Montgomery Public Schools Facilities Consolidation and Rezoning

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Method of reasoning for Change. Decrease in working assets/prorationPoor facilitiesNeed to solidify to expand effective utilization of resourcesShifting demographics. DeJong Recommendations. Actualize ventures as assets get to be availableConsolidate schoolsEast secondary school top priorityConsolidate focal office functionsAggressively discard surplus propertyContract expert administrations as required.

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Montgomery Public Schools Facilities Consolidation and Rezoning SUPERINTENDENT'S PROPOSAL

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Rationale for Change Reduction in working assets/allocation Poor offices Need to solidify to amplify proficient utilization of assets Shifting socioeconomics

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DeJong Recommendations Implement extends as assets get to be distinctly accessible Consolidate schools East secondary school best need Consolidate focal office works Aggressively discard surplus property Contract proficient administrations as required

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DeJong Recommendations Conduct participation limit think about Acquire arrive for new schools Update arrange at regular intervals Pursue people group associations Seek financing for activities Involve the group

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Recommendations Summary Three stage program Implement Phase I in the 2011-2012 year Attendance zone consider Rezone to place youngsters in schools closest their homes Make full utilization of limit and diminish working expense by uniting schools Secure subsidizing QSCB/Bonds/Partnerships Secure land for new Lee/Capitol Heights (fall 2011) Authorize/secure site for new east secondary school, start configuration stage (April 2011)

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Recommendations Summary Implement Phase II more than 1 – 3 years Brewbaker Technology exercise center and cafeteria options (fall 2012) Consolidate Central Office (fall 2012) New eastside secondary school opens (fall 2013) Renovations to Lanier – gets to be magnet focus (fall 2013)

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Recommendations Summary Implement Phase III more than 4 – 6 years New grade school New Capitol Heights Middle School New Lee High School New school (K-8 or K-12) in the southern piece of the province (combine Pintlala/Dunbar-Ramer)

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Phase I Close the accompanying schools in 2011: Hayneville Road Elementary Harrison Elementary Head Elementary Seth Johnson Elementary (Becomes Floyd Middle Magnet) MacMillan Elementary Magnet McIntyre Middle Houston Hill Middle (Becomes MacMillan Elementary Magnet) Floyd Middle Magnet Daisy Lawrence

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Phase I Completely close or rent Old Bellingrath – conceivable rent to city

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Phase I Students from shut schools move: Hayneville Road Elementary to Morris, MLK, and Catoma Elementary Schools Harrison Elementary to Davis and McKee Elementary Schools Head Elementary to Morningview, Dalraida, Flowers, and Dozier Elementary Schools Seth Johnson Elementary to Floyd and McKee Elementary Schools

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Phase I MacMillan Elementary to Houston Hill Middle (takes into account inevitable increment in the quantity of openings) McIntyre Middle to Southlawn and Bellingrath Middle Schools Houston Hill Middle to Capitol Heights, Goodwyn, Brewbaker, and Bellingrath Middle Schools Floyd Middle Magnet to Seth Johnson Elementary School (takes into consideration inevitable increment in the quantity of spaces)

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Phase I Rezone whole locale Correct issues Put understudies as up close and personal as conceivable Revise zone fluctuation approach and systems Ensure strategy and strategies took after No "grandfathering" aside from rising seniors who meet criteria Revamp begin times to limit the need to procure extra transport drivers

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Little Demographic Change Only three schools have statistic class changes more prominent than 10 rate indicates due rezoning: Catoma: Increases Black from 38% to 46% Flowers: Increases White from 40% to 53%, diminishes Black from 54% to 42% Dalraida: Decreases White from 67% to 55%

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Current Proposed

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Current Proposed

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Current Proposed Capacity       Proposed Carver                    1400             1377 Lanier                     1483             1413 JD                          1639             1646 Lee                         1895             1770

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Phase I Costs/Savings Annual anticipated reserve funds of utilities if proposed schools are shut: Hayneville Road Elementary $111,499 Harrison Elementary $102,798 Head Elementary $ 83,231 MacMillan Elementary Magnet $ 49,381 McIntyre Middle $162,969 Floyd Middle Magnet $108,055 Daisy Lawrence $ 11,991 Total: $705,924

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Phase I Costs/Savings Annual anticipated investment funds with lessening of bolster staff: Hayneville Road Elementary $137,975 Harrison Elementary $ 96,891 Head Elementary $225,528 Houston Hill $233,045 McIntyre Middle $298,346 Johnson Elementary $ 130,031 Total: $1,121,816

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Phase I Costs/Savings Annual anticipated reserve funds with decrease of certificated faculty in overabundance of state financing: Hayneville Road Elementary $ 32,080 Harrison Elementary $ 47,274 Head Elementary $ 54,316 Houston Hill $ 76,330 McIntyre Middle $ 83,104 Johnson Elementary $ 44,035 Total: $ 337,139

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Phase I Costs/Savings ONE TIME anticipated reserve funds with lessening of work force: Hayneville Road Elementary $205,043 Harrison Elementary $209,774 Head Elementary $291,451 Houston Hill $303,830 McIntyre Middle $353,566 Johnson Elementary $239,035 Total: $1,602,681

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Phase I Costs/Savings Additional cost Moving: $36,000 (approx $6,000 per school for the six schools that are shutting) one time cost Minor remodels to Houston Hill and Seth Johnson $500,000 – one time cost Summer security cost – one time - $100,000

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Phase I Costs/Savings Totals One time/single year savings $1,602,861 One time/single year cost $ 636,000 Difference + $ 966,861 Annual investment funds $2,051,766

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Phase II New eastside secondary school opens Purchase and redesign existing working to in the long run house 1,400 understudies: cost approx. $30 million Renovations to Lanier High total Cost approx $22 million Becomes magnet community for BTW/Baldwin/Loveless Sale of BTW/Baldwin/Loveless Brewbaker Technology rec center and cafeteria increments finish

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Phase II Consolidate Central Office – utility expenses every year Fairwest $ 37,000 Assessment $ 6,500 Operations/Technology $145,000 Central Office/Annex $110,000 Bellinger Hill $ 41,000 PSC $ 30,000 Total $369,500 Other reserve funds are being assessed

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We Are Not in This Alone Birmingham City Schools hope to close five schools one year from now and others in coming years. DeKalb County GA, is shutting 12 schools one year from now. Minneapolis/St. Paul shutting 11 schools

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Important Dates: Public Hearings Jan. 18 at Carver High 5:00 p.m. Jan. 20 Carr Middle 5:00 p.m.* Jan. 24 King Elementary 5:00 p.m. February 15 assembled board conference to consider last proposals * Spanish interpreters will be available, and materials will be deciphered for ESL guardians at the Carr meeting.