Natural life Tourism Meeting

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Natural life Tourism Meeting. Presentation. The new marking methodology Understanding our clients Freedom of Scotland Key Priorities Next Steps. The Brand Promise. Sensational. Persevering. World popular symbols “This nation inhales history”. Solid, rich symbolism

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Natural life Tourism Meeting

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Introduction The new marking approach Understanding our clients Freedom of Scotland Key Priorities Next Steps

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The Brand Promise Dramatic Enduring World acclaimed symbols "This nation inhales history" Strong, rich symbolism "The scene is truly lovely. It is extremely bright and it gives you the space to utilize your creative ability" Human Respected and appreciated individuals " I don't know any individual who is pitiful about being Scottish. I think one about the reasons why is on the grounds that it's a place to encounter" Combined = interesting background

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Know our Brand Core qualities (or practices) distinguished Integrity Pride Proficiency Innovation

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Live it. Visit Scotland. New faculties battle propelled Spring 2002 Will be produced for 2003 About EXPERIENCING a visit to Scotland

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Spring Campaign 2002 "Live it. Visit Scotland".

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Understanding our Customers More perceiving More requesting Take shorter occasions, a greater amount of them Looking for encounters Have more discretionary cashflow Willing to travel

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Understanding our Customers UK inquire about recognized 8 Groups Adventurous Planners (13.8%/age 66) Familiar Planners (13.5%/age 64) Independents (14.2%/age 37-41) Families High Tech (19.3%/age 42) Wild Timers (17.1%/age 26) Budget Breakers (12%/age 39) Families Low Tech (7%/age 42) Take Its (3%/age 43)

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Understanding our Customer Identified settlement inclinations Know their regular inclinations Know their favored exercises Know their media use Know how they assemble data and book

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Product Portfolio

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Portfolio Fit FREEDOM Unique natural life Fantastic visiting openings Rich and assorted Cultural offering Modern, dynamic urban communities Potential to end up a world player in the Outdoor Activities advertise CITIES/CULTURE ACTIVE

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FREEDOM OF SCOTLAND Defining the brand An alternate action each day Watching untamed life Going for a short walk Visiting notable locales Going shopping Visiting gardens Food and drink Anyone who comes to Scotland and doesn't concentrate on a solitary action

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Key Priorities for 2003 keep on building a solid brand for Scottish tourism and a streamlined item portfolio keep on making it less demanding for buyers to discover and purchase what they need through new Information and Booking Center (call 0845 22 55 121) and new site bolster enhanced quality and imaginative item improvement on the ground manufacture a higher status for the business by and large support more noteworthy direct get to

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Product Development Develop administrators sanction Wildlife administrators Country interests Gap examination of what distinctive markets require visiting natural life watching equalization shopper prerequisites with ecological issues Working with SNH to increase European accreditation for our National Parks

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Product Development Analyze and convey best practice from fundamental contenders France, USA, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand Developing different items Looking at Total Quality Destination Development plot Wide scope of private division - not customary tourism Includes foundation, data and booking, convenience and experience on vacation Tourism is everybody's business Key learnings will be taken off

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Main Attraction which impacted choice to visit Scotland 1. Landscape/rough scenery 47% 2. History/authentic sites 22% 3. To visit a specific area 20% 4. Castles 20% 5. Just needed to see Scotland 14% 6. Edinburgh 14% 7. Mountains/hills 13% 8. Interesting history/culture 11% 9. Lochs/Rivers 10% 10. Nature/Wildlife 13% Source : TAS 2001

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Importance of Wildlife Tourism to Scotland Expenditure - £73.6m third after Golf and Walking Number of Trips - 287,000 second subsequent to strolling Share - 31% of UK market for Wildlife-related tourism Regionally essential Moray Firth Dolphins - £750k Mull Marine Wildlife - £650k

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Between 1997 & 2001 Wildlife Tourism Boat Trips Businesses Jobs Growth of Wildlife Tourism in Scotland 37% 78% 79% 125% (A&M, 2002)

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Partnerships Work with little administrators, especially untamed life administrators Work with associates crosswise over ATB organize, especially AILLST Work with key suppliers/offices SNH Forest Enterprise RSPB Scottish Wildlife Trust National Trust for Scotland John Muir Trust Tourism and Environment Forum

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Raise mindfulness Wealth of encounters in conservative range New natural life pamphlet being created Spark enthusiasm for seeing untamed life in Scotland Give believability that assortment of untamed life can be seen New untamed life guide being delivered Highlighting key regions for survey natural life and when best to see it

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Encourage Visits This year and rehash visits one year from now New untamed life segment on the site being produced Specific data from natural life administrators, including offers for visits

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Promotion £3m battle going through Jan, Feb and March Key strand will be Freedom of Scotland and natural life Full preparing for contact focus and TIC staff Opportunities for ATB individuals to publicize with TICs Sponsorship opportunity with real production being examined