MUS1100 Investigating Music World Music Semester 1, 2006

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From: Original Javanese Music: Wedding and Welcome function Vol. 3Keraton ... For wedding, circumcisions, celebrations of the regal court of Yogya and Solo ...

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MUS1100 Exploring Music World Music Semester 1, 2006 Music of Indonesia with Dr. Made Mantle Hood

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Today's Lecture Part I. Chronicled foundation PartII. West Sumatra Part III. Focal Java Part IV. Bali

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Gong-toll Cultures Historical Background: eighth Cen. Borobudur Budhist landmark base reliefs of instruments 13-sixteenth Majahpahit Hindu Javanese Empire Court Arts, music and move for the god-lord 16-nineteenth Cen. Islamic control and Dutch provinces twentieth Cen. Island archipelago bound together as Indonesia

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West Sumatra: Minangkabau People good countries use little gongs and percussion in a symphony called Talempong - four little knobbed kettlegongs played by two to four players joined by drums called Gandang - twofold headed tapered drums

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Musical illustration: Trk 2Talipuak Kampai Talempong Sikatuntuang Bunga Setangkai Played by gathering of elderly ladies from Padang Alai. Six talempong played by four players, two-headed drum played with stick and hand. Music of Indonesia Vol. 12 – Gongs and Vocal Music from Sumatra. Smithsonian Folkways, 1996 CD2596

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Tari Piring - 'plate move' (Kartomi 1983: 117)

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Central Java: Gamelan - huge percussion ensemble of bronze gongs, drums, string instruments and woodwinds. 50 to 60 performers/artists Four instrument bunches 1. gongs 2. metallophones 3. melodic instruments 4. percussion

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Gongs: Gong Ageng - the biggest bronze gong, 1 meter in distance across, venerated for its sonic/otherworldly power Kempul - littler tuned gongs that accentuate song

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Metallophones: Saron - single octave set of thick bronze pieces suspended over a solitary trough resonator. Played with hard wooden hammer. Three octaves: demung - low barung - center peking - high Gender - multi-octave thin bronze keys with individual bamboo resonators. Played with two cushioned plate hammers and goes about as melodic pioneer.

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Java Listening Example: Trk 6 Lancaran Manyar Sewu Sl. Manyura From: Original Javanese Music: Wedding and Welcome service Vol. 3Keraton Records 1991, CD 193.

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Central Javanese Gamelan (Kartomi 1983:3122)

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Performance Context Wayang Kulit - shadow manikin theater stories from the Indian legends Mahabharata and Ramayana Dhalang or pupperteer coordinates symphony, works puppest, sing spoetry, talks discourse for all characters - average execution keeps going from 9pm to 6am For wedding, circumcisions, celebrations of the regal court of Yogya and Solo

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Bali: the gamelan gong gede Gong kebyar video 'Celebration 2004 Composed by Nyoman Winda "Lekesan" Flashy music and outfits in a virtuosic style

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Map of Bali

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Metallophones The three octaves of the gangsa family

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Summary Bronze instruments frame a noteworthy piece of customary and contemporary Indonesian musical personality. Gamelan in its different structures from Sumatra, Java and Bali are instruments key to the music of Indonesia