Neighborhood Community Food Systems

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What is a sustenance framework?. Nourishment framework

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Nearby (Community) Food Systems Key ideas: Food frameworks Food security Proximity Food miles Self-dependence Seasonal sustenances

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What is a nourishment framework? Nourishment framework – all procedures – developing, collecting, handling, _________________, showcasing, devouring – that keep us encouraged.

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Why neighborhood? A nourishment framework that coordinated procedures to upgrade the natural, monetary, social, and ______________ strength of a neighborhood. Point is to improve the manageability of a group Short-term point is to have fresher create

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What recognizes neighborhood from globalized sustenance frameworks? Four components: Food security ____________ Self-dependence Sustainability

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What is sustenance security? Nourishment access inside a group Goal is to enhance access for all group individuals to satisfactory, _________________, nutritious sustenances Especially valid for low pay individuals

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Proximity – separate between different ________________ of the sustenance framework Food miles – remove nourishment ______________ from where it is developed to where it is devoured Source of wax beans and red cabbage at Chicago Terminal Market ______________________________ Crop Dates Source ______________________________ Red cabbage 6/21-23 Georgia Illinois Michigan … .. Wax beans 8/15-19 Ontario Georgia Tenn Wisc Proximity – Food miles

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What is a terminal market? Terminal Market – A focal site, regularly in a metropolitan territory, that fills in as a ___________ and exchanging place for vegetables. Illustrations: South Water Market St. Louis Produce Market Agricultural Marketing Service distributes day by day showcase costs and source

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Proximity – Food miles Most deliver (70%) travels through basic supply chain USDA does not track Examples of sustenance miles Local Conventional ___________________________________ Broccoli 20 1,846 Garlic 31 1,811 Peppers 44 1,589 Tomato 60 1,569

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Self-Reliance Self-dependence – how much a ___________ meets its nourishment needs. Why confidence?

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Self-Reliance Why independence? Ration assets Job openings Keep cash in group Increase _________ support

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Sustainable Food System What is reasonable? Is a framework depending less on ___________ (vitality) assets more feasible? How would we vision our future?

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Components of a Local Food System Farmers' business sectors Community bolstered agribusiness (CSA) – gathering of buyers purchase ____________ of a reap before product planted U-pick – shopper collects the harvest Community gardens

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Your activities can bolster neighborhood nourishment frameworks Choose an eating routine rich in __________ developed sustenances Seasonal sustenances Ask where vegetables originate from Food administrations Grocery stores Restaurants Shop at ____________ markets or nourishment centers Join a CSA Where are tomatoes utilized by the University sustenance benefit developed?

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Seasonal sustenances: Eating vegetables in season Vegetables have set developing seasons and times when they ____________ Not each vegetable will be accessible from nearby agriculturists all year Eating privately developed vegetables in season: __________ assets utilized and ecological harm Ensures freshness You can attempt new veggies

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Seasonal nourishments: Eating vegetables in season

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Seasonal sustenances: Eating vegetables in season Illinois crisp vegetable season April Asparagus _____________ Peas July Peppers Sweet corn Tomatoes October Cabbage _____________ Winter squash