Monterey Bay Area Regional Multifamily Recycling Project

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´╗┐Monterey Bay Area Regional Multifamily Recycling Project CRRA Annual Conference August 3, 2009 Mandy Caruso Brooks Ecology Action of Santa Cruz

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Partnership & Innovation Achieving people group and ecological brilliance through organization & development since Earth Day 1970 Nonprofit Environmental Consultancy Cutting Edge Education Services, Technical Assistance, & Program Implementation Proven Track Record In Pollution Prevention, Zero Waste, Energy Conservation, Transportation Alternatives, & Climate Solutions Program Design For Financial & Operational Effectiveness

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Meeting Unmet Community Needs Aggressive Regional Diversion & Zero Waste Goals SCCPWD: 75% Diversion Target By 2010; Mandatory Recycling For Residents & Businesses SVSWA: 75% Diversion Goal By 2015 Limited Existing Multifamily Recycling Resources Underserved & Difficult-To-Serve Populations Residential Sites With Commercial Needs Special Needs Locations & Facilities

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Unifying Collective Expertise Department Of Conservation (DOC) Funding Thorough Programming Economies of Scale Consistent Thematic Messaging Across Region Unified Educational & Promotional Opportunities Simplified Grant Administration More Time For The Important Part-Recycling !

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Broad Regional Collaboration Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority (SVSWA) Monterey Regional Waste Management District (MRWMD) Monterey County Environmental Health Division (MCEHD) Santa Cruz County Public Works Department (SCCPW) Housing Authority of the County of Monterey (HACM) Housing Authority of the County of Santa Cruz (HACSC) City of Monterey BFI of Salinas (BFI) Waste Management (WM) Tri-Cities Disposal (TCD) Monterey City Disposal (MCD) Green Waste Services (GWS) Ecology Action (EA) 12 Cities 5 Haulers 2 Counties 2 Housing Authorities 2 JPA's 1 Nonprofit

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Project Goals Establish or potentially enhance far reaching drink holder and other recyclable accumulation programs at 100 low-pay multifamily lodging offices in the Monterey Bay Area Collect and reuse more than 1 million CRV refreshment compartments from the waste stream

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Project Objectives Provide program effort and advancement to 100 target offices Conduct one starting and three follow up waste appraisals Monitor and track volume of drink holders gathered all through term of the concede Conduct bilingual way to entryway effort and instruction , Kick-off Fiesta's, Waste Reduction Workshops, and Facility Staff Trainings Provide Incentive Awards program Develop and convey Manager's Resource Kit to office supervisors and accomplice offices Develop arrangement and additionally contract dialect for lodging lease understandings

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Baseline information from haulers Changes in administration levels as program is executed Pre & Post Waste Composition Studies Pre & Post Manager and Resident Implementation Surveys Performance Measures

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Phase 1-40 target offices Phase 2-60 target offices Phase 3-offices from Phase 1 or 2 that require extra help or walled in area upgrades Provide steady, topical bicultural instruction and effort materials Provide Internal and External Infrastructure Conduct One-on-One effort & instruction (Door-to-Door or Kick-off Fiesta's) Conduct Facility Staff Training and Waste Reduction Workshops Implementation Approach

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Educational Materials Door holders Posters Brochures Magnets Labels

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Internal Infrastructure Internal 32 lady containers for regular zones Internal-2 (7gal) canisters per private unit

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External Infrastructure External-65 & 96 lady reusing trucks 1, 2, 3, & 4cy reusing dumpsters Auto locks and igloo tops Collection Vehicle

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Implemented 34 offices Conducted Door-to-Door Outreach at 12 offices Conducted Fiesta's/Community Meetings at 22 offices Distributed approx. 2,300 inward reusing containers at 1,200 units Conducted 3 Composting/Waste Reduction Workshops Estimated yearly redirection: 195 tons Phase 1 Implementation

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Media Coverage at First Two Events Fiestas: BBQ, Distribute Internal Bins and Outreach Materials Outreach

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More Outreach

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Managers, Managers, Managers! Kids, Children, Children! Lessons Learned

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Completed Phase 2 squander evaluations Received Stop Work Notice from DOC (viable March 31, 2009) Purchased extra receptacles and instructive materials for accomplices Completed Manager Resource Kit Placed all effort materials on site Current Status

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Sustainability Partners have resolved to guarantee long haul manageability of program Manager's Resource Kits Inclusion of approach and authoritative necessities in rent understandings Mandated Recycling Ordinances

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Mandy Caruso Brooks (831) 426-5925 ext. 133 Contact Information Click on Zero Waste Programs Multifamily Recycling