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Mountain Host . Canny, Safety and Service Industry Savvy. The Future of the Industry . Who\'s who?Model for GrowthClimate and EnvironmentTeamwork and CollaborationMountain Hosts. Skiographics. Maturing populaces - normal age 36.6 - in 97/98 avg age was 33.261% male, 39% female89% Caucasian 48% families28% single no kids12% wedded no kids12% unfilled nestersSnowboarding development levels off at 29.6% o

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Insightful, Safety and Service Training National Ski Patrol's Mountain Host

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Savvy, Safety and Service Industry Savvy Mountain Host

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The Future of the Industry's who? Show for Growth Climate and Environment Teamwork and Collaboration Mountain Hosts

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Skiographics Aging populaces - normal age 36.6 - in 97/98 avg age was 33.2 61% male, 39% female 89% Caucasian 48% families 28% single no children 12% wedded no children 12% exhaust nesters Snowboarding development levels off at 29.6% of skier visits Retention in more established fragments great Reported capacity level higher Season leave use behind

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NSAA's Model for Growth Purpose and Overview To progress and ensure the eventual fate of the business To evaluate and measure the impacts social and monetary variables are having on the business To figure out what may happen if the business neglected to act

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NSAA Model for Growth Key Initiatives Trial Conversion Retention Diversification Women Minorities Families

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NSAA Model for Growth Update 2008 The terrible news Trial Conversion Retention The startling news Revival Increased International & Canadian visits the primary concern news We developed somewhat yet in unpredicted ways If we had neglected to follow up on the model for development there would be approx. 15 million less visits in the 07/08 season We're not past the halfway point yet…

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Moving Forward The 2020 due date The earnestness of youth and assorted qualities Economic difficulties outside our ability to control Stagnant salary development and expanding monetary gap

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Industry Environmental Stewardship Environmental Charter Environmental Code of the Slopes Keeping Winter Cool

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NSAA's Sustainable Slopes Environmental Charter Vision To be pioneers among open air diversion suppliers by dealing with our organizations in a way that shows our dedication to natural assurance and stewardship while meeting open desires. Arranging & Design Construction Operations Energy Conservation & Clean Energy Waste Management Fish and Wildlife Forest and Vegative Management Wetlands and Riparian Areas Air Quality Visual Quality Transportation Education and Outreach

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Environmental Code of the Slopes Dispose of waste appropriately: Recycle your glass, plastics, aluminum and paper at resorts. Reuse trail maps on your following visit or reuse them instead of discarding them. Never toss waste, cigarette butts or different things from the lifts. Regard untamed life: Observe trail terminations, regular terminations, and ski territory limits. These terminations are set up for your wellbeing, as well as the prosperity of plants and creatures situated in delicate ranges. In summer, stick to assigned trails when climbing and biking to stay away from aggravations to vegetation and natural life. Be kind of different visitors: Respect different visitors, ensure the nature of their experience, and let nature's sounds win. Carpool with loved ones or utilize travel to lessen warming poisons and also activity and clog. Kill the lights when leaving your room and reuse shower towels and materials to help preserve vitality and water. Utilize launderable flatware and flatware in cafeterias and hotels rather than paper or plastics to help us lessen squander. Exploit ecological or snow capped instruction programs offered at ski regions to take in more about the encompassing condition and how to help ensure it. On the off chance that you have children, get them required in natural and snow capped instruction programs at a youthful age. Bolster "tidy up days" or other natural projects at your neighborhood ski region. Give criticism and let ski regions know how they can enhance their natural execution.

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Inter-Departmental Relations Silos A "us-versus-them" way to deal with interchanges and battling for authoritative assets Improvements or changes in one office harms the viability of different offices Silos stifle Human Communication Relationships Partnerships The Seamless Experience Silos keep the arrangement of the association with the client's need, and needs

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How Do Mountain Hosts Fit In? Give a particular, unrestricted concentrate on the visitor encounter A chance to connect between storehouses Offer visitors an unprejudiced "guide" of resort framework Offer resorts a one of a kind staff ability set and usefulness Following the movement example of the visitor client

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This finishes up Mountain Host Training Part I, Industry Savvy. It would be ideal if you pause for a minute, stand up, extend and enjoy a reprieve before starting Part II, Mountain Safety!

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Savvy, Safety and Service Mountain Safety Mountain Host

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Mountain Safety Mountain Host Tools of the Trade Alpine Awareness Slope Safety Industry Campaigns

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Alpine Environment Awareness Mountain Host Equipment Incident Scene Report Pad and little note pad Space Pen or Sharpie Leather Man/Army Knife Trail Maps Resort Information Cards with key numbers Mountain Host Business Cards Disposable lighter Quick wax & scrubber Optional Medical supplies Transceiver Marking flares Whistle

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Alpine Environment Awareness General Tips Warm up and extend before the main run Drink a lot of water. Be mindful so as not to wind up distinctly got dried out Have your hardware consistently examined and molded Curb liquor utilization. Skiing and snowboarding don't blend well with liquor or medications. Take a lesson Know your breaking points Have fun

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Alpine Environment Awareness Dress for Success Stretch Ventilation Padding Layers Wicking layer Long clothing Socks Insulation layer Turtleneck Fleece Sweater Vest Protection layer Ski pants Jacket/shell Hat or headband Neck gator Gloves or gloves Face cover Fabrics Windstopper Gore-tex Fleece Wool Cotton Silk Synthetic Accessories Sunglasses Goggles Sunscreen Lip Balm A Smile…

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Alpine Environment Awareness Mountain Savvy Snow conditions Hard pack Frozen granular Mashed potatoes/spring snow Powder Packed powder Trail Marking the simplest trails at a resort trails that are more troublesome trails that are the most troublesome trails that are greatly troublesome Terrain stop

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Slope Safety Common Injuries Your What Hurts? Drying out Frostbite Altitude infection Head wounds – Concussion Wrist sprain Skier's thumb ACL – Meniscus Rotation Injuries turning around itself in the course of the last 3 – 5 years (30 – 35%) because of shorter skis Mid-shaft tibial cracks down from the 70s yet as of now on the ascent because of incidental restricting discharges

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Slope Safety Personal Protective Equipment Helmet utilize increments around 5% every year Designed for most extreme insurance at 12mph or under Reduces the rate of minor head wounds by around 30 – half (scalp cuts, blackouts and wounds) 40% of general society wear them 2 – 9 years 64% 10 – 14 years 56% 18 – 24 years 26% 55 – 64 years 54%

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Slope Safety Inherent Risk 37.1 fatalities yearly 43.7 genuine wounds for each year Only 6.4 of these are impacts Skiers are 3x more inclined to be required in crashes than snowboarders Who gets harmed? Skiers Male Ages – late adolescents to late 30s

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Slope Safety Perspective

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Slope Safety Industry Campaigns Your Responsibility Code Heads Up. You're answerable. Tops on Kids Smart Style

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This finishes up Mountain Host Training Part II, Mountain Safety. It would be ideal if you pause for a minute, stand up, extend and enjoy a reprieve preceding starting Part III, Guest Service!

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Savvy, Safety and Service Guest Service Mountain Host

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Service Mountain Style Return Guests What's in it for Me? Criteria of Satisfaction Mountain Hosts S.L.I.D.E. Benefit Recovery Handling the Difficult Guest

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We Want You Back! We will pay up to 10% more for a similar item with better administration If we get great administration we will educate a normal of 12 individuals concerning it We will inform a normal of 20 individuals regarding awful administration Only 1 out of 25 visitors will reveal to you when something has turned out badly 16 of those visitors will just never return again If you settle the grumbling you have a 54% possibility of recovering the visitor again If you resolve rapidly you have a 82% probability the visitor will return, and they are twice as prone to recount their story then on the off chance that it were sure, it is likewise likely that the general experience will urge them to compose a letter It costs in the vicinity of five and six circumstances more to draw in another client than to keep a current one. 66% of clients don't feel esteemed by those serving them.

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Valuing Others stay faithful to your obligations help move certainty regard them as people make it simple to work with all of you the physical parts of your item or administration give a positive impression

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What's in it For Me? Fulfilled Customers… remain with the organization longer extend their association with organization exhibit less value affectability prescribe organization's items or administrations to others

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Reality Check Our key business drivers are the desires and view of the client Our cutting edge is basic in measuring and meeting client desires Customers alter their opinion a great deal We change the bleeding edge a considerable measure Today's client may not be tomorrow's

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Satisfaction Criteria "If you plan to benefit, figure out how to please." ~Winston Churchill Product quality Ease of techniques Personal contact quality

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S.L.I.D.E. Look for Listen Inform Deliver Enthusiasm

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Coffee Stains

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Complaints resemble Snowflakes "Business is a considerable measure like tennis; the individuals who don't work well for as a rule wind up losing." ~Jim Clemmer You just get 1 out of 25 Rare, valuable and novel If there aren't sufficient actually individuals are truly great mama