Natural Education in TVET

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Natural Education in TVET Presented by: ELMER K. TALAVERA. Official Director, TESDA-NITVET

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What is TESDA? Our dedication to Environmental Protection

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EDUCATION COMMISSION In 1990, Congress passed Joint Resolution No.2 making the Education Commission. The EDCOM was co-led by Senator Edgardo Angara in the Senate and Congressman Carlos Padilla in the House The principle target of EDCOM was to ponder the condition of Philippine instruction FINDINGS : Education was under financed Education was bungled There was a confuse between industry needs and supply of prepared labor

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EDCOM RECOMMENDATIONS Trifocalization of the administration of the three levels of training, to be specific: Basic Education -DECS Post-Secondary Non-Degree -TESDA (center level labor) Higher Education -CHED

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Apprenticeship Program-DOLE working environment based BTVE-DECS Bureau of Technical Vocational Education formal school-based TESDA Technical Education and Skills Development Authority concentrated on the improvement of MIDDLE-LEVEL MANPOWER NMYC National Manpower and Youth Council non-formal focus and group based EDCOM RECOMMENDATIONS RA 7796 - Technical Education and Skill Development Act of 1994 made TESDA and consolidated all methods of preparing conveyance center level labor under one office

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MANDATE Section 2 of RA 7796 particularly announced the State arrangement to give important, open, high caliber and effective specialized instruction and abilities advancement in support of the improvement of fantastic Filipino center level labor receptive to and as per Philippine advancement objectives and needs.

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TESDA VISION TESDA is a main accomplice and impetus in the improvement of the Filipino workforce with world-class fitness and positive work values

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TESDA MISSION TESDA gives guidance, arrangements, projects and gauges towards quality specialized instruction and abilities advancement

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Schools Training Centers RTESD Centers (15) PTESD Centers (47) Private TCs, ATI, DTI, Other Gov't TCs Satellite TCs TESDA Schools (60) Private Tech-voc Schools (1,500) Other Projects (HEIs, DECS) Industry Training Centers Workplace-based Training Projects Educated and Trained Workforce CTECs NGOs/POs LGUs Government Agency Projects TVET DELIVERY NETWORK Institution-based Enterprise-based Community-based

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The Competency Assessment and Certification System Development of Competency Standards TAP/TEP Industry Experts Industry Association Development of Competency Assessment Instruments Certification TAP/TEP Industry Experts Academe Conduct of Competency Assessment Approval of the TESDA Board Demonstration Questioning Oral Written Interview Portfolio Observation TAP/TEP Technical Committee on Quality TESDA Board Accreditation of Assessors and Assessment Centers Guidelines arranged by CO RO, POs prepare assessors ROs,POs authorize assessors and appraisal focuses

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NITVET Mandate Research and improvement arm for TVET Development of Curricula and Program Standard for TVET ranges Capability Building for Trainers in the TVET sector Institutional Capability Building for TVET sector

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II. TESDA's dedication to Environmental Protection National CFC Phase-out Plan Motor Vehicle Emission Control

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TESDA's dedication to Environmental Protection (NCPP) Focal Person: Manuel P. Azucena Conduct evaluation of RAC and MAC professionals Development of preparing educational modules and modules for CFC Phase out Plan Develop Competency Requirement for Technician Certification Conduct "Prepare the Trainers Program"

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TESDA's dedication … Provide accreditation to Regional/Provincial Training Centers for RAC/MAC Support DENR-EMB-POD out in the open mindfulness and effort program Assist DENR-EMB-POD in the definition and advancement of rules on Code of Practice in RAC/MAC

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Developed Competency Based Curriculum Recovery/Recycling of Refrigerants Recover and reuse refrigerants for re-utilize Retrofitting of RAC and MAC System Conversion of CFC RAC and MAC framework to Non-CFC RAC and MAC frameworks utilizing Ozone-accommodating refrigerants

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Targets To prepare 300 MAC and MAC mentors from diverse Technical Vocational Institutions; CHED Institutions and Industries ( Trained 121 as of Nov.25, 2003) To prepare 300 Accredited Assessors for NCPP by year 2004 To affirm 5,000 Technicians across the nation by year 2005

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Formulation of Code of Practice on the utilization of CFC's in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System -Standard Operating Procedures for all HVAC/R experts

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Bureau of Customs Conducts preparing in organization with DENR – EMB – POD on Ozone Depleting Substances distinguishing proof and observing of other controlled substances.( 200 BOC work force prepared across the nation)

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2. TESDA's dedication to Environmental Protection (MVECT) Assessors Course for Motor Vehicle Emission Control Technician III (MVECT III)

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Number of Motor Vehicle Emission Control Technician Certified Total = 624 Adapted by MMDA Anti Smoke Belching Unit as a competency

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Orientation Program For Land Transportation Office faculty and monitors in the ID of CFC in Motor Vehicles ( Nov. 28, 2003)

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" Ang kalikasan ay hiram na yaman, na dapat isauli sa mga kabataan."

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