News as an Environment: Moving Points of view for National Writers

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What is news? Google News (May 24, 2007) Driving Research Question

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News as an Ecosystem: Shifting Perspectives for Citizen Journalists Media Ecology Association Conference Mexico City, June 6, 2007 Christine M. Tracy Eastern Michigan University

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What is news?

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Google News (May 24, 2007)

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Driving Research Question "If the causes of present day correspondence had been, in basic regards, liberal and law based, how then had the media created along lines that were so profoundly in strain with those thoughts?" Paul Starr, The Creation of the Media: Political Origins of Modern Communication

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Critical Approach to American Media System Articulated by: Upton Sinclair-Brass Check Chomsky & Herman-Manufacturing Consent Robert W. McChesney- - Rich Media, Poor Democracy

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It is clear what the issue is..

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The news and data conveyance framework in the U.S., a.k.a. "The Media" is STRUCTURALLY FLAWED.

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Formulating an Answer and a Model: Key Premises 1. If the issue with the American media framework is auxiliary, then no measure of basic examination or research into impacts will take care of the issue. 2. We can't anticipate that a media framework will serve vote based goals when those beliefs are not confirm in the public eye. 3. Singular natives are buyers and also makers of data: each of us is in charge of the data we expend.

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Preview of Today's Discussion 1. Reason for an environmental model of news. 2. Hypothetical establishments of the model: a.Teilhard de Chardin's Noosphere b. Kaufer & Carley's Communicative Transaction c. Bowman & Willis' Emerging Media Ecosystem d. Hiler's Blogosphere 3. Presentation on an environmental model 4. Cases of participatory and native news-casting 5. Future bearings

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Teilhard's "Outline of the Sphere"

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Kaufer & Carley's Communicative Transaction Model

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Bowman and Willis' Emerging Media Ecosystem

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Hiler's Blogosphere

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Decentralized. Highlights groups of onlookers as dynamic members in the utilization, creation, and spread of news. Highlights a base up, developing, shared informal organization. Highlights news unfiltered by a go between. Distributes than channels. Values discussion, joint effort, and libertarianism over benefit. Keeps up Journalism's fundamental standards. Highlights buyers as pioneers. Source: We Media , Bowman & Willis Characteristics of the Ecological News Model

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What does this model resemble?

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Campbell Laird's Vision

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The In-process Ecological Model

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An Individual News Model

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Examples of Citizen Journalism

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Use cases to refine the model

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Another "participatory" illustration

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Examples… sharing the story…

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Some Challenges Revenue era and moving from owning to sharing the story. 2. Capital must originate from mainstream associations (Chomsky). 3. Requires an ideological move: news era and dispersal saw as an exchange and system of thoughts and data (not an item.) Some Questions What is the individual's (or consumer's) relationship to existing news and data outlets? How do people influence existing and rising outlets? Future Directions

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Paper and presentation accessible at Christine Tracy Eastern Michigan University