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National Association for Developmental Education 33rd Annual Conference February 25-29 Greensboro, N.C.

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Teaching Math to Students who are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing Department of Mathematics and Computer Science Bergen Community College 400 Paramus Road Paramus, New Jersey 07652 Telephone: 201-447-7975 Linda Kass Melanie Walker Robert Fusco Tia Ivanko

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AGENDA Bergen Community College Developmental Math Department Accommodations for understudies with handicaps The Center for Collegiate Deaf Education Areas of concern when utilizing housing as a part of formative math courses American gesture based communication deciphered math video tapes; making everything fair A Sample Lesson

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BERGEN COMMUNITY COLLEGE Located in the more noteworthy metropolitan New York City range Comprehensive junior college AA, AS, and AAS degrees Certificates Enrollment Approximately 16,000 understudies Multicultural, multiethnic populace More than 18% with a self-unveiled and recorded inability

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Bergen Community College Developmental Math Classes 6,500 understudies enlisted every year in Developmental Basic Math and Algebra Sections 270 segments of Developmental Basic Math and Algebra 250 " Typical" segments in Basic math and Algebra 20 "Extraordinary math" classes

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"Run of the mill" Math Sections Class meets for 80 minutes, twice per week Class size is 30 understudies Heterogeneous gatherings

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Special Math classes MAT 011AL – Classes Arithmetic accuplacer score, 20-30 Meet three times each week with for 55 minutes Have a connected support. With PC supported guideline MAT 012CA-Classes; Fast track Arithmetic accuplacer score, 60-76 Seven week 011 number juggling course that is done in the PC lab. Connected with a general starting polynomial math class Students finish their formative math necessity speedier. Tangle 010, 033, 034, Linked Support classes Students rehashing formative math classes for a third time .

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" Reasonable' Accommodations Rehabilitation Act of 1973 - Section 504 Students who have self recognized, gave documentation of an inability, and demand facilities are qualified for get endorsed alterations, fitting conformities, or helper associates to empower them to take an interest in and advantage from every single instructive program and exercises. Facilities ought not be a principal modification of nature of the course, substance, or movement.

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Accommodations At Bergen Extended-Time testing Assistive Technology Readers Scribes Recording of addresses Calculator Medical Assistance Computer Personal Counseling Sign dialect interpreters Speech-to-content [C-print] Note-taking administrations Permanent coaching Individual enlistment help

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The New Jersey Regional Center for Collegiate Deaf Education ABOUT CCDE: Northern Regional Center for understudies who are Deaf & Hard of Hearing Established with a give from the NJ Commission on Higher Education Works cooperatively with Bergen's Office of Specialized Services The point of the Center is to support understudies in their dedication to advanced education through complete bolster administrations and individual improvement openings. Focus Highlights: Staff whom are familiar clients of American Sign Language with solid foundations in Deaf Education. An extensive pool of profoundly qualified administration suppliers. Access to assets inside the school and group. A long history of administration and support of Deaf and in need of a hearing aide understudies.

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Students with a listening to misfortune at Bergen Spring 2009 28 understudies 18 Deaf & essential method of correspondence is gesture based communication 10 HOH don't utilize or know gesture based communication Fall 2008 26 understudies 16 Deaf & essential method of correspondence is communication through signing 10 HOH don't utilize or know communication through signing Fall & Spring 2005 59 students* Students taking Developmental courses 12/18 Developmental Math 8 of the 12 are additionally taking Developmental English

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Common Classroom Accommodations for understudies with a Hearing misfortune Sign Language Interpreters Peer note-takers Permanent companion & proficient mentoring

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Challenges in Math Courses Interpreting Services 2. Peer note-taking 3. Coaching 4. Understudies abilities

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Using communication via gestures mediators Concerns: Interpreters may not be alright with the math ideas and math wording Interpreters may not generally be same translator for all classes Interpretation is truly an interpretation to an "alternate" dialect Interpretation requires preparing time

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Using Peer Note-Takers Concerns: Securing a note-taker Will you get a volunteer? Nature of notes Will the notes be precise? Will the note-taker be on time? Conveyance of notes Will the notes be duplicated and passed out to the understudies? Will the note taker give the notes to the understudies who are missing?

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Tutoring Services Concerns: Tutor & understudy utilize a translator for correspondence Tutor may not utilize an indistinguishable terms from the teacher Coordination of coaching times between mentor, understudy and mediator is troublesome

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Students' Challenges Students: Have trouble understanding English in the math content Receive deciphered as well as translated message Have trouble viewing a mediator and the load up in the meantime Have trouble taking notes and viewing the mediator in the meantime

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Student Comments What do you consider your first dialect? 37.5% said English, then American Sign Language half said American Sign Language 12.5 % said Both English & American Sign Language Which do you incline toward on recordings for learning elucidations or shut inscriptions? 25 % incline toward shut inscriptions just half lean toward elucidations 25% favor both shut subtitles & translation

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Student Comments Cont… Where do you look amid Math lessons? 38% Watch the board rather than the translator 13% Watch just the mediator 38% Watch the board AND the mediator ** 11% did not react to this question Do you watch the translator more in Math? ** 66% Watch the translator more than in different courses 13% Said no distinction 21% did not react to this question

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What works? As indicated by the understudies When the teachers … . I adapted better Wrote data plainly on the load up Made time for additional help; sat with me & clarified ideas regulated Took time to become acquainted with me & to build up a positive relationship Paid consideration regarding me similarly Were adaptable and gave personal time to comprehend Allowed personal time to make inquiries

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How would we as teachers attempt to make everything fair for understudies who are hard of hearing or almost deaf?

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: The recordings give the accompanying: All lessons are contained in one field of vision The lessons are predictable, utilizing a similar translator The video can be put on respite The video can likewise be utilized by any understudy

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Videos Also… The video can be replayed Students won't have to demand deciphering administrations Math terms can be obviously characterized before the lessons

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Sample Interpreted Video

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