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NEW FOR 2008 Partners in Community Navigation

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The Partnership Continues

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Partners History 2005 CAP program 2006 – Office for Learning &Technology and accomplices prepared and put 10 available PCs in Elder's homes 2006-2008 – Footprints to Technology & Employ-Ability 12 week pre-work program for grown-ups with handicaps on and off save; more than 130 served

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Community Navigator, new 2008 For Aboriginals with Disabilities on Reserve Community Navigators - Recruit and prepare Aboriginal Peers and Elders to give Peer Support Help interface Aboriginals on Reserve with group and Band administrations

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Community Navigators – Year 1 Establish Community Advisory Committee command Develop foundation, preparing and showcasing materials Train Community Navigators (3 – 5 for each session)

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Advisory Committee

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OTDC, Karen Abramsen, Executive Director Sandy Rodgers, Contract Manager MHSD Laura Hockman, Executive Director VDRC Bill King, BCANDS Audrey Baron, Coordinator, THEO BC Linnette Farmer, PDCRS Arlene Pilgram BCPA Greg Gabriel, Band Mgr, PIB Greg Pyc, National Operations Manger, Neil Squire Society Terry Terbasket, Program Coordinator, Footprints Mindy Rollins, Program Manager, Footprints Chad Leaman, Distance Ed. Organizer Neil Squire Society Advisory Committee & Staff

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Year 1 Serve 20 Aboriginals with Disabilities on the Penticton Indian Band (PIB) Liaison with group associations and PIB's Social Development Office Survey comes about and grow best practices

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Community Navigators – Year 2 Begin scaling project to connect with different groups in the Okanagan range Increase the quantity of Community Navigators in different groups Serve an extra 40 Aboriginals with Disabilities all through the Okanagan

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Community Navigators – Year 3 Engage all groups in the Okanagan Nation Alliance Ensure there are Community Navigators in all groups Serve an extra 50 Aboriginals with Disabilities all through the Okanagan

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Tracking and Reporting Navigator Hours & Outcomes Client Hours & Outcomes Incoming Call Tracking Community Advisory Minutes Contact with the Community Who, Where, Why, What Services they give, and so forth

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Neil Squire Society & Penticton Indian Band Thank you for your time and furnishing chances to individuals with handicaps