Moving up to Hyperion Planning System 9.3 Utilizing Hyperion in a Downturn Economy June third, 2009

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Moving up to Hyperion Planning System 9.3 & Utilizing Hyperion in a Downturn Economy June third, 2009

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DENSO & Hyperion Topics A little foundation about DENSO Upgrading to System 9.3 Utilizing Planning and Essbase amid a downturn 2

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Background - DENSO in the Americas DENSO is a main worldwide provider of car innovation, frameworks and parts DENSO International America, Inc.: 100% Owned by DENSO Global in Japan N.A. Provincial Headquarters: Southfield, Mich. Organizations: 38 Employees: 17,000 Net Sales: US$6.5 billion Operating Income: US$247.4 million As of March 31, 2007 U.S. dollar sums have been deciphered from Japanese yen for comfort just at the rate of 118 yen= US$1 Sales figures speak to aggregate deals by DENSO organization areas, including deals between DENSO organizations. 3

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Background - Hyperion @ DENSO Hyperion Planning has been being used at DENSO for as long as four years supporting around 500 clients. Presented at NA HQ in Southfield, Mich. – 2004 Implemented at two plants in Tenn. – 2005 Implemented at plant in Battle Creek, Mich. – 2006 Implemented at plant in Arkansas - 2007 5

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Background - Hyperion @ DENSO Hyperion Essbase – since 2005 (beforehand utilized Enterprise) Note: HFM utilized for Global Consolidations NA Consolidations Treasury Cash Flow Quality PPM Reporting Credit Limit Analysis AR Analysis BOD Dashboard Related Technology being used at DENSO JDE – General Ledger Oracle – HR (Benefits & Performance Management) 6

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Planning @ DENSO

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Dept arrange Dept arrange Dept arrange Dept arrange ORACLE (wage) JDE (FA) JDE (P/L) Summarize OCEANS (sexually transmitted disease cost) Manual calc Manual calc Manual calc Create Plan P/L Manual Collection of information Plan Analysis (come back to each source document) Follow-up Actual versus Arrange (come back to each source record) Planning @ DENSO: Problem Solving Why Planning? Escape from Excel (just) Hell 8

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Planning @ DENSO: Centralized Planning Environment 9

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Planning @ DENSO: Core Benefits Data precision enhancements from an expanded measure of emphasess that can be performed in an arranging cycle Calculation and union consistency (evacuates the spreadsheet mistakes issue, manual combination) Capability for month to month estimating Data honesty Security Versions (Working, Final, What-if's) & Scenarios (Actual, Plan, Forecast) 10

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Upgrading to System 9.3 Planning

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Upgrading – Approval Process Complete Internal endorsement prepare (est. four month handle; Completed in May 2008) Finance & IT driven; 20+ PowerPoint page documentation prepare Used to create agreement between everybody affected and guarantee ROI Negotiation with Hyperion and HW merchants Interviews with organizations who made this bounce 12

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Upgrading – Approval Process ROI Worksheet – Identified Annual Savings and Spot (one-time future) investment funds 13

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Upgrading – Core Benefits Five W's & One H of DENSO Navigation, Office Integration (Smart View); Task Lists, Business Rules; Reporting Improvements; Security Management; Performance (in light of existing Essbase Sys9 use) Centralization of our HW Environments and fortifying of Production and Development Expanding systematic abilities to our end-clients; Managing spending plans at a more profound level 14

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Upgrading – Environment Pre-System9 15

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Upgrading – Future Environment 16

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Upgrading – Implementation Performed Migration (September 2008) Three-Week Migration extend once HW was prepared Two-Man group sitting with IT Group (server administrators) Five Applications; ~500 clients; Challenges: Migration of client gatherings; "NOLINK" UDA Dropped Load Balancing Only one web server in dev. Visit to each offshoot site to prepare managers and bolster end-client preparing Additional End-User preparing gave locally by overseers 17

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Utilizing Planning amid a Downturn

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Economic Slowdown: Backdrop NA HQ Challenges - Southfield Mich. In FY08, before the finish of the mid-year Planning cycle we understood we expected to re-vamp our revealing procedure Contingency Planning (from Cuts to Give Backs): Economic circumstance was deteriorating step by step Forced into a month to month guaging mode Three cut/give-back cycles before end of monetary year 19

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Economic Slowdown: Reporting Updating Management Reporting New Director of Corporate Planning expected to make a move: Updated what center costs ought to be overseen nearer From rundown of 300+ Accounts to ~100 with Categories 20

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Economic Slowdown: Reporting Updating Management Reporting New Director of Corporate Planning and Finance Controller Learned how to use the Hyperion instruments to explore the Planning database himself and create thoughts and performed investigation on the fly Hyperion Essbase Excel Add-In and Smart View Hyperion Financial Reporting – mechanized reports Hyperion Web Analysis – Expense Trending by Year 21

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Economic Slowdown: Reporting Updating Management Reporting New Director of Corporate Planning expected to make a move: Improve Department Management and Divisional month to month audit of Actual to Plan Process re-building on how departmental and divisional financials are surveyed Newly Designed Reports 22

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Economic Slowdown: Management Reporting Cont. Refreshing Management Reporting Report permits client to growing the classification down to the record level by tapping the bolt 23

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Economic Slowdown: Management Reporting Cont. Division clients download their answer to Excel to information Variance Explanations or Identify Give-Back circumstances: 24

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Economic Slowdown: Management Reporting Cont. Moreover, the division directors can join to get a bunch report consequently when we stack genuine information consistently: 25

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Where do did we go from [t]here?

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Where did we go from that point? Monetary Year 2009 Process Change: Implement a 'Quarterly Commitment' Scenario beside Plan to help us remain on spending plan for the year. Responsibility sum will be caught at a division add up to level. Dispense with spending differences toward the finish of each quarter: Under spending plan depts. dollars will be reallocated to division beat Over spending will be conveyed forward to be balanced by reallocations Planning Business tenets will consequently reallocate changes by dept into divisional placeholder 27

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Where did we go from that point? Moving to a perpetual change in planning & estimating for Fiscal Year 2009: Utilize web input shape & Smart View to catch Commitment sums at a Quarter level. Spending diminishment frames for changes in accordance with spending plan The sum is a by office for all records. 28

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Where did we go from that point? Moving to a lasting change in planning & determining for Fiscal Year 2009: Smart View Option: 29

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Plan – Commitment – Actual QTD Actual to Plan - QTD Where did we go from that point? Divisional Review Template – Used by Marketing, Engineering and Corporate Function Division Tops 30

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Where did we go from that point? Departmental Review Template – Used by all Department Managers in their divisional audits QTD Actual to Commitment Monthly Actual to Plan (by Acct) QTD Actual to Plan (by Acct) 31

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Where do we go from here? =