New Product Development: Preliminary Patent Research on the USPTO Website

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New Product Development : Preliminary Patent Research on the USPTO Website Suzanne L. Reinman ,MILS Government Information Specialist Oklahoma State University 501 Edmon Low Library (405) 744-6546,

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You have another item, innovation, benefit (or a thought for one) otherwise known as New Venture Creation What are your initial steps?

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Starting a Business Startup: SEARCH to check whether your innovation or item as of now exists and conceivably ensure your thoughts (licensed innovation) Planning (strategy for success) Financing Marketing Employees Taxes Legal angles

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Intellectual Property that can be secured under government law and purchased or sold Patents Trademarks Copyrights Section 8 of Article 1 of the U.S. Constitution: "Congress should have Power To advance the Progress of Science and valuable Arts, by securing for restricted times to Authors and Inventors select Right to their individual Writings and Discoveries"

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Protection versus "down to earth" Intellectual property (security from the government provided on paper) versus Strategy for success , financing, creation, showcasing

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This workshop will: Assist you with a preparatory U.S. patent pursuit through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office site: with an enrolled patent lawyer for an expert pursuit and potential accommodation of a patent application Visit with a Small Business Development Center, and so forth

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Search Patent Literature To check whether an item has as of now been produced For thoughts to enhance existing examination For new ranges of research USPTO ESPACENET : European Patent Office

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Preliminary Patent Research Search at no charge to figure out whether an innovation/look into has as of now been licensed—decrease need to continue through the long, costly patent process. (There are 7,500,000+ U.S. licenses) Even on the off chance that you don't choose to take the course of a patent, despite everything you have to figure out whether your creation is protected by another person before you can deliver and advertise it

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Preliminary Patent Research Just in light of the fact that it's not on the racks at Walmart doesn't mean a thing hasn't been protected or doesn't exist (there are 7,500,000 U.S. licenses) 4% of what is protected enters business as an item or administration Patents are a key wellspring of specialized data excluded in conventional writing looks, and so forth

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Search Using U.S. Arrangements Searching U.S. Orders (470 subject classifications) is basic to a decent preparatory inquiry Keyword looking will yield deficient results (USPTO or somewhere else)

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Google Patents? Google Patents Use to distinguish maybe a couple important licenses Offers catchphrase looking to "1776" versus 1976 (USPTO) FreePatentsOnline**Fine for watchword seeks, yet not top to bottom preparatory research**

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Search U.S. Trademarks To check whether a name or logo for an organization, decent, or administration is being used USPTO

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Preliminary v. Proficient A pursuit done on the USPTO site for U.S. licenses or trademarks is a PRELIMINARY inquiry (does exclude different nations, and so on.) Searching is unpredictable and tedious Before applying for a patent or trademark, contact a patent lawyer to have an expert hunt done (and the application)

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The Patent and Trademark Library at OSU Part of the USPTO's Patent and Trademark Depository Library Program : an across the nation system of 84 libraries set up to spread patent and trademark data and help with preparatory U.S. patent and trademark explore

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The Patent and Trademark Library at OSU Edmon Low Library (405) 744-6546 Call to make an arrangement Have an entire comprehension of how your innovation functions

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Our Resources Trained staff to help you with the preparatory hunt handle Workstations to get to full-content of U.S. licenses and trademarks by means of U.S. Patent and Trademark Office Web webpage Advanced hunt programming from U.S. Patent and Trademark Office

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What is a Patent? (U.S.) Provision in Title 35 of the United States Code (U.S. Law) Must be another and helpful machine, thing of make or piece Must be non-clear , and reproducible by one gifted in the workmanship Patent gives the privilege to prohibit others from making, utilizing, or offering an innovation for a timeframe, however it is freely unveiled Three sorts of licenses : utility , outline , and plant

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What can't be protected? A thought : innovations must be reducible to practice Laws of nature/normally happening articles Scientific standards Methods of working together Exceptions: programming and Internet techniques for working together

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Utility Patents What we consider as a "patent" Protect how the thing WORKS Legal dialect characterizes the real parameters of the assurance Length of security is 20 years from date of document, if upkeep expenses are paid Applications are distributed year and a half in the wake of recording (American Inventors Protection Act AIPA)

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Potential Utility Patents: Chemical organizations : toothpaste Articles of fabricate : tennis ball Machines : bore Processes : "Information stockpiling cluster strategy and framework"

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Stephen McKeever, OSU Physics Dept. Doled out to the OSU Board of Regents Current U.S. Class: 250/459.1; 250/484.5 A bimodal strategy for deciding an obscure assimilated measurement of radiation. An illuminated material is lit up with bright or obvious light and the radiance which is discharged from the material is distinguished. The enlightening light is beat, with heartbeat widths changing from 1 ns to 500 ms. The glow outflow from dosimetric traps is observed after a postpone taking after the end of the brightening beat.

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Design & Plant Patents Design licenses ensure how the thing LOOKS Less extravagant to get, secure for a long time Plant licenses secure an assortment of plant, for example, roses, begonias, and so forth

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Patents Worldwide Most industrialized nations offer innovators insurance as a patent. Guidelines shift from nation to nation If an innovation has been protected in one nation, it can't be licensed in another: it has as of now been licensed "on the planet" There are worldwide bargains that permit U.S. designers to get patent security in different nations on the off chance that they make certain required strides (See WIPO,

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Foreign Patents Search outside licenses by means of the European Union site utilizing the worldwide characterization found on a U.S. patent Coverage shifts by nation Not a total pursuit

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Search Worldwide Patents: Espacenet by means of European Patent Office *

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Do you require a patent? Licenses : Are a bureaucratic, entangled wander Are costly: normal cost $8,000-$15,000 and up (U.S.) Need help from a patent lawyer to be effective Take a while to issue: from the date of documenting, 1.5 to 2 years

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Do you require a patent? Licenses : Are a bureaucratic, entangled wander Are costly: normal cost $8,000-$15,000 and up (U.S.) Need help from a patent lawyer to be effective Take a while to issue: from the date of documenting, 1.5 to 2 years

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What is a Federally Registered Trademark? Arrangement in Title 15 of the United States Code Word, name, image or gadget that recognizes the great/administrations of one substance from products/administrations of another in interstate business Owners of imprints may look for government enlistment on account of procedural and legitimate focal points over state and custom-based law trademark insurance (a state trademark secures you in that state just) Protection is inconclusive, if charges are paid ® image is for an enrolled check. "Tm" and "Sm" show a pending or unregistered Good and Service.

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Copyright Provision in Title 17 of the United States Code Protection for innovative expression, not the actualities Automatic assurance is given to printed works, programming, fine art, photograph, video, programming and for all intents and purposes everything on the Internet, once "settled in any unmistakable medium of expression" however enroll for more insurance ($45 charge) Duration of security runs the life of the creator, in addition to 70 years See the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress

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Trade Secrets Patents are distributed, and in the long run security runs out If something is so crucial to an organization's business that they don't need any other individual ever to have the capacity to utilize it, they keep it as a prized formula and don't uncover it Examples: the recipe for Coca-Cola

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USPTO Website data about licenses and the patent procedure Search issued and pending licenses How to apply for a patent Fees and installments (see Patent Assistance Center). (The fundamental recording expense for an utility patent is $500.) File and check status (lawyers) See additionally Nolo Press' title: Patent It Yourself , accessible at the Library or by means of

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Searching U.S. Licenses on the USPTO Site The total pictures of all licenses (back to 1790) are accessible online ONLY if looking by class/subclass . Seeking by watchword will ONLY recover licenses back to 1976 (additionally creator, chosen one, and so forth.) Site is upgraded day by day The full-content of a patent will incorporate "drawings" or "pictures." USPTO requires that the AlternaTiff module be introduced to see drawings (TIFF arrange)

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U.S. furthermore, International Classification Systems U.S. what's more, a universal characterization frameworks order licenses by innovation bunches