National Conference on Agriculture For Kharif Campaign-2009

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National Meeting on Farming For Kharif Battle 2009. POST-HARVEST Administration and Advertising By Shri Rajendra Kumar Tiwari Joint Secretary Bureau of Agribusiness and Co-operation Service of Farming. Agrarian Markets in India.

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National Conference on Agriculture For Kharif Campaign-2009 POST-HARVEST MANAGEMENT & MARKETING By Shri Rajendra Kumar Tiwari Joint Secretary Department of Agriculture and Co-operation Ministry of Agriculture

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Agricultural Markets in India No. of Regulated discount Markets: 7566 Rural Primary markets : 20,887 Average territory served by a market :116 sq km Average, zone served by controlled market :435 Sq Km Recommendation by National Farmers Commission: accessibility of business sectors inside a zone of 5 Km range (approx. 80 sq km) Area served per Regulated Markets shifts from 115 Sq Km in Punjab to 11215 Sq Km in Meghalaya.

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Challenges Ahead Reforms in Agricultural Marketing –Adopt show Acts & Rules Encourage Private and Co-agent Sectors in market advancement Improvement in post-gather administration through selection of proper innovation & works on Improving forward & in reverse linkages and inventory network Providing ranchers with access to market data

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POST HARVEST MANAGEMENT-A PERSPECTIVE Perishable Agricultural deliver (counting that from cultivation, dairy, fisheries and creatures) Losses - Dairy – 1% - Food grains – 10% - Horticulture – 30-40 % 600 M.MT > Estimated Rs. 80,000 Crore every year Loss can be lessened generously by giving fitting Post Harvest Technology & Management (Cleaning, Sorting, Grading, Drying, Cooling, Packaging, Storage, Milling, Refining and so on ) in esteem chain

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Status of Agricultural Marketing Reform (Progress of APMC Act Amendments)

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STATUS OF MARKET REFORMS Professional administration of APMCs : Nagaland, Sikkim Single point impose of Market expense : Chattishgarh, Gujarat, Goa,H.P., M.P., Nagaland, Sikkim, Punjab, UT of Chd. Arrangement for Non-estrangement of land in Contract Farming : Arunachal, Assam, Goa, Haryana, Maharastra, Nagaland, Orissa, Rajasthan, Sikkm, Tripura, A.P., Karnatak, Jharkhand Setting up Standards Bureau & Extension Cell in Boards : Nagaland, Sikkim, Karnatak

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Major Initiatives Marketing Research and Information Network (MRIN) – AGMARKNET - To give ICT based Info (Mkt & Price) to Farmers - To cover 360 discount markets amid XI Plan by method for PC availability - D aily entry and costs of 300 wares from more than 1900 markets in 10 languages Gramin Bhandaran Yojana - Credit-connected back-finished sponsorship plot - Creation of Scientific Storage limit in rural territories chiefly to keep away from pain deal by farmers Marketing Infrastructure Development - Reform-connected - Capital speculation endowment conspire for improvement of new Infrastructure projects, update discount markets/country essential markets - Beneficiaries: Individual Entrepreneur, Cooperatives, State Agencies Venture Capital Scheme - Venture Capital help to agriculturists/makers aggregate for setting up Agribusiness Ventures Terminal Market Complex Scheme - Subsidy to P.E. through NHM/SHM for building up TMC

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Status of Marketing Research and Information Network Scheme as on February,2009

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AGMARKNET-Problems Specific to States with lacking Computer Connectivity & Data Reporting : Bihar(35%,100%) Gujarat(48%,50%) Haryana(40%,40%) J&K(37%,66%) Kerala(55%,48%) U.P. (35%, 63%) W.Bengal (23%,37%) States with lacking Data Reporting : Maharashtra (30%) Punjab (18%) Rajasthan (33%) Tamil Nadu (21%) Arunachal (100%) Mizoram (100%) Nagaland (100%) Sikkim ( 100%) Rest NER States (<50%)

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Progress of Marketing Infrastructure Scheme amid X Plan and XI Plan

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Venture Capital Assistance (SFAC) Objective : TO CATALYZE PRIVATE INVESTMENT IN SETTING UP OF AGRI-BUSINESS PROJECTS FOR EXTENDING ASSURED MARKET TO FARMERS FOR THEIR PRODUCE AND INCREASING RURAL INCOME AND GENERATING EMPLOYMENT Financial Assistance : Max. 10 % of PROJECT COST or 26 % of PROJECT EQUITY subject to ordinary roof of Rs 75.00 Lac. HIGHER AMOUNT OF ASSISTANCE FOR PROJECTS IN HILLY AND NORTH EASTERN STATES AND PROJECTS RECOMMENDED BY STATES/SFACS CAN BE CONSIDERED Observations: States of Maharashtra, Karnataka, T.N., Gujarat, Kerala, J&K. are generally better performing States No undertakings in the States of Bihar, Orissa, Rajasthan

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Terminal Market Complex Subsidy Scheme under NHM to advance private venture Change of money related help design from value interest to endowment help through NHM/SHM to P.E. Sponsorship from 25% to 40% of venture cost with endowment ceiling of Rs 50.00 crore. Arrangement of land by State Govt Provision upto 26% of value for Producer Association Hub-and-Spoke Format : Terminal Market (the center) to be connected to number of accumulation focuses (the spokes) . Accumulation focuses (Spokes) to be strategically placed at key creation focuses to permit simple get to and linkages to agriculturists Provide condition of craftsmanship offices for electronic sale, evaluating, washing and pressing lines, preparing and trades, keeping money, different administrations and so forth. Wares to be secured incorporate Fruits and vegetables, Flowers, aromatics, herbs and Spices Meat, Poultry, Fish, Dairy Grains, Pulses, Oilseeds,

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POST HARVEST TECHNOLOGY & MANAGEMENT SCHEME : MAIN COMPONENTS : Establishment of units for exchange of essential handling innovation, esteem expansion, minimal effort logical capacity, bundling units and by-item administration in the creation catchments under tripartite agreement.(40 % help restricted to Rs 4.00 lac.) Establishment of ease PHT units/supply of PHT types of gear with Government assistance.(40% of aggregate cost of up to Rs 2.00 lac.) Demonstration of advancements. (At first 100% concede in-help for buy of innovation) Training of agriculturists, business people and Scientists.

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Post Harvest Management Scheme under NHM Under NHM amid 2005-06 to 2008-09, add up to 952 pack houses,65cold capacity units,1 CA stockpiling unit,21 refrigerated vans,162 units of portable/essential preparing units have been set up. Significant States which are yet to Use PHM Component: Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Jharkhand, Kerala, M.P.,T.N.

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Issues for Discussions Expedite the procedure of market changes by bringing revision on the lines of Model Act and Rules. Operationalize and guarantee consistent revealing of market information in light of a legitimate concern for ranchers and other market members To advance institutionalization & reviewing of agrarian products and elevate makers' level evaluating To advance Private interest in setting up discount markets, terminal markets, Direct Marketing and Contract Farming To create frosty fasten to guarantee better attractiveness of organic products & vegetables Progress of Marketing Infrastructure and Rural Godown Schemes are moderate in NE Region and States of Goa, J&K, Jharkhand, Uttarakhand

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COLD CHAIN STATUS IN INDIA Cold Chain is symbolized by Cold Stores in India 5100 Cold Stores with 21M.MT limit Av. Limit 3900MT UP & WB represents over 60% More than 80% are remain solitary Potato Cold Stores Only 0.2% icy stores are for F&V Use of low level innovation brings about high power utilize Average use: 6 months a year POINT OF HARVEST PRE – COOLING CA STORE REFR. TRANSPORT POINT OF SALE

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Recommendations of Task Force on Cold Chain Development in India Creation of Additional Infrastructure Capacity : - Integrated Pack House, Controlled Atmospheric Store, Ripening Chamber, Cold Stores - Up degree of existing potato icy stores Creation of Mega Perishable Commodity Centers Creation of Special Purpose Vehicle for Cold Logistics Creation of Multi-modular National Green Grid System Creation of National Center of chilly Chain Development (NCCD) Subsidy be Linked to Standardized Infrastructure Encouraging Use of Renewable wellspring of vitality in Cold Chain