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We convey ebooks to various significant retailers (Apple, Sony, B&N, Kobo, and so on ... Since THEY CONTROLLED THE PRINTING PRESSES AND DISTRIBUTION TO BOOKSTORES ...

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My Background

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About me Founder of Smashwords Free digital book distributed and circulation stage for independent writers We appropriate ebooks to various real retailers (Apple, Sony, B&N, Kobo, and so forth.) Author of…

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Backstory on Smashwords Co-composed novel with spouse, Lesleyann Landed top NYC abstract operator Rejected by all NY distributers (twice) Decided distributed was broken. Acknowledged: Acquisition choices in light of saw business justify Publishers not able to go out on a limb on each writer Readers close out of process My answer: Smashwords Ebook distributed and dissemination stage permits any writer to independently publish and circulate a digital book, for FREE

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How Smashwords Works UPLOAD Author/distributer transfers a Microsoft Word document, designed to our Style Guide CONVERT We consequently change over to 9 digital book positions PUBLISH Ready for prompt deal online Distribute to significant retailers PAY Authors/distributers get 85% of net

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Smashwords retailers (halfway) (pending) Mobile applications

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Indie ebooks distributed at Smashwords 21,000 6,000 140

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A BRIEF HISTORY OF PUBLISHING (and what it implies for your future)

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Before there were words, stories were told with pictures

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… and after that Words were imagined

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… and afterward religious recorders turned into the primary large scale manufacturing printing presses

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… and after that Gutenberg made the printing press with moveable sort

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… which permitted business distributers to grow vast mass market organizations

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Publishers were in control Publishers chose: Which writers got distributed Which books could get dispersed to book shops get overwhelming advancement get read by perusers

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TREND ONE: Bookselling moving to the Web

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Bookselling moves to the Web Customer drivers: Price Convenience Selection Self-distributed books (P-& E-) showed next to each other with conventional books Publishers lose control If block & mortar vanishes, distributers lose key esteem suggestion: restrictive access to conveyance and perusers

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Percentage of book buys made online versus B&M, P-and E-Web Brick & Mortar Today?

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TREND TWO: Authors Become Publishers

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Authors get to be distributers Self-distributed stages permit creators to sidestep distributers Equal access to conveyance Favorable financial aspects for non mainstream players procure 40-100% of retail value, versus 5-12% More expert creators will go non mainstream mass migration up and coming?

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Number of books distributed independent versus conventional Indie books New trad. books Today?

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TREND THREE: As Reading Moves to Screens, Ebooks Will Overtake print

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Reading moving to screens

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Ebooks as a rate of US discount exchange showcase Source: Association of American Publishers,

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Ebooks to overwhelm print Ebooks Print books Today?

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Why ebooks are hot Screens can offer preferable perusing knowledge over paper Changeable text dimension An A Portable and minimized Ebooks offer better obtaining background Huge choice Convenient inspecting and buying Lower cost than print

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Big NY Publishers Reacting Inappropriately to Change, Face Legacy Disadvantages ooh, lovely!

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Change is Difficult for Traditional Publishers

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… their costs are too high

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… they're presented to an excessive amount of hazard Pay writer propels Can't foresee request numerous books fall flat and don't procure out Amazon is having distributers for lunch Vertically incorporated from writers to perusers Broken production network 30%+ of printed books came back to distributer unsold

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Print book inventory network broken for conventional distributers PRINT BOOKS Print Publisher printer Shipper/w/d book retailer client go along leftover portion Used book shops

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… distributers attempt to alleviate chance Adopt client antagonistic arrangements Publish less books Scarcity strategies to keep up higher costs Limit overall dissemination DRM Adopt writer unpleasant approaches Reluctance to gain books from dubious writers Require writers to accept all the more altering, showcasing duty

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When distributers act less like distributers, writers begin addressing why they require a distributer

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The eventual fate of distributed has a place with outside the box writers and distributers

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Summary of Indie Author/Publisher Advantages Internet book purchasing levels playing field for independents Both print and digital book Smaller non mainstream writers/distributers moment access to worldwide market democratized appropriation nearer to clients bring down costs never leave print acquire more per book

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Indie digital book writers win more per book Higher benefits than customary print Price ebooks for less yet still make more per duplicate than generally pubbed print writers $8 non mainstream digital book wins $6.35 at SW, versus <$.40 trad MMP $.99 non mainstream digital book wins more than $8.00 trad MMP Lower cost = achieve more perusers = more deals at higher benefits per deal Trad. digital book writers gain 25% net Indie writers/distributers win 70-85% net MMP=Mass showcase soft cover, otherwise known as "wallet" in a few nations

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How to distribute a digital book

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Planning your turn to ebooks Forget (some of) what you know Don't attempt to make e-look like p-Ebooks expended contrastingly that print Less = more with ebooks Liberate content from complex arranging and design Ebooks are shape moving animals (see next slide)

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Ebook gadgets (and clients) shape move content Example of Smashwords novel, All Good Things Die in L.A. by Anhoni Patel iPhone, utilizing the Stanza peruser. Client chose alternatives: Font: Verdana; Background design: Stone cutting; content shading: Dark Violet; Font estimate: bigger than ordinary

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Multi-organize essential Multiple digital book positions PDF does not = digital book any longer Multi-arrange gives client a chance to make the most of your book their direction Expands your offering & circulation choices

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Most mainstream digital book groups

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How to Create an Ebook Preparation Most print books begin in Word, InDesign and Quark Anticipate the shape move Simplify designing and format, see Smashwords Style Guide at Conversion Options Automated (e.g. Amazon, Smashwords) Direct from book design programming (e.g. spare as PDF, EPUB) Conversion apparatuses (Google 'digital book transformation instruments') Complex books (employ digital book formatter/coder)

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The Seven Secrets to Indie Ebook Publishing Success

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Secret #1

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#1 Write a Great Book With the ability to distribute comes the duty to be an awesome distributer Honor your peruser with an incredible book Be over the top about quality Edit, reexamine, alter, amend, rehash Leverage beta perusers Invest in an extraordinary cover picture

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Would You Buy This Book?

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Secret Two

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#2 Write Another Great Book Build an archive Each new book offers the chance to showcase your archive The top of the line writers on Smashwords have profound archives Build trust with your peruser

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Secret Three

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#3 Maximize Distribution If your book is not accessible, it's not discoverable Retailers contribute a huge number of dollars to draw in perusers to your book Consider utilizing a wholesaler to get your book sold in whatever number digital book stores as would be prudent * invest your energy composing * Smashwords is a merchant, so obviously I trust this

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Secret Four

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#4 Give (Some of) Your Books away for Free The most misconstrued, most underutilized market advancement apparatus If you have a profound archive, offer no less than one book for nothing Eliminates money related hazard for first-time perusers The most elevated netting writers/distributers at Smashwords offer no less than one free book Additional asset: Read FREE, by Chris Anderson

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Secret Five

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#5 Trust Your Readers and Partners If you hone distrustfulness, you and your books should live in a surrender Trust your perusers DRM is counterproductive If you don't believe your perusers to respect your copyright, you'll achieve less paid perusers Trust your production network accomplices If you restrict conveyance because of absence of trust, you shoot yourself in the foot

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Secret Six

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#6 Have Patience Rome wasn't work in a day, and neither one of the wills be your distributed realm Ebooks can grow contrastingly Trad. print books – huge offer in, then yanked from racks, then deals go to almost zero Ebooks – can begin little and become gradually before breakout Ebooks are godlike Never leave print Think of every book as an advantage that will yield pay over the long haul

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Secret Seven

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#7 Marketing Starts Yesterday Marketing begins before you compose your book Build your interpersonal organization Contribute, share thoughts, bolster your kindred authors Don't spam your system Your informal organization will help you achieve first perusers Your perusers are your business constrain Give them instruments to advertise your books for you Network your books with hyperlinks Resource: Smashwords Book Marketing Guide

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BONUS Secret Eight

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Secret #8 Architect for Virality Secrets #1 - #7 boost virality Books have dependably been a verbal business Your perusers decide your prosperity Facilitate frictionless informal Understand the idea of "first peruser"

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The Viral Dream First peruser Readers

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Viral Decay, The Reality First peruser Readers .:ts