New bearings for the carrier business

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Extensive residential business sector. Intercontinental flights. Interlining/code ... existing/little residential business sector. Corner intercontinental flights. Interlining/code sharing ...

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´╗┐New headings for the aircraft business Robert Kuijpers Former Executive Chairman of SN Brussels Airlines

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Background to Airline industry Not all fate & agony In Europe: +/ - 11 million seats for each week 25% are no nonsense Load factors: Europe 65% USA 85% Asia 80% 8 million travelers for every week Underlying development of customary transporters: 4%

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The universal market Four sorts of players: Mega Network Non-Network Pure Leisure Non-Network

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Mega Network Carriers Large residential market Intercontinental flights Interlining/code sharing Alliance part Many essential/auxiliary feeder markets Multi-class item Complex income administration framework (exorbitant)

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Network bearers Non-existing/little household advertise Niche intercontinental flights Interlining/code sharing Most transporters join a cooperation Some nourishing Multi-class item Complex income administration framework

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Non-Network bearers Some local Simple income administration framework Point-to-point Ancillary income is basic Aggressive valuing/cost center Primary air terminals (aside from Ryanair)

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Pure Leisure Non-Network bearers Some intercontinental Simple income administration framework Point-to-point Set-just item Aggressive estimating/cost center Primary airplane terminals

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Challenges (1) European edge: 0,6% first benefit in 6 years (bearers with whole deal) Decline in premium travelers in Europe: +/ - 13%

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Challenges (2) No Frill carriers Point-to-point: Exclusive conventional transporters: 1850 associations Exclusive No-ruffle transporters: 700 associations In direct rivalry: 300 associations Example: BRU-BCN - 60.000 CRL-GRO +150.000

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Challenges (4) Middle East bearers: Emirates: 74+93 (45 A380) Quatar: 23+25 (2 A380) Ethiad: 8+31 (4 A380)

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Everyone profits EXCEPT carriers! Return on Capital Employed:

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Conclusions The avionics business is portioning, territorial focuses are being served indicate point Traditional carriers are lessening costs, accordingly utilizing certain parts of the plan of action of low toll aircrafts < e-ticketing - conveyance - e-trade > additionally business class, full admission economy, best get, one way passages and auxiliary income.

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Recommendations Direct contact between tourism sheets, PCO,s and tradition focuses with the carrier will turn out to be increasingly vital A present day aircraft can foresee its loadfactor 12 months out, travelers for an occasion are perfect for the aircraft if the figure is low Convention focuses can utilize this to draw in an occasion , the occasion organisors can get more orderlies.