Mystery and profound Experience

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Magic and profound Experience

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Opening reflections: When you hear "enchantment" what quickly rings a bell? Have you ever had an ordeal that you should think about "profound" in nature? How might you depict this experience?

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Manifestations of the Spirit Psychomotor reactions: uncontrolled development (being killed in the soul) Speaking in tongues (glossolalia) Visions and voices : seeing and listening to things past extent of the physical faculties (dreams of Mary) Miracles Feelings of happiness , "top" encounters Feelings of peace and prosperity

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Kinds of Spiritual Experience (how it is seen by us) Confirming : an evident "knowing" that what one accepts is genuine Possession : being overwhelmed by a profound power (e.g. diverting, being "killed in the soul") Saving : deliverance from tribulation or feeling of wholeness Commissioning : being charged by the blessed to fulfill an assignment, being given a mission Mystical : feeling of being unified with the sacred

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Mystical experience can be… Introvertive or Extravertive (nature enchantment) Theistic or non-mystical Spontaneous or incited Tradition-bound or autonomous Mysticism is the immediate, inward experience of the One, All-Pervading, and Supreme Reality

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Classic cases of experiences with the blessed Arjuna sees Krishna in his unadulterated shape (Hinduism) Moses sees and hears God in a blazing shrubbery (Judaism) Saul sees a light glimmer from paradise and hears a voice (making progress toward Damascus) (Christianity)

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More Classic cases Muhammad is taken up to the most noteworthy paradise to lounge within the sight of the heavenly (the "Night Journey") (Islam) Joseph Smith sees two "personages" of light who give him a mission (Mormon) Baha'u'llah sees and hears a lady of light announce him to be the "best darling" (Baha'i) Black Elk sees the solidarity of all, seeing more than he sees and seeing more than he can tell (Native American)

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Characteristics of Mystical Experience: An adjusted condition of awareness: Timeless : no feeling of time and space (vast and endless) Oneness : feeling of connectedness or solidarity with all that is Noetic : Revelation of learning Beyond conscience : no feeling of self (ingestion into the one – fana, satori, sunyata, samadhi)

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More Characteristics of Mystical Experience: Ineffable : stunning to express Sense that everything is alive Emotions, for example, ecstasy, peace, serenity, stunningness Sense of flawlessness that might be called "heavenly," "hallowed," or "awesome" How otherworldly would you say you are? (self overviews)

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Mystical conventions on the planet's religions Judaism: Kabbalah , Zohar and the Sefirot Islam: Sufism Gnosticism Some Christian Mystics: Thomas à Kempis (14 th penny) Teresa of Avila (16 th penny) George Fox (17 th penny, organizer of the Quak ers) Thomas Merton (20 th penny) A Hindu Mystic: Ramakrishna (19 th penny) Zen Buddhism

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Mysticism on the Web: Mysticism Resources Page: The Gnosis Archive: Baruch World Center for Kabbalah Studies Threshold Society:" established inside the customs of Sufism and motivated by the life and work of Mevlâna Jalâluddîn Rumi" Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center of New York: