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New Employee Orientation Office of Human Resources University of Maryland University College Regular Status Employees and 12 Month Collegiate Faculty

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OHR Benefits Information Morvena Bourne – Benefits Specialist Rashel Byrd – Interim Assistant Director Benefits/HROD Consultant _______________________________________ Email Address - Office of Human Resources University Center Suite 312 Phone: 240-684-5559 Fax: 240-684-5585 Website: Inter-Office Mail: UC 312

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Transcript Request If relevant Official transcript must be submitted inside 30 days of your work date Have your fixed transcript sent straightforwardly to: Office of Human Resources 3501 University Blvd. East University Center Suite 312 Adelphi, MD 20783 (240) 684-5589

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Direct Deposit Mandatory for all state representatives May specifically store reserves into any standard financial records at one managing an account establishment Eligible for participation with the State Employee's Credit Union (SECU) - (May set up a finance derivation to have stores exchange to SECU account. Just occurrence where you can have stores going to more than one managing an account establishment.) If you have any inquiries with respect to Direct Deposit contact or call 240-684-5552. (Permit APPROXIMATELY 2 PAY PERIODS FOR PROCESSING)

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Leave Accruals *** You can just extend 50 days (400 hrs) of unused yearly leave to the following logbook year. *** There is no restriction to the measure of wiped out leave that might be collected. *** Non-Exempt Regular status workers can't utilize yearly leave amid their six month trial period. *** Exempt and 12 Month Faculty status workers have a one year probation period, however it doesn't influence the capacity to utilize take off. *15 Holidays amid a decision year

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Tuition Remission Employees get up to 8 credits for every semester May go to any of the USM organizations Semesters incorporate Spring, Summer and Fall Spouse/Dependents of Regular and 12 Month Faculty representatives are qualified for reduction towards their first college degree after the worker has labored for a long time 100% obviously stack at UMUC per semester half of aggregate course stack per semester at other USM establishments Spouse/Dependents can go to other USM foundation just if major is not offered at UMUC. Educational cost is not subject to tax assessment for representatives enlisted in graduate-level coursework, except for any amounts exceeding $5,250 per timetable year . For life partners and wards taking graduate-level coursework, the employee is subject to taxation  for the whole amount.  If you surpass the IRS assessable breaking point, or your mate or ward takes graduate courses, you will be in charge of any material expenses.

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Spouse/Dependent Scholarship UMUC is putting forth constrained grants to help take care of the expense of one undergrad or graduate-level coursework per semester for companions and ward offspring of qualified representatives. Non-absolved and Exempt No holding up period Visit the connection underneath to get the essential structures and extra data

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Retirement Enrolling in a retirement plan is obligatory for non-excluded and excluded general status representatives and 12 Month Faculty Non-excluded workers must enlist in the Employees Pension System with the Maryland State Retirement Agency Exempt normal workers must pick between the Employee Pension System and the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) 12 Month Faculty must pick between the Teacher's Pension System and the Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) You should have your determination and finished enlistment shapes prepared for submittal on your first day so as to be set on finance

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Retirement MSRPS – Employees Modified Pension System Mandatory cooperation for standard non-absolved representatives; Optional for consistent absolved workers and 12 Month Faculty Mandatory 7% worker commitment 10 year vesting period (time allotment required to get state commitment) MSRPS deals with the advantages of the annuity trust for all members Full medical advantages appropriation following 25 years of noteworthy administration for representative and qualified wards (master appraised following 10 years respectable administration, for instance 12 years of administration customized at 12/25 of wellbeing sponsorship) Eligible for retirement at age 65 with 10 years qualified administration or Rule of 90 (age in addition to qualified administration must equivalent 90) Retirement Counselor at (410)- 625-5555 or 1-800-492-5909

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Retirement (cont'd) Optional Retirement Plan (ORP) – Available just to Regular Exempt Employees and 12 Month Faculty No Employee Contribution No vesting period State Contributes 7.25% of pay to arrange of worker's decision Contributions made more than 20 payroll interval Employee chooses a seller and decides the venture distributions Full medical advantages endowment for worker following 25 years of state administration, must have 25 years to get sponsorship for wards

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ORP Retirement Plan Websites Optional Retirement Plan merchant destinations: TIAA-CREF FIDELITY INVESTMENTS

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Retirement – Factors to Consider If you select the Optional Retirement Plan that is a permanent choice, you can not later change to the Pension System. Excluded Status and 12 Month Collegiate Faculty Members that select the Pension System may change to the Optional Retirement Plan inside one year from your date of qualification date (Hire Date or Transfer Date) If you change from the Pension System to the Optional Retirement Plan this may bring about an adjustment in qualification for the State medical advantages plan and endowment at the season of retirement Time spent in one arrangement does not tally towards qualified years of administration in the other arrangement

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Supplemental Retirement Annuity Employee contribute indicated dollar sum per payroll interval May enlist whenever Enrollment bundle is separate from Optional Retirement Plan Employee oversees how assets are contributed Vendors are TIAA-Cref Fidelity Investments Maryland Supplemental Retirement Plans

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Health Benefits Enrollment Benefits Enrollment Time Limit You have 60 days from your contract date to enlist in advantages Eligible as of your contract date Effective date either the 1 st or 16 th of the month You will be told through email of your powerful date A retro-dynamic acclimation to cover premiums preceding authority viable date can be prepared at your demand Bi-week after week finance conclusions * Forms can be sent by means of official mail to the Benefits Unit at UC 312.

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Health Benefits

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Health Benefits All restorative arrangements incorporate vision benefits Mental wellbeing and substance manhandle scope PPO and POS arrange individuals oversaw by APS Healthcare Inc. EPO arrange individuals oversaw by wellbeing arrangement seller.

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Prescription Benefits Catalyst RX Prescription Benefits Separate from Medical Insurance Covers cost of endorsed professionally prescribed medications subject to ostensible co-pays Co-Pays (1-45 Days) $10.00 Generic Drugs $25.00 Preferred Brand Name Drugs $40.00 Non-Preferred Brand Name Drugs

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MetLife Term Life Insurance Minimum Policy accessible $10,000 Coverage in augmentations of $10,000 $50,000 scope no restorative survey required Maximum scope $300,000 Enroll as new contract or amid open enlistment Dependent Life – $5,000 increases, up to half of workers scope, worst case scenario. $150,000 Portable Accelerated advantage – half of the face esteem Must finish an assignment of recipient shape Unum Term Life Insurance Minimum Policy accessible $10,000 Coverage in augmentations of $10,000 $50,000 scope no restorative survey required Maximum of 6x your compensation or $750,000 Enroll at whatever time with medicinal audit Dependent Life - $10,000 increases, up to 100% representative sum or $150,000, up to $20,000 without therapeutic survey Portable Accelerated advantage – half to $750,000 Survivor bolster monetary advising administrations managed through AYCO Must finish an assignment of recipient frame Life Insurance Main Enrollment Form End of Health Benefits Packet

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Accidental Death/Dismemberment AD & D Administered through MetLife Provides an advantage in case of coincidental demise or dismantling for worker as well as family Available in additions of $100,000, $200,000 or $300,000 Must finish an assignment of recipient frame

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Long Term Disability & Long Term Care Long Term Disability Administered through Unum An Income Protection Program Maximum Income Benefit equivalent to 60% of worker's pay up to $8,000 every month Must pick 90 or 365 disposal period Enrollment shapes situated at end of Health Benefits Packet Long Term Care Administered through Prudential Insurance that spreads costs of care got either at home or in an office when help with exercises of day by day living is required Available to the representative and mate, guardians, kin, grown-up, youngsters, in-laws and grandparents To join please ask for enlistment frames

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Flex Spending Flexible Spending Accounts Administered through ConnectYourCare Health Care Reimbursement Account or Day Care Reimbursement Account Redirects some portion of worker pay before Federal Income or Social Security Taxes are registered Allows for installment of human services costs with tax exempt cash Website:

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Flex Spending

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Weather & Emergency Updates In the occasion the University needs to close because of severe climate or other crisis circumstances call: 301-985-SNOW (7669) or visit for updates and status

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Contact Information