Natives Gone Wild: Taking Control of Our Majority rules system

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Moses: Leader of a Democratic Movement. A faltering, unassuming, poor, shepherd exile, drove his kin from bondage to opportunity, conjuring immaculate majority rule law, applying to all individuals, and comprehended by all people.He himself kicked the bucket without venturing foot in the guaranteed land.. Lexington, Massachusetts. Origination of American Liberty.

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Subjects Gone Wild: Taking Control of Our Democracy Nancy Tobi - Democracy For New Hampshire, Election Defense Alliance

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Moses: Leader of a Democratic Movement A stammering, modest, poor, shepherd evacuee, drove his kin from bondage to opportunity, conjuring immaculate vote based law, applying to all individuals, and comprehended by all individuals. He himself kicked the bucket without venturing foot in the guaranteed arrive.

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Lexington, Massachusetts Birthplace of American Liberty

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What Kind of Democracy Do We Want What conveys you to a discussion about popular government? What do you convey to a discussion about popular government? What sort of popular government do we have? Is everything OK? What do I mean by "Nationals Gone Wild?"

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What Kind of Democracy Do We Have?

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Our American Birthright Government is the worker of the general population, and not the ace of them. The general population, in designating power, don't give their open hirelings the privilege to choose what is useful for the general population to know and what is bad for them to know. We demand staying educated with the goal that we may hold control over the instruments of government we have made. - Bev Harris

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1776: Declaration of Independence We hold these truths to act naturally obvious, that all men are made equivalent, that they are enriched by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the quest for Happiness. — That to secure these rights, Governments are established among Men, getting their equitable forces from the assent of the administered .

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1776: Declaration of Independence at whatever point any Form of Government gets to be dangerous of these finishes, it is the Right of the People to adjust or to cancel it

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1787: US Constitution: Article IV Section 4. The United States might ensure to each state in this union a republican type of government

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Wikipedia A republic is a state or nation that is not drove by an inherited ruler, where the general population of that state or nation (or possibly a part of that individuals) have affect on its legislature, and that is typically shown as a republic. The term "republic" is here and there used to portray a delegate majority rules system , as opposed to an immediate popular government.

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1788: New Hampshire Constitution, [Art.] 8 All power dwelling initially in, and being gotten from, the general population , every one of the judges and officers of government are their substitutes and operators, and at all times responsible to them. Government, accordingly, ought to be open, available, responsible and responsive . With that in mind, general society's privilege of access to administrative procedures and records should not be preposterously limited .

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1788: New Hampshire Constitution, Article 1 All men are conceived similarly free and autonomous; in this manner, all legislature of right starts from the general population, is established in assent, and founded for the general great.

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NH Constitution, Art. 32 [The] mediator, who might, within the sight of the selectmen (whose obligation it should be to go to) in open meeting , get the votes of the considerable number of tenants of such towns and wards present, and fit the bill to vote in favor of congresspersons; and might, in said gatherings, in nearness of the said selectmen, and of the town or city agent, in said gatherings, sort and check the said votes , and make an open statement thereof ,

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322 BCE: Demosthenes There is one shield known for the most part to the astute, which is leverage and security to all, however particularly to vote based systems against autocrats — doubt .

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Hallmarks of the American Democratic Birthright the assent of the administered it is the Right of the People to adjust or to nullify [their government] assurance to each state in this union a republican type of government all power dwelling initially in, and being gotten from, the general population the general population's privilege of access to legislative procedures and records might not be preposterously limited all legislature of right starts from the general population, is established in assent protect for vote based system is doubt CITIZEN OVERSIGHT FREE AND OPEN ELECTIONS

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Free and Open Elections Distrust: Checks and adjusts Fully open and detectable Citizen oversight of the whole voting framework except for the mystery vote The main thing "mystery" in a decision ought to be the voter's vote

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The Vote "The vote is the most effective instrument ever contrived by man for separating shamefulness and obliterating the horrible dividers which detain men since they are not the same as other men." (Lyndon Johnson, 36 th President USA)

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The Vote The poll is more grounded than the projectile. (Abraham Lincoln, 16 th President USA)

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The Vote Politicians resemble diapers.  They both need changing consistently and for the same reason.  (Anonymous)

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The Vote "The general population who cast the votes don't choose a decision, the general population who check the votes do." (Joseph Stalin, Russian Prime Minister, 1929-1953)

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Is Everything Okay?

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Election Crime Just like whatever other wrongdoing, with the exception of that it influences the wellbeing and prosperity of the whole planet. Like any criminal, the race criminal has: Means: Control of the vote tally Motive: Control of the planet Opportunity: Control of the constituent instrument (our voting frameworks)

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So, America, Who is Counting Our Votes? Broadly: 80% votes tallied by corporate claimed and modified PCs utilizing mystery vote numbering software* New Hampshire: 81% tickets tallied by corporate possessed and customized PCs utilizing mystery vote tallying software** *Election Data Services **

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The Granite State All voters utilize paper votes Two endorsed vote tallying frameworks: Hand tally (19%) Community counters Publicly noticeable Checks and adjusts Diebold tally (81%) Black box tallying Secret checking Corporate controlled

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Diebold Cities & Towns in the Granite State

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Who's Counting 81% of NH's Votes? Diebold Election Systems Management: 2003 CEO Wally O'Dell pens a notice promising "to help Ohio convey its discretionary votes to the President."

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Diebold's Accuvote Management Team Diebold Election Systems Accuvote Team: Software Developer, Jeffrey Dean: Convicted thief, spent significant time in complex modification of PC records whose trick included previous Watergate robbery plan, Egil "Bud" Krogh Manager, Ballot Printing/Design, John Elder: Convicted cocaine trafficker

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Diebold's New England Vendor: LHS Associates Business #1, Programming Elections: With their first line of business, LHS Associates alone has admittance to and control over the mystery vote tallying programming that checks 81% of NH's votes. Business #2, Collecting Census Data: With their second line of business, LHS Associates performs what is known as "data mining". They gather evaluation information, data about who lives where, what are their livelihoods, their callings, their propensities, their properties, their family histories.

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Data Mining and Political Activities

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Data Mining and Political Activities Florida 2000 Presidential Election: ChoicePoint, an information mining organization, assisted George Bush's battle by deliberately stripping out (cleansing) 94,000 qualified voters - all recognized as Democrat-inclining - from the voter enlistment rolls. They were denied their entitlement to vote in that decision.

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So What's the Problem?

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The "Glitch" Voting machines neglected to count "yes" votes on the 2002 school bond issue in Gretna, Nebraska. This blunder gave the false impression that the measure had bombed pitiably, however it really go by a 2 to 1 edge . Obligation regarding the mistakes was credited to ES&S, the Omaha organization that had given the tallies and the machines. - BLACK BOX VOTING: Ballot-Tampering in the 21st Century,

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The "Glitch" A squeaker — no, an avalanche — oh no, we turned around the sums — and about those truant votes, make that 72-19, not 44-47. Programming blunders, too bad. Goodness, and switch that decision, we declared the wrong champ. In the 2002 Clay County, Kansas, magistrate essential, voting machines said Jerry Mayo ran a nearby race however lost, earning 48 percent of the vote , yet a hand describe uncovered Mayo had won overwhelmingly, accepting 76 percent of the vote. - BLACK BOX VOTING: Ballot-Tampering in the 21st Century,

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The "Glitch" Swanzey, NH 2006: A manual relate brought about a change of victors in two school locale posts , where the voter could pick two of three applicants. At the point when voters picked two applicants, the product that excludeed the tallies tossed the outcomes as invalid . - Keene State Sentinal

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The "Glitch" "In Volusia County amid the November 2006 race, 11 of 249 optical output memory cards must be supplanted, by district report. In Flagler County, one of 51 cards fizzled . Diebold authorities said the 4.4 percent blunder rate in Volusia was uncommon, that the normal was around 1 percent . The organization led a review of 27 Florida areas that utilization its machines however declined to discharge the outcomes, calling them 'exclusive business data.' " - Daytona Beach News,

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The "Number" " One of the main times electronic voting machines were utilized, in the 1988 New Hampshire presidential essential, previous CIA executive George Herbert Walker Bush pulled off a shocking and unpredicted surprise. The last survey before that essential indicated Senator Bob Dole winning with 8 rate focuses. Shrub won by 9 point