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This arrangement will figure out whether you will be charged the between state educational cost rate or the out-of-state educational cost rate. Will I View My Account Online? ...

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NEW STUDENT ORIENTATION College Finances: Understanding Your Responsibilities and the Opportunities

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Bursar's Office Information for New Students Warwick 825-2151 Lincoln 333-7177 Providence 455-6118 Newport 851-1640

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Important Bursar Information Office hours may change by Campus. Our Warwick & Lincoln grounds hours are 8:00am to 7:00pm, Monday through Thursday, Fridays until 4:00pm. Most money related exchanges can be finished on line and installments perhaps dispatched online by VISA and Mastercard at WWW.CCRI.EDU . Email is the official strategy for correspondence all through the school. It would be ideal if you make it an indicate check your email as often as possible through your understudy Pipeline account.

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Where do I search for Information? The course notice and our Bursar site page contain imperative money related data. If you don't mind set aside the opportunity to take a gander at the Financial Matters page. Educational cost and Fees for the semester are recorded in the course release (subject to change by Board of Governors for Higher Ed.). Techniques for Payment are likewise contained on both our site and course announcement.

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When Will I Receive My Bill? There are particular bill dates and due dates. Those bill dates alongside due dates are posted on our site and also in the course release. Your due date will be imprinted on the charge you get via the post office. It is imperative to transmit full installment at the very latest the due date.

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FALL 2009 Dates gave above are liable to change and ought to be utilized just as a rule .

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How Do I Pay My Bill? The College furnishes you with numerous approaches to pay your bill. You may pay with money, check, cash request, and some charge cards or by selecting in our conceded installment arrange . No bills will be sent after  August 20, 2009 .  Payment in full is required while enrolling either face to face or on-line from August 20 - September 8, 2009.  A $30 Late Registration Fee will be as a result starting August 27, 2009. The simplest approach to pay your bill is specifically on the web. You may pay utilizing MasterCard or VISA » You may pay your bill via mail utilizing a check, cash request or Visa. CCRI acknowledges MasterCard, VISA or Discover via mail. Your bill will incorporate a segment for the recording of your charge card data. A mark is required for charge card installment preparing. You may pay your bill at the Bursar's Office on any of the College's four primary grounds amid ordinary business hours. On grounds, you may pay with money, check, cash request or charge card. CCRI acknowledges MasterCard, VISA or Discover on grounds. In the event that you don't wish to hold up in line or need to pay outside of ordinary business hours, a drop box is situated outside every grounds area for installment with check or cash arrange.

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Is a Payment Plan a choice? Installment Plans are offered in the Fall and Spring semesters as it were. Understudies will get installment arrange data alongside their semester charge. Understudies will likewise get a different mailer containing installment arrange enlistment shapes from TMS, the installment arrange supplier. If it's not too much trouble BE AWARE OF ENROLLMENT DATES BECAUSE AS IT GETS CLOSER TO THE BEGINNING OF THE SEMESTER, THE PAYMENT PLAN PROCESS CHANGES.

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Payment Plans Payment Plans are managed through an outside organization, TMS. You should be enlisted in no less than 3 CHE and have a base adjust of $470.00. Once enlisted in the arrangement, inquiries and installments ought to be coordinated to TMS. There is a $30.00 enlistment expense that must be incorporated alongside your first installment.

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Payment Plans Your first installment is 1/3 of your educational cost and expenses add up to, in addition to the $30.00 enlistment charge. Installments for the arrangement will be expected in August*, October 1, and November 1. Agents from TMS will be on Campus for understudies who enroll late. The primary installment arrange installment must be gotten by your bill due date.

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Part Time Tuition and Fees Part Time/Per Semester (11 charging credits or less) Other College Fees

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Full Time Tuition and Fees *Students who don't dwell in Rhode Island are liable to CCRI's residency arrangement. The residency strategy might be gotten in the Office of Enrollment Services in Warwick, Lincoln, Newport and Providence. This strategy will figure out whether you will be charged the between state educational cost rate or the out-of-state educational cost rate.

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Can I View My Account Online? You can see your record adjust on your Pipeline. Sign in and go to: For Students Student Records Account Summary Payments can be made here too

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Students' Financial Responsibilities Paying your educational cost and charges in full by the predefined due date on your bill is your responsibility.  Education is an interest in your future.  Assuming moral obligation regarding paying your educational cost and expenses expeditiously is a basic part of the instructive procedure at CCRI. Ponied up all required funds is characterized as having made full installment with money, check, or charge card, enlistment in CCRI's endorsed installment arrange (TMS), an official College budgetary guide grant (help or credit), or an approval for installment by an outsider. Understudies are in charge of dropping all courses they are not wanting to go to and are in charge of installment of courses in which they are selected. Understudies ought NOT expect they will be dropped from a class for non-installment , as there are numerous variables that will figure out if and when an understudy is dropped for non-installment. It is the understudy's duty to confirm his or her enlistment status. To check enlistment status, understudies can see their timetables on Pipeline at . Understudies who don't meet their money related commitments to CCRI will be prevented an assortment from securing understudy administrations including access to evaluations, future enlistment, and issuance of transcripts.  Delinquent records will be accounted for to national credit agencies and could harm your FICO assessment. All past due semester equalizations must be paid with cash arrange, guaranteed check, or charge card. No individual checks will be acknowledged.

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It's Never Too Late To Learn Main Number: 455-6028 15

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Educational Opportunity Center Overview: RIEOC Financial Aid Opportunities Important Deadlines

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RIEOC The Rhode Island Educational Opportunity Center (RIEOC) is a concede program of the Community College of Rhode Island. RIEOC is supported by the US Department of Education through the Office of Federal TR i O Programs under Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 .

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Who Uses RIEOC? RIEOC has been helping understudies with their instructive and profession objectives, since 1979. RIEOC Serves 4,000 understudies every year 66% of members served are low-pay and original school destined understudies (the first in their family to head off to college)

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Services Provided Admissions Application Assistance Financial Aid Application Assistance Academic Advising Career Counseling Transfer Counseling GED/ESL Referral

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Who is Eligible for RIEOC Services? US Citizen; or Eligible non-subject (e.g. changeless inhabitant, displaced person); and Individuals who require RIEOC administrations

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Financial Aid Each year RIEOC gives more than 3,000 members with help to finish applications for budgetary guide, including the FAFSA application. Guides likewise furnish help with extra printed material that is important to finish their money related guide documents.

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Funding Sources Complete the FAFSA early – Types of help which depend on the FAFSA– Pell Grant (Federal Aid) RI Higher Education Assistance Authority (State Aid) Institutional Aid College Work-Study Subsidized Loans Unsubsidized Loans

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To be Eligible for Aid You Must: Have money related need; Be enlisted in a degree program; Maintain agreeable scholarly advance toward a degree; Be a US national or qualified non-native; Be enrolled with specific administration, if required; and Not be in default of a credit, or owe a reimbursement of any guide got

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Student Information for FAFSA: The latest year's wage data including: Tax return, W-2's Value of advantages Value of business Value of investment property All of the above may likewise be vital from the parent(s) of a candidate under 24 and additionally not wedded and with no reliant kids.

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Scholarships Check CCRI Website RIHEAA RI Foundation EOC list FREE Scholarship Sites

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Important Dates: (CCRI) FAFSA can be finished whenever after January 1 st to get a Pell Grant, institutional guide or credits March 1 – RI State Grant CCRI Financial Aid Priority due date is May 1 Sep 9 - 22 (Wed - Tue) Drop Period for enlisted understudies (courses won't show up on transcript) APPLY EARLY!!

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Contact Info: Knight Campus (Warwick) Monday/Tuesday 8:30-4:30 Thursday 8:30-12noon Room 1050 Call for arrangement 455-6028 Flanagan Campus (Lincoln) Monday 8:30 – 12 Tuesday 8:30-4:30 Room 2574 Call for arrangement 455-6028 Liston Campus (Providence) Monday – Friday 8:30-4:30 (8:30-7:30 amid Fall and Spring Semesters) 401-455-6028 Newport Campus Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 8:30-4:30 Room 148 401-851-1638

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CCRI Foundation/Alumni Association Scholarships for School Summer 2009 Main Number: 333-7150

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Scholarships, Funds and Awards The Community College of Rhode Island Foundation and Alumni Association allow grants, finances and honors to understudies who are: approaching, keeping, exchanging as well as graduating. Criteria, application due date and honor sums contrast. In any given year a few grants won't not be accessible, please check the Website for current data.

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Criteria Scholarships are recorded by office as takes after: Business, Computer Studies, Criminal Justice & Legal Studies, Fine Arts, General Programs, Health & Rehabilitative Sciences Office