National e-Governance Plan e-Enabling Public Services

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National e-Governance Plan e-Enabling Public Services Presented by: Shankar Aggarwal, Joint Secretary

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Challenges 1.2 billion individuals 600,000+ towns, 70% populace rustic Multi-ethnic, Multi-religious society Multi-lingual: 22 Official dialects Multi-party, Multi-layered vote based system 35 States & UTs; 240,000 + Local Bodies

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Highlights Accelerating GDP development @ ~8% Rapidly developing IT/Services segment Explosive telecom development: Over 500 million telecom supporters 60 million web clients; 6.98 million broadband endorsers Sharp financial and social partition

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NeGP Vision " Make all Government administrations accessible to the basic man in his territory, through basic service conveyance outlets and guarantee efficiency, straightforwardness & dependability of such administrations at reasonable expenses to realize the essential needs of the common man"

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Strategy to Realize Vision Focus on Services & Service levels Business Process Reengineering & Change Management Creation of Service Delivery Platform Centralized Initiative, Decentralized Implementation

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Strategy to Realize Vision Ownership and Central Role of Line Ministries/State Governments Emphasis on Public Private Partnerships (PPP)

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Implementation Framework Apex Body ( Headed by PM) Apex Committee ( Headed by Cab Secy ) National e-Governance Advisory Board ( Headed by Minister) DIT Line Ministries NISG NeGD NIC Provincial/State Governments 8

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Core Infrastructure Common Service Centers (CSCs) 100,000+ CSCs for 600,000+ towns State Wide Area Networks (SWANs) 2Mbps secured intra-organize up to Block level State Data Centers (SDCs) For facilitating State-level e-Governance Applications and Data

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State Portal Repository of Government Information and administrations Enables residents to download & submit shapes electronically State Service Delivery Gateway (SSDG) Enables directing of messages in light of guidelines Routing of structures to a specific office of a Department E Forms Facilitates institutionalized, interoperable arrangement For electronic administration conveyance This will empower guaranteed electronic conveyance, affirmation and status following of use from subject State Portals, SSDG & e-Forms

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SDC CSC Unique Application ID Authentication Message Routing Guaranteed Delivery Transaction Log Timestamping Acknowledgment Status Tracking … CSC SSDG SWAN State Registration Revenue Districts SHQ Blocks Transport Municipalities Collector's Office Taluks Govt. Offices at different levels Tehsil/Taluks NeGP Service Delivery Strategy Call Centers .. State Portal Internet

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People Infrastructure Capacity Building Scheme for States To make limits in States for venture administration & usage By tapping government & private area ability To prepare & sharpen representatives To embrace change administration To situate extend execution towards benefit conveyance

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e-Delivery of Services 27 Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) Implemented in Public Private Partnership Framework MMPs in view of the accompanying rule: Ownership – Services , Services level & usage Independent appraisal of results

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Way Forward Quality Education Telemedicine & Health Renewable Energy and Energy Efficient Devices Financial Inclusion Skill Upgradation

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Way Forward: e-Bharat Project DIT and World Bank have been talking about a conceivable program administration and monetary support for a venture called "e-Bharat" under NeGP

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That's a decent sign, sky is truly the farthest point…

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Thank You Shankar Aggarwal

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Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) Integrated (7) e-Biz EDI India Portal CSC NSDG e-Courts e-Procurement Central (9) Income Tax Central Excise Passports/Visa Immigration MCA 21 National ID/UID Pensions e-Office Banking (Industry ) Insurance (Industry) State (11) Agriculture Land Records 1 Land Records - NLRMP Transport Treasuries Commercial Taxes Gram Panchayats Municipalities Police - CCTNS Employment Exchange e-District

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Common Services Centers 1,00,000+ CSCs crosswise over 6,00,000+ towns Enable G2C & B2C administrations Scheme endorsed in Sept'06 Implementation on a PPP show

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CSC Infrastructure 100 – 150 sq. ft space Min. 1 PC with UPS Min. 1 Printer Digital/Web Camera Genset/Inverter/Solar OS and other application programming Wired/Wireless Broadband Connectivity Trained and influenced labor Investment : $4000/CSC

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CSC-Status Jammu J&K Kashmir Chandigarh HP Himachal Pradesh Arunachal Pradesh Punjab CSC took off - 59676 Implementation in progress - 27 States (50,610 CSCs) Uttarakhand Uttaranchal Sikkim Haryana Uttar Pradesh ASM NG L UP Rajasthan MNP MGH Bihar BiH TRIPURA JHD WB MZR West Bengal Gujarat MP Chattisgarh CHH Orissa Maharashtra ≥ 75% (8) Andhra Goa AP Pradesh Karnataka half - 75% (8) Karnataka 20% - half (8 ) Puducherry TN Tamil ≤ 20% (3) Kerala Nadu Kerala SCA Selected (2) Fresh RFP to be issued (1)

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Implementation Framework DIT STATE GOVERNMENT SDA (Government Agency) SPV SCA (Private Partner) VLE (Private Individual) Citizen

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CSCs – Services G2C Services Land Records Certificates Applications Utility Bills Grievance Tracking Social Welfare B2C Services Agriculture Extension Financial Services Education Extension Telecom Services Advertising

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Enabling Transformation E-Government Education Tele-drug Platform for basic change of the courses in which improvement difficulties would be met in country India Social Inclusion Agriculture Entertainment

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Key Learning/Outcomes

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Challenges Rolling out 100,000+ CSCs in 600,000+ towns Integrating existing G2C conveyance stations with CSCs Integrated open administration conveyance versus storehouse based administration conveyance

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Challenges Regulatory & Legal enablement of ICT based procedures Building limit inside & outside government Creation of powerful e-Infrastructure

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Achievements Institutionalizing general scope & open administration conveyance at town level Roll out of more than 59,676 CSCs crosswise over 25 states covering a populace > 400 million

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Achievements Institutionalization of PPP model for Public administration conveyance -Multi-partner organization in plan & execution -Synergy between open & private objectives IT Amendment Act (2008) for administrative & lawful enablement advised

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Learnings Leadership and possession basic for achievement Citizen-driven approach - more compelling administration conveyance show Robust backend e-Infrastructure to unite and give consistent coordination

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Service Center Agency Private Sector Entity Responsible for -Setting up, rollout and administration of CSCs -Selection and preparing of VLEs -Provision of B2C administrations

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State Designated Agency Specific power set up/empowered by State Government Responsible for -Monitoring -Disbursing income bolster -Enforcing Master Service Agreement -Liaising amongst SCAs and State Governments

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NeGP:The Changing Face of Rural India Name: Sadhan Chandra Pal Location: Junbedia , Bankura - II, West Bengal Earnings: $250 every month Village Level Entrepreneur

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NeGP:The Changing Face of Rural India Name: Manoj Karmakar Location: Sanbandha Gram Panchayat Office, Block: Bankura - II, West Bengal Earnings: $300 every month Village Level Entrepreneur

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NeGP:The Changing Face of Rural India Name: Santosh Kumar Location: Divigar , Jharkhand Earnings: $300 every month Village Level Entrepreneur

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NeGP:The Changing Face of Rural India Name: Shrikant Yadav Location: Divigar , Jharkhand Earnings: $250 every month Village Level Entrepreneur

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SWAN STATUS J&K Himachal HP Pradesh CHD Arunachal Pradesh Uttarakhand Punjab Haryana Sikkim Delhi NGL UP Assam Uttar Pradesh Rajasthan MGH MNP Bihar TRIPURA WB MZR West Bengal JHD Gujarat MP Jharkhand CHH Orissa SWAN actualized Maharashtra Implementation at Advance stage AP Andhra Goa Implementation in Progress Pradesh Karnataka Bid Process Initiated Pondicherry RFP/BoM under readiness/update TN Lakshadweep Tamil Kerala Nadu Opted Out from SWAN Scheme

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SDC Status J&K Himachal HP Pradesh Punjab Arunachal Pradesh Chandigargh Uttarakhand Punjab Delhi Sikkim Haryana NGL UP Uttar Pradesh ASSAM Rajasthan MGH MNP Bihar BiH WB TRIPURA MIZORAM West Bengal JHD Gujarat MP SDC - Go Live Jharkhand Daman & Diu CHH July - Aug '10 3 Orissa Dadra Maharashtra Sep - Oct '10 6 Nov – Dec'10 6 AP Andhra Pradesh Goa Jan - Feb '11 9 Karnataka Andaman Mar-Apr '11 7 Lakshadweep Pondicherry TN Tamil Kerala Nadu DPR yet to be gotten 2 Kerala 2 Opted Out

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E-District in Goalpara, Assam Goalpara District took off e-District applications incorporating CSC, SWAN, which was introduced by IT serve in Nov.'09

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e-District Objectives Target high volume administrations at District level Undertake backend handle re-building to e-empower the conveyance of these administrations through CSCs Examples of administrations : Issue of Certificates, Application for Pensions, Revenue Court related, Government Dues and Recovery related, Ration Card related and Grievance redressal

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Status of e-District Pilot activities are being executed in 14 States (37 regions) covering a populace base o