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NEW HAMPSHIRE Public Deposit Investment Pool Hampton Trustees of the Trust Funds Trustee Presentation June 18, 2007 Warren J. Mackensen, Bookkeeper

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New Hampshire Public Deposit Investment Pool RSA 383:22-24, August 9, 1991 Participants include: State of NH Agencies Authorities Commissions Boards Political Subdivisions (Cities and Towns)

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Purpose of the NH PDIP Safely contribute assets of the Participants Increase effectiveness of reserve organization Security of assets

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Investment Strategy Safety Not subject to exorbitant credit hazard Not subject to development chance Daily liquidity Competitive rates of return, predictable with the brief speculation of open assets

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Oversight of the NH PDIP NH State Advisory Committee NH Bank Commissioner NH State Treasurer 7 selected individuals Independent Auditor PriceWaterhouse Coopers

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Custodian & Administrator Custodian Bank of America Segregated record Administrator MBIA Municipal Investors Service Corp. 113 King Street Armonk, NY 10504

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NH PDIP Flow of Funds NH Public Deposit Investment Pool Cemetery Burial Sports Library Capital Reserves Others ACH Transfers New Monies From Town Hampton Trustees Checking Account Two Signatures Required Library Sports Cemetery Capital Reserves

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Benefits of NH PDIP State insurance of all monies Competitive every day rates Regular month to month explanations Online access to all records Fund parities Interest postings Easy exchanges of monies from trust finances or top hold assets to NH PDIP

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Administrative Improvements Elimination of 16 CD booklets Elimination of most treks to the bank to post premium pay Elimination of interior exchanges from CD records to Savings Accounts (2) Elimination of clerk checks at bank

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Sports Fund Example After June 30 th, Bookkeeper goes online to see enthusiasm for last 12 mos. Partition by 2 (1/2 premium is reinvested) Use PDIP "Customer Connection" to exchange cash from Sports PDIP record to Trustees' financial records (Automated Clearinghouse House exchange) Trustee with checkbook composes check Bookkeeper & one other trustee sign check Rec. Dept. gives voucher to Bookkeeper Check is sent to Town Finance Mgr. for Rec. Dept.

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Participation in NH PDIP Trustees vote required to change to NH PDIP Sign Investment Management & Custodial Agreement Open Trustees' financial records Deposit CDs into Trustees' financial records (each one in turn – to abstain from intermixing) Transfer cash from Trustees' financial records to NH PDIP sub-account inside PDIP Verify 100% conveyance of all assets to sub-accounts

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Verification of Fund Transfers After CDs saved and exchanged Review account explanations from NH PDIP Compare with resigned CD booklets Provide account articulations and CD booklets to Town of Hampton examiners Henceforth, utilize NH PDIP proclamations

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NH PDIP Costs NH PDIP charge is computed as a rate of day by day normal adjusts under administration Fees are deducted before rates of return are posted and day by day profit figured No exchange expenses or different various charges for review, valuation or bookkeeping

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Timing of Transfers Trustees favor idea of utilizing PDIP Sign printed material to open PDIP account Sign printed material to open neighborhood financial records Transfer assets to new financial records Transfer stores from checking to PDIP

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Thank You Prepared by Warren J. Mackensen, CFP Trustee of the Trust Funds Bookkeeper