Neighborhood Renewal Conference Working Together, Improving Lives

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Neighborhood Renewal Conference Working Together, Improving Lives

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The Economy, Government Finances, and the Private Sector John Hunter

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Program FOR GOVERNMENT Neighborhood Renewal Conference 21st November 2007, Hilton Hotel Templepatrick Tom Reid Program For Government Unit OFMDFM

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What is the Program for Government? A declaration An agreement A corporate Plan It sets out the Executive's key needs It does not set out in detail every one of the projects and arrangements which divisions will seek after over the PfG period

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Program for Government Priorities Five key and between ward needs: 1. Grow a dynamic, inventive economy 2. Advance resistance, consideration, wellbeing and prosperity 3. Ensure and upgrade our surroundings and normal assets 4. Contribute to fabricate our foundation 5. Convey advanced, high caliber and proficient open administrations

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Growing the economy is the Executive's top need " Sustainable monetary development and expanded success will give the open doors and intends to upgrade personal satisfaction , diminish destitution and inconvenience , increment riches, wellbeing and prosperity and assemble more grounded, more practical and engaged groups "

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Key issues for Neighborhood Renewal Grow a Dynamic, Innovative Economy Supporting development in generously compensated gifted, occupations Increasing abilities of the work-constrain Addressing financial latency and sick wellbeing Promoting work openings in burdened regions

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Key issues for Neighborhood Renewal Promote Tolerance, Inclusion and Health and Well-being Regenerating urban and rustic zones Building people group limit and initiative Removing the hindrances to work and autonomous living for the most defenseless and distraught Addressing noteworthy imbalances in wellbeing and instructive results Addressing divisions inside our general public

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Key issues for Neighborhood Renewal Invest to Build Our Infrastructure: Building up framework crosswise over Northern Ireland to advance financial development, social advance and ecological insurance Investing £1.4bn in social and moderate lodging, and £500m on recovering impeded ranges and groups Deliver Modern High Quality and Efficient Public Services: Bringing government nearer to individuals Ensuring open administrations are available, responsible and receptive to the requirements of people, nearby groups and organizations

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PfG and Neighborhood Renewal: Similar Approaches Strategic and cross-cutting Long-term, signed up reaction to key difficulties Cannot convey social advance, without monetary development and natural assurance Government can't do only it, everybody has a section to play.

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PfG and Neighborhood Renewal: Similar Approaches

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Program for Government: Next Steps 10 week meeting closes on 4 th January 2008 Executive intend to concur and distribute last PfG, Budget and Investment Strategy towards end of January 2008 Delivery of PfG, Budget and Investment Strategy from 1 April 2008

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Neighborhood Renewal Conference Working Together, Improving Lives

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COLIN Neighborhood PARTNERSHIP Nigel Kinnaird

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The Colin Neighborhood Background A range with a populace of 28,000 Essentially 4 critical lodging advancements Peripheral to Belfast and Lisburn Cities High levels of hardship Twinbrook & Colin Glen Wards in main 3% most burdened territories. Poor people group framework

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STATISTICS Population approx. 28,000 40% under 16 years 30% solitary parent families 42% of Lisburn's unemployed in Colin 49% long haul unemployed

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STATISTICS 52% monetarily dormant 30% of 16-19 year olds have no capabilities 6% degree level or higher capability

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Concerns Funding Community Apathy Community Representation Board Representation

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Some Excellent Initiatives Colin Glen Trust Colin Care Footprints Women's Center Good Morning Colin/over 50's gathering Colin Counseling Project Lagan Valley Educational Project 6 energetic subgroups - Health for All, Education, Youth, Economic Regeneration, Environment & Sport, Community Safety

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what number organizations utilize more than 50 individuals in the Colin range? 0

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COLIN CARE Social Economy Project Established August 2005 Domiciliary Care Provider Currently utilizing 20 individuals

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Forecast – 112% expansion at end of 2 nd year

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SALARIES £ 118,079.72 Salaries created first year

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SALARIES £ 125,650.10 Salaries produced in 7 months of second year Forecast - 83% expansion at end of second year

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Neighborhood Renewal Conference Working Together, Improving Lives

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DEL & Neighborhood Renewal Presented by David McAuley

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OUTLINE Background to DEL Common Emerging Themes from Action Plans Relating to DEL's Response

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Background to DEL The Department's Aim " To advance learning and aptitudes, to get ready individuals for work and to bolster the economy"

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Background to DEL The Department's Objectives To advance financial, social and self-awareness through great learning, research and abilities preparing To individuals into work and advance great business rehearses

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Background to DEL Key Departmental Themes Promoting Learning Preparing People for Work Supporting Businesses and Economic Development

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Background to DEL What Does DEL Do? Gives professions and direction administrations Delivers European subsidizing Provides business administrations Oversees work law and business relations

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Background to DEL But What Does DEL Actually Do? Gives vital bearing and financing to further and advanced education and grown-up learning Encourages and finances professional preparing and segment preparing activities Funds understudy support and postgraduate honors

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Background to DEL Current Issues Draft Budget and Program for Government Corporate Plan 2008-11

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THEMES FROM ACTION PLANS Barriers to Employment - Lack of vital aptitudes - Low yearnings - Availability of good, moderate childcare - Training and improvement openings

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DEL RESPONSE Essential Skills Role of FE Colleges Pilot Exercise on Essential Skills screening

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DEL RESPONSE Low Aspirations Careers Service Local Employment Intermediary Service (LEMIS) Response custom fitted to individual needs - Progress2Work Vocational Enhancement Program Steps to Work Pathways to Work

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DEL RESPONSE Childcare DE in charge of early years arrangement DHSSPS the administrative power Childcare Allowances

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DEL RESPONSE Training and Development Opportunities Training for Success Bridge to Employment Pathways to Work for Lone Parents

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DEL RESPONSE Contact Point Local Job Centers and Jobs and Benefits Offices

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Neighborhood Renewal Conference Working Together, Improving Lives

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South Eastern Regional College David Smith Director of Economic Engagement

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Bangor SERC is an individual from Kilcooley Neighborhood Renewal Partnership Committee Committed to activities inside the Kilcooley Neighborhood Partnership Action Plan 2005-10

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KEY THEMES – Social Renewal 8.1 Delivering people group instruction programs 10.7 Programs particularly for men inside Kilcooley Proposed advancement of another Learning Resource Center based at 2 Kilcooley Square (15 Computers DSD Funded )

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Economic Renewal 12.1 Developing business openings (preparing for nearby ladies) SERC in Partnership with KWEG - 250 Learning Places accessible Interactive Whiteboard and Audio Headsets provided by DSD 12.2 Increased Local work 12.5 Increased preparing for the social economy 12.6 Increased work inside the territory for those more than 25 years old

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Examples of Accredited Courses Offered in Kilcooley Women's Education Center City and Guilds Certificate in Adult Literacy & Numeracy Certificate in Paralegal Studies Audio Typing Certificate in Computerized Payroll GCSE English ECDL OCR Text Processing CLAIT

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Downpatrick NR Action Plan 2007-10 Flying Horse, Model Farm & New Model Farm homes & Enumeration Districts in Cathedral & Audley's Acre An individual from College staff is on the NRP Committee

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Actions – Economic Renewal Personal abilities advancement program Essential abilities Workforce Development Forum to understandable boss needs at neighborhood level Contributes to different activities however not as the lead accomplice. Different arrangements influencing NRA - Enterprise & Business Start (Down Council, Down Business Center & SERC) Down 2U extend – Personal Development Program

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Neighborhood Renewal Conference Working Together, Improving Lives

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Unlocking the Potential of Local Communities – Department of Education Dr Robson Davison

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Neighborhood Renewal Conference Working Together, Improving Lives

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Jonny Smith Belfast Boy's Model School

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Belfast Model Schools Full Service Schools

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What is a Full Service Extended School? 'one that gives a scope of administrations and exercises, amid and past the school day, to address the issues of its students, their families and the more extensive group.'

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Children and Young Peoples Funding Package "The 10 year Children's Strategy" Being Healthy Enjoying, Learning and Achieving Living in Safety and with Stability Experiencing Economic and Environmental Well Being Contributing Positively to Community and Society 1.8 FULL SERVICE SCHOOL DEMONSTRATION PROJECT A Pilot Project;