Montgomery Province Fire Salvage Administrations

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Montgomery County Fire Rescue Services MAB Safety and Stretcher Improvements

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Padding was added to bolster struts and stretcher slide alongside 3 chaperon seats

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Padding was added to side of capacity bureau by seating

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Padding was added to both sides of struts by the single orderly seat.

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A board and cushioning will be added to keep conceivable damage from striking the oxygen liter stream valves This will likewise diminish the potential for an oxygen spill from severing the liter stream association amid an impact Panel and cushioning will be included here

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Removable Rear Door Head Protection otherwise known as The "Bo Bump" Held set up by velcro on inside and outside

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When utilizing an outer electrical hotspot for lighting or potentially AC/Heat, the battery charger ought to likewise be connected to forestall potential battery deplete 50 Amp shoreline connector Battery Charger Connector External 3 prong turn Electrical Source (1 of 4)

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Stretcher Improvements 1" Tubing that is ¼" thick and goes totally around the edge of stretcher Slide alteration is given to permit to stretcher flex or coves and slides being out of square

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Stretcher Improvements Stretcher flex when weight is included has been altogether lessened by dispensing with the pivot and expanding the tubing thickness to ¼" Old flex with weight was 3" or more noteworthy and new flex is ½" to 1" with 250lb. quiet Cot is still appraised at 350 lbs. greatest

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Curtain for front of the transport This disposes of the glare that is brought about by the bright lights during the evening. The optional preferred standpoint is it can be shut to keep the media from shooting patients inside the transport from the front.