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Presentation. Best known elements of new system:Selection choices will be made by HoDMobilityNot so surely understood features:Checks

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Best known components of new framework: Selection choices will be made by HoD Mobility Not so notable elements: Checks & Balances; observing & responsibility Benefits Why framework is presented, how it fits in Secretary-General's vision Introduction

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Subjects to be secured: Features of earlier and new frameworks Central Review bodies Checks and adjusts: fundamental standards, supporting instruments, and mechanized devices External observing and responsibility components Benefits of the framework Relationship with HR change and SG's vision Some useful proposals, including versatility Introduction

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PRIOR SYSTEM NEW SYSTEM Staff choice by Head of Department Selection choice is diffused; at last by DM Generic occupation profile (GJP)data bank encourages planning of opening declarations and advances straightforwardness of process; will be accessible on-line Case by case examination of the JD required before issuance of VA; regular requirement for order Time in review qualification necessities no longer apply Eligibility prerequisites support position (3-5 years) FEATURES OF THE NEW SELECTION SYSTEM

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Program directors submit one suggested hopeful and conceivable interchanges APB audits singular case and underwrites chief's suggestion or substitutes another competitor CRB endorsed assessment criteria required before administrators assess applicants Program supervisors submit to CRB a rundown of competitors reasonable for post CRB surveys handle, not singular competitors; assessment against post prerequisites, not each other NEW SYSTEM PRIOR SYSTEM Managers set specially appointed assessment criteria (frequently late all the while)

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PRIOR SYSTEM NEW SYSTEM One hopeful prescribed Head of Department/Office chooses from rundown of competitors Mobility is impromptu Mobility is overseen post inhabitance time constrain on all posts all posts accessible first for parallel moves connection to advancement and vocation improvement

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PRIOR SYSTEM NEW SYSTEM Paper based framework Web-based robotized bolster device takes into consideration application and determination to be embraced on the web; advances consistency and opportune preparing Average choice takes 275 days Multiple elements lessen time required to achieve choice - ought to be no longer than 120 days

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CENTRAL REVIEW BODIES Review procedure of staff choice Main capacities : Consider the assessment criteria put together by the office or office to guarantee that they are objective, identified with the elements of the post and mirror the pertinent capabilities. * Pre-endorsement of the assessment criteria is basic before assessment of the competitors may start.

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CENTRAL REVIEW BODIES Main capacities (cont'd): Review the procedure and confirm that the determination is in consistence with the pre-affirmed assessment criteria.

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The CR bodies decide the procedure has been consented to by considering the accompanying: The proposed choice is contemplated and legitimate in light of the pre-affirmed assessment criteria REVIEWING THE PROCESS

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The record shows no mix-up of reality, law or preference which could have kept a full and reasonable thought of the imperative capability and experience of the competitors Certification by the head of office/office that the proposition has considered the Organization's general HR goals as for topography and sexual orientation adjust. Investigating THE PROCESS (cont'd)

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Here are two conceivable situations of what can happen: Scenario One: The CR bodies are happy with the trustworthiness of the procedure The Head of the Department makes last choice DETERMINATIONS BY CR BODIES

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Scenario Two: The CR bodies are not fulfilled that the assessment criteria were legitimately connected and that the appropriate methods were taken after The CR bodies counsel with the Program Manager or Head of the Department to look for illumination If happy with the clarification, then it takes after the activities recorded in situation one If not happy with the clarification, it presents its perspectives to the Department of Management for further survey and official choice DETERMINATIONS BY CR BODIES (cont'd)

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Within the framework: CRB handle Evaluation criteria audited in advance GJP open to all staff Withdrawal of designation when process not took after Training: HoDs, Program Managers, CR bodies Automated frameworks: upgrade straightforwardness; consistency, observing, accelerate prepare Accountability Mechanisms checks & parities

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External to the new choice framework, however indispensable to HR administration: HR activity arranges including sexual orientation and topography targets Heads of Departments' minimal with Secretary-General Accountability Panel Accountability Mechanisms checks & parities (cont'd)

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Facilitates mainstreaming HR as administration capacity among directors and bosses Reviews HR circumstance in each office (opportunity, PAS, preparing, "stuck" staff, staff-administration relationship) Sets concurred quantifiable targets (geology, sex: GA command) Dovetails into yearly "reduced" amongst USGs and the Secretary-General HR activity arranges

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Secretary-General's vision: Empowered and dependable staff and administrators Member States Faster enrollment Geography and Gender Accountability HoD Selection choice Right staff at the ideal time Staff Transparency Fairness Equitable open door The main impetuses

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Competencies and Continuous Learning Career Development An Integrated Program of HR Reform 10 Building Blocks A MORE PRODUCTIVE, FLEXIBLE AND RESULTS ORIENTED UN Streamlined Rules & Procedures HR Planning Recruitment Placement & Promotion Mobility Contractual Arrangement Administration of Justice Performance Management Conditions of Service

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Responsibility and responsibility lines characterized Efficiency improved Faster enlistment Mobile, adaptable staff Benefits for Member States

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Managed portability GJPs clear up employment desires and necessities Incentive to learn and create individual abilities and capabilities Elimination of rank in-level prerequisites Improved profession openings Networking in word related systems Benefits for Staff

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Possibility to return from mission benefit at SPA level, if chose for a publicized post at that level Possibility to legitimize an association wide status for those with contracts constrained to a specific authoritative unit More straightforwardness: status of cases accessible on-line Broader point of view/worldwide "having a place" Benefits for Staff (cont'd)

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Practical proposals All staff are required to move occasionally: begin arranging before 1 May 2007 Lateral move: Move to an alternate position at a similar level. The new position might be - in the same or in another office or office, - in the same or in an alternate obligation station, - in the same or in an alternate word related gathering. - in another association of the United Nations normal framework.

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Practical proposals (cont'd) Review summary of opportunities routinely. Apply early in light of the fact that: Lateral move: 15-day-point Promotion: 30-day point All competitors: 60-day point Vacancies will be posted at To get ready for various occupations, look at GJP to perceive what is required Use PAS examination for advancement