Mott Community College General Accounts Receivable Procedures

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Mott Community College General Accounts Receivable Procedures Ethel Mason, Supervisor Accounting X25533 Karen Amore, General A/R X20236

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Overview-General A/R What are General Accounts Receivable? Illustrations are: Catering, rentals, money related guide billings Anything that is not coordinated toward understudies themselves

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Agenda Customer number setup/upkeep Viewing client adjusts A/R codes, sorts use/setup Billing asks for Account observing Write off Request Form Refund asks for

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Invoice Request Form Used to charge a client. Makes new charges in Datatel MUST CONTAIN: Date of demand Customer ID# and Mailing address Academic term ( if pertinent) 12 digit G/L number OR A/R Code Description, PO# and additionally connections (no verbals) Amount for charging Requestor's mark

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Invoice ask for frame

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Customer Number Setup/Maintenance To keep away from copy accounts, the Accounting Office alone is in charge of setting up new client accounts. Call Accounting for new records or to report any progressions to client accounts. Utilize just ORGP to view client accounts .

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A/R codes 5 character code-Identifies which Datatel account number is used when charging a client. Call the Accounting Department if the right A/R code to use for a charging is not known.

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A/R Types 3-5 letter code-Used to separation General A/R Accounts and demonstrates to Datatel which Receivable General Ledger resource record to be utilized for a charging. Contact the Accounts Receivable Department if uncertain of which A/R Type to utilize.

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Invoice Adjustment Forms Used to change a receipt add up to after receipt has been made in Datatel. Used for DECREASES INCREASES require NEW Invoice Adjustment Form with proclamation unmistakable to void past receipt and make another one.

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Invoice Adjustment Form

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Sponsor Statement Request Form Used to charge a client when charges as of now show up in Datatel MUST CONTAIN: Date of demand Customer ID# and Mailing Address Academic term (if relevant) Sponsorship number Attachments with class/understudy detail Amount for charging Requestor's mark

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Recordkeeping side of support billings Keep adequate records on anything went into a sponsorship Keep receipt duplicates sent to you for future reference Put legitimate "proclamation" dates on or with support charging demand frame Attach duplicates of any connections to run with receipt

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Customer Statements All clients with record equalizations get an announcement on a month to month premise except for sponsorship clients Customers with parities more than 90 days get an extra letter as well as a phone call from Accounting

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Account Monitoring Review Open Invoice report got from Accounting..shows open solicitations more than 90 days. Fill "Accordingly Column" with solicitations for re-billings or benefits Send report back to Accounting with reactions Accounts might be seen in Datatel to help with checking

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Viewing Customer Balances ARAI-Account Inquiry-enter A/R sort ARTI-Term Summary Inquiry-enter A/R sort (shows by term) ARSI-Summary Inquiry-shows various types ARII-Invoice Inquiry –displays receipt

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Open Invoice Report

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Write Off Request Form Used to expel charges from a record MUST CONTAIN: Customer ID# and name Amount Name/title of requestor Academic term(if appropriate) Reason for discount Required marks

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Customer Refund Request Form Used to discount client that overpaid MUST CONTAIN: Date of demand Customer ID# and Mailing Address Academic term (if pertinent) Amount of discount Reason for discount Student name or unique receipt # ( if relevant) Signature of requestor

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Refund ask for frame

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Have an extraordinary day! Thank you for going to! The Accounting Department