TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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Services ALL 3GPP IMS Services Plus Emergency calling (112 and so on.) for all terminals/clients Existing PSTN/ISDN administrations for legacy just Interoperability with 3GPP IMS Interworking to PSTN/ISDN both TDM and substitution situation Future Services e.g. gushing (RTSP) e.g. Video on Demand, communicate administrations TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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System Overview Customer Terminals and Network Access Network Core Network Interconnect TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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System Components Customer Networks & Terminals Diverse Customer Networks supporting different assorted terminals "shared terminal use" and in addition select Access Networks re-utilizing existing arrangements xDS,LWireless Lan, Corporate Lan, link systems, 3GPP GPRS Core Network IP Based transport organize + IMS Interconnect TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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Constraints Existing Customer Networks Hubs, Routers, WLAN Existing Customer Terminals PC's; PDA's; Phones; absence of direction & differences Access Networks as of now sent xDSL, backhaul to ISP's; V5 fiber Concentrators, multiplexors Core Network 3GPP IMS based, insignificant changes Interconnect other NGN; 3GPP IMS; Internet; PSTN/ISDN TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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Requirements Overview 1 All 3GPP IMS administrations; augmented/adjusted for settled line terminals; Conversational and non conversational administrations; Support for existing PSTN/ISDN terminals; incomplete or discount substitution of existing center framework; Regulatory Requirements e.g. Crisis calling from any get to; Interworking at the NNI; Mobility: nomadicity of clients and gadgets; TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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Requirements Overview 2 Secure and dependable environment; Support for an extensive variety of QoS-empowered administrations; Managed organize high accessibility; Flexible structure benefit development & institutionalization negligible; Third gathering administration supplier bolster; Flexibility to bolster an always expanding assortment of terminals with different capacities. TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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Mobility User Mobility Moving to various physical areas and utilizing a terminal Requires remarkable personality Terminal Mobility the capacity to move to various physical areas and furnish the client with their administrations Authentication User Authentication (by center) for administrations Identification of client Terminal Authentication (by get to organize) for network Device abilities TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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PSTN/ISDN Replacement Supporting Existing Customers and Equipment including existing access Maximum normal gear PSTN/ISDN Services ONLY But interoperable with IMS (voice) administrations Interconnect to existing (TDM-based) PSTN/ISDN for all NGN clients (voice just) TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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PSTN/ISDN Service Re-utilize (PSTN/ISDN Simulation) NGN Customers Existing (comparative) administrations occupy, voice letter box, "CLI" and so on. Not Identical to PSTN Different summon/ergonomics To exploit new system and terminal capacities True PSTN/ISDN Services Not accessible, yet interworked. TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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Services & Requirements Service Sets IP Multimedia Services (from 3GPP IMS) PSTN/ISDN Emulation Streaming Services Other Multimedia Services Requirements Network Attachment & Authentication Resource Control Transport Interconnect TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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Design Issues Multiple Access Technologies Mobility & Roaming, & Nomadicity Numbering & Addressing Quality of Service (QoS) Emergency Telephone Services (ETS) Lawful Interception Security/Privacy Routing/Path Determination Service Capabilities… . TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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Access Network Attachment Subsystem NGN Architectural Concept Applications Other Multimedia Streaming administrations - IP Multimedia Subsystem ) Other Networks PSTN/ISDN Emulation Subsystem (e.g. PSTN) Resource Control Subsystem Access Transport Network Core Transport Network IP 3GPP IP-CAN TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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TISPAN Release 1: Core IMS TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis

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NGN particular Rf/Ro/Ro affected Charging Sh HSS Functions AS Network Attachment Dh Ia ISC Cx Rf/Ro/Ro IWF Subsystem Ib Dx SLF IBCF Mw/Mk/Mm Mw/Mk/Mm Ic I - CSCF S - CSCF Mw If « Core IMS Core IMS » Mi SIP BGCF Mw H.248 Mr Mj Id DIAMETER Mg SGF P - CSCF MGCF MRFC Ie Other IP Networks Other IP Networks Gq PSTN/ISDN PSTN/ISDN Mp Mn Gm Resource and Admission Control Subsystem Resource and Admission Control Subsystem MRFP T - MGF An A - BGF UE IP Transport (Access and Core) IP Transport (Access and Core) I - BGF Core IMS reuse in NGN Architecture TISPAN-3GPP Workshop - Sophia-Antipolis