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In last birthday party, I had an excursion with my companions. I took it at ... At the gathering, I frequently welcome numerous individuals to go to my birthday party. ...

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My own experience Today, I'm extremely happy to say a couple words in regards to my own involvement with NSE. This is the second year of educating a similar course book. In any case, one contrast is to show NSE just in my classroom. Before utilizing NSE, I needed to include a few supplementary instructing materials. NSE not just brings down understudies, it likewise enhances higher understudies' capacities.

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For lower understudies: Teach them regulated with the course book, exercise manual, perusing, appraisal, Level A & B Test Paper. They can claim a CD-Rom and practice their English with it. The greater part of the materials are great and appropriate to the current circumstance with New Curriculum.

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For higher understudies: Pre-errand is truly a decent route for these understudies, which can enhance their capacities in learning English. For instance: We can utilize these approaches to learn English.

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Words Brainstorm Famous people Healthy and undesirable nourishment and beverages Vegetables Writing

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manufacturing plant A: What do your folks do? B: They are specialists. A: Do they work in the plant ? B: Yes, they do.

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healing center An: I'm feeling sick, mother. B: Then I should call the specialist. A: But we lack specialist's phone number. B: Then, I'll need to send you to the healing center .

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lodging A: Where will you go on this business trip? B: I " ll go to Beijing. A: Where will you remain? Will you remain in a lodging ? B: Yes, I " ll remain in Friendship Hotel . A: That " s incredible! That " s a five-star lodging .

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Office A: Hello. Might you be able to let me know where Mr . Liu is? B: I believe that he is in the eatery. A: But he isn " t there. B: Well, perhaps he is in his office now. A: Thank you in particular. B: You " re welcome.

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school A: Where are you concentrate now? B: I " m concentrating on in Chen Jinglun Junior High School . A: Which review would you say you are in? B: I " m in Grade7 . A: Do you like your school ? B: Yes, I like it in particular.

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college An: In which college would you like to study later on? B: I have no clue. You should? An: I need to think about in Beijing University after I move on from secondary school. B: I truly trust your fantasy will work out as expected.

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Chinese cabbage hot pepper bean VEGETABLE cabbage cucumber garlic eggplant turnip green pepper carrot

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pineapple grape pear organic product peach watermelon orange strawberry apple banana

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鸭肉 羊肉 duck lamb 鱼 angle pork meat lobster 猪肉 龙虾 shrimp meat chicken 虾 牛肉 鸡肉

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dessert cook meat broiled chicken UNHEALTHY FOOD ground sirloin sandwich French fries pizza sandwich

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Do you know these creatures?

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angle monkey camel meat wind wilderness polar bear abandon America the Arctic Africa THE WORLD OF ANIMALS Europe Asia tiger woodland panda wolf

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Britney Spears is a prominent tunes vocalist. She was conceived in 1982, and now she is 23 years of age. She is American. A considerable measure of fans are wild about her.

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David Beckham is a major ball game star. He is from England, and he is English. He was conceived in 1976, and now he is 29 years of age. A considerable measure of ball game fans worship him in particular, due to his fabulous ball game expertise.

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Jackie Chan is a celebrated motion picture star in China. His Chinese name is ChenGangsheng, and his stage name is ChengLong. Jackie Chan is from Shandong, yet he was conceived in Hang Kong on Apr. 7 th ,1954, and now he is 51 years of age. His tallness is 174cm, and his weight is 63kg. He put on a considerable measure of plays and bacome famous.

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YangLiwei is from Liaoning. He was conceived in 1965, and now he is 40 years of age. In any case, on Oct.15 th , 2003, he and the ShenZhou-5 travel to the sky together. It not just give China a chance to end up the third enormous space-flight nation, additionally let the greater part of the world recollect his name, Yang Liwei. Yang Liwei is known as the legend of China. What's more, now many people revere him.

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In our every day life, we know a considerable measure of nourishment and drink with respect to various traditions.

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Eating for Good Luck On New Year's Day, numerous individuals eat extraordinary nourishments for good fortunes in the new year.

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Some Chinese individuals eat tangerines . Tangerines are round. Round sustenances end and start once more, similar to years.

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It is a Jewish custom to eat apples with nectar for a sweet new year.

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Greeks eat vasilopitta , bread with a coin inside. Everybody tries to discover the coin for fortunes and cash in the new year.

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In Spain and some Latin American nations, individuals eat twelve grapes at midnight on New Year's Eve-one grape for good fortunes in every month of the new year.

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On New Year's Day in Japan, individuals eat mochi-rice cakes for quality in the new year.

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Some Americans from southern states eat dark peered toward peas and rice with collard greens . The dark looked at peas resemble coins, and the greens resemble dollars.

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On McDonald's Foods Module 5 Healthy Food Wang Xinran Vera Wang Class 4 , Grade 7

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McDonald's Foods Do you generally eat McDonald " s nourishments? Is it accurate to say that they are useful for your wellbeing? Presently let " s see.

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McDonald's Foods in Adults' Eyes Most grown-ups surmise that McDonald's nourishments are undesirable. Above all else, they believe they're too slick, they'll make individuals fat. Also, McDonald's nourishments are poor in sustenance. Kids require distinctive supplements each day to help them develop solid, play long, and learn better in school, however McDonald's sustenances lack vitamins and minerals for children.

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McDonald's Foods in Children's Eyes Children love to visit McDonald's. Firstly, the nourishments are truly scrumptious to them. Besides, McDonald's is an eatery, as well as a diversion world ,there they can play cheerfully. Thirdly, numerous stars , who are cherished by kids, make notices for McDonald's, for instance: Yao Ming, the well known ball player and Wang Lihong, a cool pop artist. Youngsters can get a flawless blessing on the off chance that they purchase "Cheerful Meals" . It's a decent place to remain with established music. In any case, eating McDonald's sustenance is truly terrible for kids.

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McDonald's Foods in My Eyes I make the most of McDonald's sustenances for their pleasant tastes. In any case, I don't have dinners there all the time, since I comprehend that a ton of the nourishments aren't useful for my wellbeing. What's more, to be sound, one must have an adjusted eating regimen and requirements to eat a wide range of nourishments.

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Hamburger many people likes ground sirloin sandwiches in particular, since they think cheeseburger is extremely tasty. KFC has numerous sorts of cheeseburgers. They are: chicken burger, meat ground sirloin sandwich, angle cheeseburger.

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Coke In China , there are such a large number of individuals get a kick out of the chance to drink Coke ,since it is exceptionally tasty. Be that as it may, I think we ought to drink Coke only a bit, since Coke has got some caffeine. It's awful for our wellbeing.

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Cauliflower is a sort of vegetable. It has yellow fruitage with green takes off. It was evolvement from cabbage. Cauliflower was planted in Europe, amidst 19 th century , cauliflower started to plant in China . Agriculturists frequently plant cauliflower in southward.

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Celery is a sort of vegetable. It's green . It has caudexes and green abandons, it looks exceptionally decent ! Celery is a sort of vegetable, as well as a sort of Chinese conventional medication( 中药) . In our nation , Shan Xi is the best place to plant celery.

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Cucumber is a sort of green vegetable. It's long and green. Cucumber blossom's appearance is in summer. Blooms are yellow and they have five petals( 花瓣 ) . Cucumber is succulent and cool. Cucumber looks extremely pleasant , do you suspect as much?

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Onion is a sort of vegetable, too.But it is not green, it's purple. It would seem that garlic( 蒜) , however they are distinctive. It has numerous sorts of nourishment. It enjoys wet and warm and it doesn't care for dry and frosty. Since it has numerous sorts of nourishment and useful for out health.Some individuals call onion is the ruler of vegetables.

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Tomato is red,juicy and acrid. It experiences childhood with the rattan. It has blooms. Blossoms are yellow and have 5~7petals. Blossoms regularly show up in summer and pre-winter. Agriculturists lift them up in summer. It looks dazzling, would it say it isn't?

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Lettuce is a sort of vegetable.It has bunches of leaves and it's green. Lettuce likes frosty and cool. In northward , agriculturists plant lettuce in summer. In southward , rancher plant lettuce in harvest time.

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Introduction My school Make a welcome to one of his/her companions. My school day Celebrate your birthday and pick birthday presents. My most loved creatures

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Hello! my name is Miss Li. I'm an English educator and I'm Chinese. I'm from Wuhan. I didn't know anything about my understudies at to begin with, so I asked them: What's your name? what's more, Where are you from? At that point a young lady stood up and said: " My name is LingLing. I'm from Beijing. I'm twelve years of age and I'm Chinese." Then she presented her companion, Daming to me. Daming stood up and said: Hello! I'm Daming, I'm twelve years of age and from Beijing. LingLing is my companion. All of a sudden, I saw a modest kid is sitting at the edge of the classroom as of now, I pointed at him and said: Could you present yourself? The kid stood up and said: "My name is WangHui, I'm thirteen years of age and I'm from Shanghai. I'm an understudy in Class one." At last, I said to them :You're all extremely smart, and your English talking is very great, I truly make the most of your presentation!

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building incorporate play area labs and workplaces A3 A1 A4 A2

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E x e r c i s e s Talk about our school. 1.Are there any school workplaces? 2.Where are the classrooms? 3.Where'