National Profession Pathways System 2009 Annual

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Akron Area College Tech Prep will be beginning two double enlistment ... of gaining up to 30 school credit hours towards an Associate degree in Engineering and Science Technology. ...

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National Career Pathways Network 2009 Annual Conference College Tech Prep Consortium Showcase Lifelong Learning

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Akron Area College Tech Prep Consortium Akron Area College Tech Prep will begin two double enlistment programs this fall with Barberton High School and Wayne County Schools Career Center.

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Akron Area College Tech Prep Consortium At Wayne County Schools Career Center, Lynette Boggs will be the educator for the Engineering and Science Tech Program. Her understudies have the choice of acquiring up to 30 school credit hours towards an Associate degree in Engineering and Science Technology.

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Akron Area College Tech Prep Consortium At Barberton High School, Rich Mehok will be the teacher for the CISCO/A+ program. His understudies have the alternative of gaining up to 20 credit hours towards an Associate Degree in Computer Maintenance and Technology.

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Clark State Tech Prep Consortium Two new Project Lead the Way projects were begun in 2008-09 at Northeastern HS and Shawnee HS in Clark County. PLTW is presently offered at 4 Clark County secondary schools. Add up to enlistment at nearby secondary schools is about 300 understudies. Extend Lead the Way understudies now have the chance to gain school credits in Engineering Technologies at Clark State Community College. Entryway to Technology is a piece of the educational modules for 400 eighth graders in Springfield City School Middle Schools.

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Clark State Tech Prep Consortium Through our Tech Prep verbalization assentions, in 2008-09, more than 450 secondary school Tech Prep understudies earned more than 900 school credits- - sparing nearly $71,000 in educational cost for these understudies. A quarter century got up to $2,400 in George Mueller Tech Prep Scholarships in for the 2009-10 school year.

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Greater Cincinnati Tech Prep Consortium Hosted the National Career Pathways Network and the National Association of Tech Prep Leadership Forum in Cincinnati in October 2008.  Organized Statewide Tech Prep Showcase which highlighted more than 300 Tech Prep Students from crosswise over Ohio.  Developed, prepared and composed Leadership Academy secondary school seniors to serve as Ambassadors for NCPN and range enrolling for Tech Prep. Earned Exemplary Service Award and thankfulness from NCPN for bringing over $20,000 up in sponsorships from Tech Prep accomplices for this meeting.

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Greater Cincinnati Tech Prep Consortium Increased ninety for every penny (90%)Tech Prep programming in Cincinnati Public Schools with expansion of new Hughes STEM High School, Zoo Academy, and Riverview East Environmental Science Academy. Started CT2 Workshop for all accomplices to accomplish consistence with enactment (HB66) and info educational modules into CTAG framework particularly centering after designing innovation programs.

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Greater Cincinnati Tech Prep Consortium Oversaw advancing/enlisting for STEM Summer Academy (OBR supported) for Cincinnati State and ran give amid the mid year that saw 44 secondary school understudies win 388 school credits in six week institute program.  99% participation amid program set extraordinary benchmark of investment. Led ODE supported IT explanation workshop and field tried new programming (OCAST) for state to create 29 enunciation assentions among IT accomplices. Led National Tour amid NCPN that showcased CPS Woodward Career Technical High School, Cincinnati State, and UC College of Applied Science pathway in Construction Management.

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Greater Cincinnati Tech Prep Consortium Created, composed and appointed "A+ Team" to arrange and execute College Readiness Pilot program in which COMPASS tests were conveyed electronically to schools.  Juniors chipped away at Advancer programming to diminish requirement for remediation and to wind up qualified for STEM institute. Created 17 new Health Technologies verbalization assentions among six auxiliary schools and three school accomplices. Directed test out/capability tests for associated wellbeing seniors in restorative phrasing accreditation.

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Greater Cincinnati Tech Prep Consortium Hosted the National 2008 Business Conclave at the Netherland Hilton Presented bioscience educational programs demonstrate at BioOhio Bioscience Education Summit where Tech Prep was perceived as the "Best Practice" in Ohio for bioscience training.

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Greater North West Tech Prep Consortium

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Heart of Ohio Tech Prep Consortium

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Heart of Ohio Tech Prep Consortium Inquiry-Based Learning: The Heart of Ohio presented the most noteworthy number of IBL Lesson Plan units to the state and will keep on supporting IBL coach openings all through the consortium. Summer Teacher Workshop: The Heart of Ohio directed a 5-day summer workshop which was gone to by more than 85 instructors with 27 educators exploiting Ohio University graduate credit

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Heart of Ohio Tech Prep Consortium Math Refresher: The Heart of Ohio is financing a venture went for understudies getting a passing score on the math part of the COMPASS Test. The sought objective of this venture is to give a chance to understudies who have not been fruitful in finishing the test, to "invigorate" their math abilities and breeze through the test. Appraisal Committee: The Heart of Ohio has framed an evaluation advisory group to study issues with respect to appraisal and to make proposals in regards to scholastic appraisal for Tech Prep understudies.

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Lakeland College Tech Prep Consortium FY 2008 Highlights Increased auxiliary enlistments from 767 to 838, school enlistments from 238 to 265. Selected 5 new business accomplices to the consortium. Teamed up with Lakeland IT division to support and execute We at IT program for center school young ladies Administered second year of Alumni Grant and facilitated Alumni supper for understudies and graduates.

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Lakeland College Tech Prep Consortium FY 2009 Highlights Increased optional enlistments from 838 to 865, school enlistments from 265 to 289. Executed Lake Shore Compact STEM camp. Executed two STEM camps for understudies in GEAR UP Lighthouse site. Worked with partners and executed Tech prep Career Day for 300 center school understudies.

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Lorain County Tech Prep Consortium Introduction of 6 new projects; increment in complete consortium enlistment from 673 (Class of 08) to 765 (Class of 09)  Developed and propelled first CTP program (Health Science Technology program) inside an Ohio "Early College High School". " TechnoFridays !" arrangement for 8 th graders Achieved open door for each CTP program inside Consortium to offer no less than one (if not more) course for enunciated school credit.

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Lorain County Tech Prep Consortium Established Consortium office as essential issue for all LCCC enunciation (counting grown-up projects, non-CTP, and out-of-province); created institutionalized framework for data on each accessible course; created online framework to give organization's total explanation course program and all related data records (to go live November, 2009).

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Lorain County Tech Prep Consortium Recognition of the "Vocation Counselors Team" as a sub-gathering of the Lorain County P-16 Council (" ReacHigher "); consummation of the applied model for profession training that can be utilized by any school/locale at almost no cost; recognizable proof of 2 pilot destinations for usage; first site propelling October, 2009; institutionalization on OCIS as asset/administration instrument for process.

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Mahoning Area Tech Prep Consortium College status math pilot with Youngstown State University Peterson's StudentEdge on-line school arranging, homework help and test arrangement A+dvancer online COMPASS test prep College getting ready for seniors in College Tech Prep College Tech Prep destinations are currently COMPASS testing locales

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Marion Area Partners Tech Prep Consortium 33% Market Share Expansion of program pathways in Argibusiness, Engineering, Health, Information Technology, Manufacturing Acceptance of College Ready Challenge Testing each Career Center understudy (10 th , 11 th , and 12 th grader) for school availability utilizing the ACT COMPASS appraisal

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Marion Area Partners Tech Prep Consortium Cradle to Grave Engineering Pathway Beginning with primary school vocation mindfulness projects and 4-H after-school Robotics clubs. Taken after by center school Gateway to Technology programs for all understudies. In the 9 th grade, understudies select in Project Lead the Way Engineering programs at their home secondary schools.

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Marion Area Partners Tech Prep Consortium Cradle to Grave Engineering Pathway cont. After consequent 10 th and 11 th grade courses, the understudies go to Career Center capstone classes on Marion Technical College grounds. While in secondary school, understudies procure school credit from this broadly perceived Engineering program bolstered locally by Honda of America, Whirlpool, Inc. what's more, other local makers. Every year, understudies from rudimentary to school levels (from seven states) show their specialized capabilities by contending in the Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) endorse National Robotics Challenge held in Marion

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College Credits Scholarships Total Scholarship Awards for the Classes of 2008 & 2009 $987,797.99 Total Sinclair Community College credits earned by the Classes of '08 & '09 13,302 Combined educational cost investment funds $713,374.50 Miami Valley Tech Prep Consortium

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Mid-East Ohio Tech Prep Consortium Graduated 26 understudy in the Engineering Technology Program

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Mid-East Ohio Tech Prep Consortium The worthless of dually selected Engineering Technology understudies have moved on from Zane State College, with an Associate of Technical Studies; from Mid-East Career and Technology Centers, with their profession specialized testament; and from their separate partner schools, with their secondary school diplom