MOSC Meeting Operations Market Manual overhauls

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IMO Hourly Pre-Dispatch/NYISO Balancing Market Evaluation Period ... Channel forestalls conveying dispatch directions for little changes in booked amounts ...

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´╗┐MOSC Meeting Operations Market Manual redesigns October 22, 2003 Presented by: Ron Falsetti Steve Cooper

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Changes MM 4.3 - Real-Time Scheduling of Ph. Mkts. IMO - NYISO Scheduling Protocol (IMDC 0051) Dispatch guideline upgraded separating (IMDC 0053) MM 7.1, 7.4 Policies, Procedures & 7.8 OPSRP - C hanges emerging from : August 14 th power outage + different possibilities; Power framework rebuilding works out; Operating store estimating initiative;and Voltage lessening test comes about.

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IMO - NYISO Scheduling Protocol

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IMO pre-dispatch plan consolidating NYISO Day Ahead duties posted IMO decides and posts first pre-dispatch plan 15:30 11:00 12:00 14:00 15:00 NYISO passes Day-Ahead responsibilities (with pre-plans recognized) to the IMO NYISO posts Day-Ahead trade plans IMO-NYISO Scheduling Protocol IMO Pre-Dispatch/NYISO Day Ahead Period

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IMO decides anticipated exchange plans for the dispatch hour in view of 2-hour ahead pre-dispatch run and passes them to NYISO IMO and NYISO affirm last trade plans T-75 T-30 T-60 T-100 Dispatch Hour T-40 T-120 T=0 NYISO hour ahead market closes NYISO channels BME offers utilizing data on trade plans acknowledged by the IMO 2-hour ahead pre-dispatch NYISO runs BME and posts BME comes about IMO-NYISO Scheduling Protocol IMO Hourly Pre-Dispatch/NYISO Balancing Market Evaluation Period

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Dispatch Instruction Filtering

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Existing Dispatch Filtering Filter avoids conveying dispatch directions for little changes in planned amounts New dispatch guidelines issued for arrangement of vitality transform from the past dispatch guideline gave more noteworthy than the lesser of 2% of greatest offer/offer ability and 10 MW

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Filtering Enhancements More versatile sifting capacity to keep up sufficiency and minimize CMSC that: incapacitates separating of dispatch guideline inside channel edges for: vitality asset dispatches to the offices HIGH or LOW working breaking point; and vitality diminishment changes when past dispatch direction is > max. offer

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Filtering Enhancements cont'd cripples separating like clockwork & before dispatch hour (interims 1, 7 and 12) grants channel edges to be vitality asset configurable

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Operating Policies and Procedures

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Policies & Procedures Enhance operational correspondence conventions & correspondence content including the IMO , transmitters & associated showcase members Potential changes to controlled rotational & U/F stack shedding Clarify strategies for crisis diminishment of major creating office yield to relieve OSL after a possibility.

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OPSRP Emergency Preparedness Task Force yearly survey of OPSRP - after the Nov. 26, 2003 practice Lessons gained from the Aug. 14 power outage EPTF supported Restoration Working Group input - end of Nov.

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OPSRP Cont'd Reinforce requirement for key office and basic segment testing Reinforce requirement for reclamation arrange advertise members to open circuit breakers

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Control Action Breakers

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Control Action Breakers By expelling from administration certain circuit breakers & disposing of the breaker disappointment possibility there are chances to enhance exchange capacities This is required for (TLR 4), yet can likewise calm interface blockage, upgrade our capacity to alleviate sufficiency concerns, and give extra exchange openings Should this strategy change be received it would oblige changes to market manual 7.4 and Appendix E "EOSCA list"