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News From the Trenches. an E-business Suite R12 11g Implementation ... Business Event System Event Messages. Suggested 2. Change to 10 for better execution of ...

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News From the Trenches – an E-business Suite R12 11g Implementation # 1458 Jerry Ireland Mark W. Farnham 36 West Street Lebanon, NH 03766 Office: 603.448.1803

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Jerry Ireland Principal, Rightsizing, Inc. Helping to establish Director, ODTUG Current VP ODTUG Member Oracle VLDB Co-author, APPSPERF

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Mark W. Farnham President, Rightsizing, Inc. Helping to establish Director, OAUG VP, OAUG DBSIG Member, MOSES, Oracle VLDB Co-author, APPSPERF Member, Oaktable Network

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Agenda Background of Project Approach Challenges and Tips Multiple Environments Seeded Templates for autoconfig Moving to Different Systems 11g Non-RAC to RAC – 11g Sequence RAC-charge, FND_DUAL

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Background of Project Two separate existing general record frameworks (distinctive graphs of records) to join Adding Project Accounting Set a few models for E-business suite organization and advancement Take favorable position of linux frameworks and provisioning new hubs where required Slender Development, Scalable Deployment Just the innovation for this venture stage

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Installation Versions E-Business Suite R12 RUP6 Database Tools WEB

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General Project Plan Create "Gold Copies" Standard Vision Installation Standard non-Vision Installation Move to RAC But keep slim improvement, test, and so on. Keep up clonability every which way Move to numerous Application servers

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Approach Create Standards for Recreating Steps Create devices for dull or blunder inclined strides

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Challenges and Tips Multiple Installation Environments Seeded Templates for autoconfig Moving to Different Systems 11g Topics Non-RAC to RAC – 11g Sequence RAC-assess FND_DUAL

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Multiple Installation Environments 10g, Install 11g, 11g, Tools, Web, Cloning Ensuring right forms of java, perl, unfasten, and so forth .bashrc PATCH – set to normal area for patches and scripts particular to stage Execute proper *.env Create capacities and false names for regular exercises pdup – safeguard and copy a record cdoh – compact disc to current $ORACLE_HOME cdash – cd to $ADMIN_SCRIPTS_HOME

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Seeded Templates for autoconfig $PATH Autoconfig connects what it needs to current Does exclude opatch or adpatch and different utilities Database startup Starts utilizing pfile which loses dynamic execution parameter settings init.ora mistakes

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Seeded Templates for autoconfig Configuring Templates Run to get format name and area Create custom catalog Think of as "webpage setup" or "neighborhood" Put adjusted layout in custom index Survives Cloning Can without much of a stretch be moved to 11g after overhaul

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Seeded Templates for autoconfig Init.ora parameters for 11g Core_dump_destination All documentation and update wizard says it is deplored alongside background_dump_dest and user_dump_dest to be supplanted with diag_destination Actual Others cause a notice when 11g begins Core_dump_destination does not Core_dump_destination defaults to 10g conduct Set it to same area as diag_destination job_queue_processes Business Event System Event Messages Recommended 2 Change to 10 for better execution of work process

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Moving to Different Systems E-busness Suite utilizes <db_name> and <sys_name> a great deal for naming things Create formats with <db_name> and <sys_name> Need <sid_name> for RAC Create apparatuses to build up interpretation values Create instruments to decipher the formats for particular database and framework

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11g Topics Cloning Challenges Native Compile

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Cloning Challenges guaranteed for 12.0.6 Clone of 12.0.6 on database fizzled if moved up to jdk 1.6 neglects to make new executables Known issue at Oracle

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Native Compile Much less demanding in 11g Stores arranged code in database Don't require various registries xxx1, xxx2… Generation of code is tremendously enhanced Some additional overhead amid redesigns Gain execution for creation forms Data get to won't enhance E-Business Suite has bunches of if..then..else Don't try incorporating bundle details

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Non-RAC to RAC – 11g Clone "Gold Copy" to framework with ASM Convert to RAC (single hub) Clone extra RAC hubs Clone Application Nodes from "Gold Copy"

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Non-RAC to RAC – 11g Prelude to RCONFIG broken as of this composition Slight of hand Clone existing to RAC home goal Move aside and introduce RAC programming Copy appsutil into RAC registry Avoid recovering init records (diag, and so on.)

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Sequence RAC-charge Multiple RAC Nodes getting to same pieces Application liking benefits quieted by different groupings per square Spreading successions one for each square may help

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"Hermitize" groupings, FND_DUAL Especially higher potential win on RAC May be valuable for any bustling OLTP framework FND_DUAL just E-Business Suite

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Q&A News From the Trenches – an E-business Suite R12 11g Implementation # 1458 Mark W. Farnham Jerry Ireland