NAS Performance Metrics: Begin in light of the End

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NAS Performance Metrics: Begin because of the End Norm Fujisaki Metron AVIATION AND THE ENVIRONMENT: ISSUES & METHODS September 27-28, 2007 George Mason University First exhibited at NEXTOR NAS Performance Symposium Asilomar, September 2007

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Metrics Taxonomy Passive Active Metrics

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Metrics Space Accuracy What is occurring? Scope, Data How would we get things going? Extreme Impact

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Understanding Underlying Mechanisms Service Provider People Procedures Finances Technology Etc. Input Output Customers People Procedures Finances Technology Etc. Must will to address multifaceted nature of partner interests and practices

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Connecting Everybody's Economics Fleet blend Schedules Fares Airline Economics Airline Behaviors Shop Buy Fly Pax Economics Pax Behaviors NAS Behaviors NAS Economics You parents in aeronautics are empowering the wasteful utilization of important, restricted assets . – Vernon Smith, 1 st NEXTOR Wye River Conf.

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Controllers and Throughput Positive Incentives Natural Interest in Higher Throughput + - Behaviors Output - Consequences of OEs Natural Interest in Not Working Too Hard Need to address security and proficiency – together. Consider including motivators.

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Environmental Forces at Work Suppliers, Emitters Technology Market Economics Environmental Consequences Public Policy Industry PR Metrics Public Perceptions & Behaviors Politicians Public Awareness Public Activism Public discernment and practices might be vital to our future

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Psychology of Change Behaviors Performance Outcomes Taking Actions People Motivation & Incentives Formulation of Change Actions Metrics Perception/Interpretation of Metrics: could be a great deal more than just measures

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Begin in view of the End Think "dynamic" measurements Tackle intricacy of partner premiums and inspirations Integrate measurements and everything else at last expected to accomplish enhanced execution Close basic criticism circles; think "financial flagging." Think "money bar"; associate utilization and installment for utilization. Intentionally address security, productivity, environment - together Reward wanted practices; think "inspiration" and "motivations" Include human discernment, elucidation, activity detailing, and activity. Think "human component" and the brain research of measurements.