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New York Association of School Psychologists & New York State Office of Mental Health Present Recognizing Depression in Your Teenager and What to Do About It

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THE SPEAK INITIATIVE More amazing suicides than murders in our nation Third driving reason for death for youngsters (ages 15 –24) Approximately 150,000 New York adolescents endeavor suicide every year, and 70 will bite the dust thus The national rate of high schooler suicide has almost tripled since the 1950's Prevention and early intercession spares lives

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IS IT JUST THE BLUES OR IS YOUR CHILD DEPRESSED? Everyone has ordinary high points and low points Depression is more than simply the blues Depression impacts us on a passionate, behavioral, and social level

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FACT OR FICTION . . . Adolescents don't experience the ill effects of "genuine" wretchedness Teens who grumble of being discouraged are simply frail Talking about sadness just exacerbates it Telling a grown-up that a companion might be discouraged is selling out a trust

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COMMON QUESTIONS ABOUT DEPRESSION What are the conceivable reasons for despondency? How basic is it? Is it genuine? Is sadness the same for everybody? Could it be dealt with? Why don't individuals get offer assistance?

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SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS Does your tyke express sentiments of . . . Trouble and void Hopelessness, cynicism, or blame Worthlessness

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Do they appear . . . Not able to settle on choices Unable to focus & recall Lost intrigue or delight in conventional exercises Have more issues with school and family

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Do They Complain of . . . Loss of vitality and drive Trouble nodding off, staying unconscious, or awakening Appetite issues Headaches, stomach hurts, or spinal pains

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Has their conduct changed all of a sudden so that . . . They are eager or more bad tempered They need to be distant from everyone else more often than not They have begun playing hooky or dropping exercises They might drink or taking medications

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Have they discussed . . . Passing Suicide Attempting to hurt themselves

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PREVENTION AND EARLY INTERVENTION SAVES LIVES Recognize the notice signs Talk to somebody who can help