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3 Negative Yes/No Questions and Tag Questions This Isn't Dangerous, Is It? Concentrate on Grammar 4 Part III, Unit 7 By Ruth Luman, Gabriele Steiner, and BJ Wells Copyright © 2006. Pearson Education, Inc. All rights held.

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"This isn't unsafe, is it?" You haven't done this some time recently, have you ? These parachutes work, don't they ? Isn't this good times? We won't get hurt, will we ?

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Use negative yes/no inquiries and label inquiries to: check data you accept to be valid OR remark on a circumstance. Isn't the view incredible? Don't I pull the blue rope? I pull the blue string, don't I ? In both sentences the speaker trusts that he ought to pull the blue string and needs to check this data. In both sentences the speaker is remarking on the view. The view is incredible, isn't it ?

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Negative Yes/No Questions Like agreed yes/no inquiries, negative yes/no inquiries start with a type of be or an assistant verb ,, for example, have , do , will , can , or ought to . Wouldn't you be able to swim elsewhere? Haven't you eaten yet? Didn't you see the shark cautioning sign? Aren't sharks vegans?

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Tag Questions 1 Form label questions with explanation + tag . The announcement communicates a suspicion. The label implies Right? On the other hand Isn't that valid? Label It's far down, would it say it isn't? Label I went the wrong way, isn't that right? Explanation Statement

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Tag Questions 2 If the announcement verb is positive, the label verb is negative. On the off chance that the announcement verb is negative, the label verb is positive. Certifiable Negative You won't talk for a really long time, will you? This rope will hold me, won't it? Negative Affirmative

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Tag Questions 3 Form the tag with a type of be or an assistant verb, for example, have , do , will , can , or ought to . Utilize a similar helper that is in the announcement. He has done this some time recently, hasn't he? He isn't kidding, is he ? You purchased extra security, isn't that right?

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Be Careful! In the tag, just utilize pronouns. At the point when the subject of the announcement is that , the subject of the tag is it . Tom isn't getting a charge out of this, is Tom ? he ? That wasn't my parachute, was it ?

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Complete the label questions with the right tag. Rehearse 1 Example: You can swim, … right? is it true that it isn't? This is sufficiently high, … The rope won't break, … We don't have enough nourishment, … He didn't bring the head protectors, … She hasn't given us the right parachutes, … We ought to check the guide, … Our guide, Bob, does this constantly, … will it? isn't that right? isn't that right? has she? shouldn't we? isn't that right?

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Intonation 1 Use label addresses in discussions when you anticipate that the other individual will concur with you. In this kind of label question, the voice falls on the tag. You're correct. I didn't wear a safety belt. That damages, isn't that right? You didn't wear a safety belt, isn't that right? This sort of label question is more similar to an announcement than a question. The audience can simply gesture or say uh-huh to demonstrate that he or she is listening and concurs. The speaker is checking data he accepts is right. He anticipates that the audience will reply (and concur). Uh-huh.

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Intonation 2 Tag inquiries can be utilized to get data . This sort of label question is more similar to a yes/no question. Like a yes/no question, the voice ascends toward the end, and you generally find a solution. This isn't risky, is it? That is the thing that they let us know in the skydiving class. The speaker needs to affirm his data since he is not certain it is right. All things considered, in some cases there are sharks. This parachute will open before we arrive, won't it?

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Answers Answer negative yes/no inquiries and label addresses a similar way you answer positive yes/no inquiries. The answer is no , if the data is not right. There's a healing facility adjacent, right? No, it doesn't. Yes, there is. The answer is yes , if the data is right. Doesn't your parachute work?

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Example: 1. 2. Compose exchanges for every photo utilizing label inquiries or negative yes/no inquiries, and answers for every photo. Hone 2 Eels don't chomp, isn't that right? No, we don't. We simply get a kick out of the chance to embrace.

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References Copyright © 2006 Pearson Education and its licensors. All rights saved.